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Isabella Bishop nee Bird published her Journeys in Persia and Kurdistan in 1891 compiled from a series of letters home Recommended an open air life from an early age as a cure for physical and nervous difficulties Bird toured the United States and Canada New Zealand Australia and the Far East After her marriage and the death of her husband in 1886 she did missionary work in India and then in 1890 travelled to little known parts of Turkey Persia and Kurdistan in the company of Major Herbert Sawyer of the Indian Army This came to be the hardest journey of her experience with extremes of temperature and harsh living conditions for the sixty year old although she was able to provide medical care for the local people Volume 1 introduces the region its people and their customs and includes many evocative anecdotes It also contains a glossary and maps

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    2 JUN 2015 Ms Bird was recommended to me by Bettie for her travel writing about Edinburgh When I looked on Project Gutenberg I discovered Ms Bird was well travelled She had been to Persia and Kurdistan areas of interest and fascination to me In two wolumes Vol 1 2

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    Had to get out the atlas to see the routes she was taking especially a topographical mapThe descriptions of the clothes and houses really puts you into the time and placeI read this on a Nook and wish I had a physical copy to be able to read the footnotes at the time they are noted in the text By the end of the book I've forgotten what is being referred to in the footnotes After resting up from that expedition I will take on volume 2

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    Read it

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    A glimpse of a world that we will never see again