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The start of an all new saga in the alternate DC Universe of the smash hit Warner Bros Interactive fighting game is here in INJUSTICE 2 VOL 1The war is over But a new battle is about to beginAfter years of conflict and carnage Batman and his rebel allies have finally triumphed over their tyrannical foe Superman Now the Man of Steel is behind bars and the Dark Knight holds the future of the world in his handsBut that future is about to slip from his graspSuperman still has many friends who will work tirelessly to free their leader from captivity And a new force is about to emerge from the shadows A winged warrior is assembling a Suicide Squad of the world's most dangerous villains to pursue plans of his own by any means necessaryAnd this man in black is out to claim the mantle of the Batman himselfAs old foes and new enemies collide can Bruce Wayne preserve the fragile peace for which so many heroes have sacrificed? Or is a new era of injustice about to dawn?From the acclaimed creative team of Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo INJUSTICE 2 VOL 1 collects INJUSTICE 2 1 6 digital 1 12