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Social Interactions Are Often The Most Stressful Aspect Of Adolescent Life In This Book, The Author Teams Up With Fictitious Eighth Grader Jarvis Clutch To Offer Insight And Advice On The Middle School Social Scene Jarvis S Spy Notes Provide A Bird Seye View Of The Often Traumatic Social Experiences That Middle School Students Are Bound To Encounter His Wry Perspective Is Alternated With Commentary And Wisdom From The Author , Who Provides An Analysis Of Social Situations From An Expert S Perspective And Shares The Terminology That Students Need To Understand What It Is That Makes Social Interactions So Difficult Jarvis And The Author Cover Such Pertinent Topics As Peer Pressure, How To Handle Aggression, Finding Your Niche, Popularity, Shyness, And Academic Success, Just To Name A Few

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    This book is for students and counselors It is very wordy.

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    Excellent book Helpful for parents and therapists of learning different children, and those who may have social awareness issues A very good book to read together, to assist your child Recommended by many pediatricians.

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    Well done Will share with my grandsons.

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    This is a cute book that offers some good guidance for teens who don t fit in well and often miss social cues I bought the book in hopes it could be helpful for the kids with Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism and have found it to be a bit too high a level for most of the kids I work with It s certainly worth half the price it sells for but if you re looking for social skills guidance for kids with social cognitive disabilities, there are better options at that price.

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    Our school library just acquired a copy of this book and I am thrilled to see it The book is dedicated to students who too often have felt the horrible pain of isolation or humiliation that come from social mistakes In very simple language, Dr Levine points out the social situations that trip kids, lists questions and activities so the kids can figure out what s happening and how to deal with it, and even has surveys so kids can look at their priorities and then set about improving their social lives The glossary at the end translates between Dr Levine s keywords and a kid s equivalent words.