MOBI Is Reality Optional? And Other Essays Hoover Institution Ý

Sowell challenges all the assumptions of contemporary liberalism on issues ranging from the economy to race to education in this collection of controversial essays and captures his thoughts on politics race and common sense with a section at the end for thought provoking uotes

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    Thomas Sowell is undeniably bright but he tends to be at least in this book heavy on criticism and light on solutions aside from democracy and capitalism which are not solutions but that is another matter As an aside it is interesting to read these old columns and to realize how much dire the situations he describes are today It is enlightening and disheartening to see how the culture wars that were being fought so many years ago are still raging on in 2018

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    Another fantastic book by Sowell

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    Another excellent set of essays More stories of government's dangerous edicts coming from the anointed and deep thinkers and their unintended conseuences I was a bit surprised but agreeable that he wants to call off the war on drugs although I might disagree with him saying that bad acts against offenders in prison should not be thrown at the feet of the state and counted as punishment even if not handed down from the court He covers the mess of affirmative action racism the homeless many being bums abusing the system defense of property rights and the benefits they provide to anyone because of owners' rational self interest and economics versus politics the reality of scarcity and the continual waste of other people's stolen money for pet projects doomed to failure

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    Is Reality Optional is a collection of essays Thomas Sowell has written in the early 90s I was fortunate enough have found a copy in the library and I simply could not put it down It was a beautiful book divided into different sections detailing his thoughts on the different issues Thomas Sowell was humorous but never straied from the topic on hand Even though it was written nearly 30 years ago the message is still the same

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    The divergent of intellectuals and influx of hysterical ideas The social and draconian approach of the anointed Thomas Sowell is a man alone with the foresight of what make sense in the free market No solutions but trade offs

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    Thomas Sowell offers a lot of no nonsense criticism on a myriad of social issues The way he illustrates his views is the very definition of the word concise

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    A great book of common sense by one of my favorite contemporary thinkers