Kindle Elizabeth B. Jenkins Ç Initiation A Woman's Spiritual Adventure in the Heart of Ç

In 1989 Elizabeth Jenkins was living in San Francisco working on a doctorate in clinical psychology Her life seemed fullbut she felt empty Then she traveled to Peru intending to research Andean healing practices and found herself taking an unexpected journey with the guidance of an initiated priest of the Andean Path This is her story filled with compelling details of her own initiation in the beautiful but harsh setting of the high Andes and how the voyage has changed her life

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    P 102 describing people in an airport it appeared as if they could have been picked up and put down anywhere on the planet or any other planet for that matter without severing any ties It's not exactly what the author means but being tied to a place in a transient world is an interesting experience Its especially an interesting experience when the place you've committed to is a college town the epitome of transience There are sacrifices when committing to a place things like choosing less than ideal work less than ideal housing but the rewards are endless when it's a place that speaks to you There are some parallels to marriage except that in marriage structural forces encourage your relationship Choosing marriage to a place in a college town receives no societal support In fact it is actively discouraged

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    one of the most boring books I've red lately

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    “Initiation” is a memoir of Elizabeth Jenkins’ spiritual adventures in the Andes As Elizabeth grows and learns about the Inka ’ero traditions and mystical practices she imparts gold nuggets about spiritual growth I found her personal story to be a fascinating adventure I recommend it to anyone interested in Shamanism Incas ’ero mystical Peru Machu Picchu ancient wisdom of the Andean Path esoteric principles or just great first hand accounts of adventure

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    A friend loaned me this book because of my interest in spiritual journeys particularly those involving the Inca It was a riveting tour of the shamanistic initiation process overlapping on many of the practices I'd uncovered in my research without benefit of actually experiencing it I took issue with the earlier depiction of the Apu but it was explained later

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    Makes me want to go to Peru

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    coming soon

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    Dutch Title De Terugkeer van de Inca