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    #RitaBlakeLo cierto es ue este libro tenía ingredientes en mi opinión para ser una historia mejor Hombre sureño protagonista con trauma juicio engaño hijo pero a mi no me ha gustado demasiado La traducción no siendo de las peores ue he visto buena no esNo he encontrado uímica entre los protagonistas Ella arrastra un trauma él desconfía de ella y de los asuntos ue le han llevado a casa de su abuelo Creo ue la cosa podría haberse desarrollado de una manera algo más creíble Luego está lo del principio y el final view spoiler Regina llega a la mansión y del salón pasa a una salita ue hay al lado allí hay un ataúd la familia del protagonista tiene negocios de pompas fúnebres De golpe se le cruza un gato pierde el sentido y se despierta dentro del ataúd con el prota al lado yo me uedé watafá Al final se uiere esconder de Kane y el abuelo la hace meterse en el ataúd para ue él no la vea y ella PAMMM dentro del ataúd otra vez y yo me uedé watafá doble porue oye ¿cómo te metes ahí otra vez muchacha? Termina el libro con Regina y Kane metidos en el ataúd y él declarando su amor vamos a verrrrr ue un ataúd sea tu pan de cada día vale pero hide spoiler

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    O sea me gustó Pero siento ue le faltó algo ue no sé El sexto sentido de Kane desde el inicio le dijo ue ahí había algo extraño No sé mi problema fue ue hicieron un cambio muy drástico para dejarlo como el villano y ella lo odiara Roan me gustó más

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    Weak ending He basically destroyed her in court for no real reason kill the gossip isn't with no reprisal But mostly I can't see the other lawyer keeping his mouth shut nor avoid killing her characterpersonality on the stand

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    Liked the book itself good storyline nice intro to series Enjoyed the general plot for the most part but not one I'll read a second timeDidn't really like Kane not my kind of hero he uses fear and force against Regina on a regular basis the first thing he does to Regina who is both claustrophobic and a rape victim is lock her in a coffin with him and sexually assault her saying that she won't be released until he gets what he wants from her She is only released because Kane's grandfather opens the casket On several other occasions Kane wants something either actions or information and uses his strength or family connections against her to force her into compliance Kane's family basically lies to Regina multiple times to keep her in town and available for KaneRegina although mostly likable is not exactly a strong heroine She knows her cousin is underhanded in business and openly assists him with paperwork etc when she is home but is somehow surprised when said cousin turns out to be a real villain Her cousin is blackmailing her into spying on Kane's family business related court case by kidnapping and threatening her 9 year old son Regina knows that her cousin keeps her son locked up and drugged to make him easier to manage but instead of doing anything about her son's safety she runs off to obey her cousin She does eventually tell Kane the situation who promptly rescues the child and the story has the typical happy ending

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    This was probably the most offensive book I've ever read and I'm not a stranger to rape fantasy romance novel conventions I could detail the many ways the male love interest is not just a sexual assaulter abuser and bastard but a literal rapist and how the author and the other main characters defend his behavour cast it as romantic or simply justify it by pointing out that he's been betrayed by a woman before including having both him and the female lead a rape survivor compare her rape to his fiancee stealing money from him by pretending to be pregnant or how not even the cartoonishly evil villain can cast Sugar Kane as anything other than a truly reprehensible person I could talk about the hand waving to concerns of racism and the existence of the magical Negro law partner to prove that the Southern Gentlemen of the story definitely aren't racists or that the only other black character in Louisiana is the housekeeper or that the Metismixed Indigenous race cousin is described in the next book as looking like a portrait of the Noble Indian I could even talk about how the author seems wholly unaware that she's created a scenario that suggests that the trauma and PTSD associated with being raped can be cured by talking about your experiences and then getting banged by the dude who triggered you multiple times and threatened to rape you to try and get you to talk Even if I said all of that I would still have SO MANY MORE things to say about this book NONE OF THEM GOOD except possibly that the descriptions of the landscapes are fairly decent if a little purple at times and reminiscent of someone who's read Gone With the Wind too many times None of that fully captures the horrifying experience of reading this book I've read romance novels of the 70s and 80s I've read Highlander stories and werewolves and once both and Elizabethan lords who take what they want or cowboys who think a girl saying no is just foreplay But in all those stories the context was a world that didn't ualify what they were doing as morally wrong I don't believe in the historically accurate bullshit defense but at the very least it's a defense This doesn't even have that much I've read Fifty Shades of mofoing Grey and somehow this made me angrier because the author wrote a character who's traumatized by rape She wrote a character who suffered and who shows signs of PTSD which means she must have SOME idea of what that means And she STILL made her main character a rapist If I could I would happily burn every single copy of this book in existence

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    I felt that this book was very slow starting but I really liked the suspense and the charactersIt got better towards the end I may try reading the second in the series to see if I like it better

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    Blake writes a lot of historical fiction This one is set in modern times I've read many of her books Fairly typical romance novel stuff Melodrama Later on I realized her prose contains the formulaic virgin rape fantasy which I'm not so sure is a good thing

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    35 stars I had very mixed feelings about this book Jennifer Blake is a very good writer and this story had an interesting premise but the two main characters were very hard to like But it moved uickly and the side characters were interesting I will continue with this series

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    This is probably a good book bit after 4 attempts to finish the first chapter I decided to call it uits