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Okay so, WOW I was first introduced to the power of verse writing when I read I Heart You, You Haunt Me by Lisa Schroeder I love the rawness, no fluffy descriptions or unneeded stances, just pure emotion Laci is a huge fan of Ellen Hopkins and she had been trying to get me to read one of her books for a long time And it isn t that I didn t want to, I was just waiting for the right opportunity And when opportunity comes knockin, you best answer the door.I read a lot of books And ones that make a definite impression are few and far between But I m not always in the mood to read a book that makes an impression sometimes I just want a book that entertains me, makes me feel good Identical falls in the former category with a few other books that continue to stay on my mind.This book is engrossing, it s disturbing, it s disgusting, it s addictive, it s powerful and I loved it I did have sneaking suspicion throughout the entire book and when it was finally revealed I still didn t believe it But, the less you know about that going in, the better Now that I ve read Identical, I know I won t be able to stop, I ll have to read Hopkins earlier titles and continue to read her new ones And a fan is born. I have to say, this book is pretty amazing.Basically it s about these two twins, Kaeleigh and Raeanne They are half of the All American family, with a dad who is a judge and a mom who is running for a position in Congress But what lies beneath their facade is really dysfunction and the worst, worst kind.Kaeleigh, the introverted one, is being sexually abused by Ray, her own father, and also binges and cuts herself Raeanne is the exact opposite and isoutgoing, but finds herself wanting the attention Kaeleigh always gets So, she resorts to drugs, and lots, and lots of sex And this is just the beginning of the horrible suffering the twins face in this book.As a teenager myself, I must admit that sometimes I cringed while reading the book and had to put it down for a second However, I would immediately pick it right back up and continue reading I strongly would recommend not giving this book out to teens under the age of 14 it s just THAT graphic at some parts of the story Not bad, though.Ellen Hopkin s unique poetry style is commanding and flawlessly executed, and when the twin s viewpoint switches over the mirroring effect is awe inspiring read the individual words as they go down the page The twist at the end was wow I remember the shock I experienced the first time I saw it Overall, if you are a fan of Ellen Hopkin s previous works this will be another amazing read through, if not, then it won t hurt to give it a try end review Do Twins Begin In The Womb Or In A Better Place Kaeleigh And Raeanne Are Identical Down To The Dimple As Daughters Of A District Court Judge Father And A Politician Mother, They Are An All American Family On The Surface Behind The Facade Each Sister Has Her Own Dark Secret, And That S Where Their Differences BeginFor Kaeleigh, She S The Misplaced Focus Of Daddy S Love, Intended For A Mother Whose Presence On The Campaign Trail Means Absence At Home All That Raeanne Sees Is Daddy Playing A Game Of Favorites And She Is Losing If She Has To Lose, She Will Do It On Her Own Terms, So She Chooses Drugs, Alcohol, And SexSecrets Like The Ones The Twins Are Harboring Are Not Meant To Be Kept From Each Other Or Anyone Else Pretty Soon It S Obvious That Neither Sister Can Handle It Alone, And One Sister Must Step Up To Save The Other, But The Question Is Who DNF 65%I legit only picked up this book bc the plot twist was said to be MIND BOGGLING and after searching through spoilers I found that, yes, it is a pretty good plot twist, but I could PHYHSICALY not put up with this book any longer The Writing I came looking for free verse poetry but the writing was bland and v v tiring when I wasn t puking my guys out bc of how messed up the book was I was falling asleep also everything is so drawn out like plz edit through man The Plot what the heck was the whole POINT of this book its like it had EVERY mental physical illness problem in the world all at once excessive drinking, drugs, cutting, bulimia, cheating, fricken MESSED UP AND ILLEGAL relationships, incest, serious daddy issues etc etc its like messed up af rench fries and like whats THE REASON is this to show like this happens to people bc I don t think that s v realistic idk its weird and I cant relate and I just hated it the plot twist isn t worth it id rather not be scarred for the rest of my lifeTheresI wanted to say but I have no energy to speak of this book any longer I just want to forget this ever happened The book is just depressing and I don t know why its necessary or what benefit it brings and WHY was it written in free verse like THERES NO NEED for it to be considered poetry, theres NOTHING poetic about it anywaysI don t think im much of a fan1 star Identical takes on the issue of sexual abuse by a relative In this case, Kaeleigh is sexually abused by her father while her twin sister, Raeanne, isn t Raeanne never tells on her father, especially since her mother is distant she s running for Congress and cold And the story, written in the same free verse Hopkins used in Crank and Glass, switches from the point of view of Kaeleigh to Raeanne Of occasionally, if you follow the sepearate words down the page, the girls come to the same conclusion through different experiences and sometimes they repeat what one another has to say At ten, it isn t exactly easy to separate good touch from bad touch, proper love from improper love, doting daddy from perv pg 241 When I started my review in my head towards the end of Identical, I was all set to complain about how indistinguishable Kaeleigh is from Raeanne and visa versa The identical twins I know are completely distinguishable in dress, mannerism, and voice Raeanna and Kaeleigh are not, and I found myself flipping back and forth, back and forth between the pages to make sure who I thought was speaking was, in fact, speaking But then I reached the end and my complaint was explained At least, to a degree.You see, the ending in unexpected, unexplainable, and completely out there At the end of the book, you learn that Raeanna actually died in the car accident caused by Ray and Kaeleigh has multiple identities, living through herself and her twin sister to cope with the sexual abuse Now that I think about it, the book is riddled with clues Raeanne and Kaeleigh never talk to one another, the accident Ray caused never made any sense, the fact that Madison hits on both girls boyfriends, why Ray would choose one daughter over the other when they re supposed to be identical But the ending didn t settle right with me it felt too much like a copout.And the fact that, rather than focus on one issue, Hopkins threw in sexual abuse, bondage, teacher student relationships, parents separation, rape, child p rnography, pr stitution, drags, and alcohol abuse I don t know if she was trying too hard to be edge and push the envelop with her novel or if she couldn t decide which problem to focus on in this novel, but her jam packed novel didn t settle right with me. www.melissa413readsalot.blogspot.comThis book was amazing and it tore me apart I had a feeling I knew where it was going and it did but in a little bit of a different way It s so very sad This author can write some amazing heart wrenching books. the sad thing is she knows a lot of this stuff from experience You have Kaeleigh and Raeanne that are twins and they both have such crappy lives that I almost have no words It breaks me into pieces EXCERPT FROM BOOK Eyes firmly planted on Daddy,who follows Why does it have to be just the two of us here I want my sister I want my mom.Surely he won t trail me intomy room Won t watch me undress END OF EXCERPT The things that Kaeleigh endures while Raeanne has to watch and feels helpless is so atrocious, but it happens Raeanne spiraling down the sex and drugs road Kaeleigh cutting..purging Their mother is gone all of the time running her campaign Their father is a judge and starts drinking when he comes home among other things What happened to these people in their lifetimes It s not a pretty story, all things come from somewhere and someone is always the one to let it happen I was so ripped to shreds by the end of this book and the ending is so broken But it will be put back together This is a brilliantly sad story and I will continue on with all of the author s books I have yet to read. I can certainly say that this is one of my favorite books now In the beginning, I couldn t help but to think what the ending would be like It never really gives you a sure fire conflict I mean, yes, one twin is molested by her father The other is getting into a lot of trouble with drugs and boys But while reading it, the whole time I thought maybe their problems would resolve themselves Once I got to the ending everything made sense to me and I couldn t help but to stare at my wall for a few minutes with my mouth wide open It was THAT surprising of an ending I really had no idea that it would be THAT huge I think I need to re read it Just to give myselfof an understanding now that I know what happened I never want to re read a book straight after finishing it I also have to say, I ve never read something in this style or with such plot I wish I could give this book 1000 10 stars I honestly do Read this book The poetry isn t too difficult to read It s written prose y and you can certainly read it like a real book once you get by it s format. 2.5 starsI doubt I ll ever cotton to the literary stylings of Ellen Hopkins that faux poetry thing drives me nuts she s no Jacqueline Woodson, that s for damn sure but I suspect Identical will strike a chord of truth for incest survivors and others who ve grown up in exceedingly dysfuctional families like the one that identical twin sisters Kaeleigh and Raeanne endure here About as subtle as unanesthetized oral surgery, and for me, anyway just as painful to endure. I think this is Ellen Hopkins s most effed up book That I ve read anyway I saw the ending coming from a mile away, otherwise this would have gotten a higher rating from me I wish it had been a bitsubtle, because I felt like there were way too many obvious clues that hinted at what was revealed at the end there. This book was disturbing Very disturbing I really like the author s style and I think the use of verse is highly effective and contributes something to the story that I never imagined possible but And there is a but I felt this book, unlike Burned which I loved, just went too far It made me feel uncomfortable, too much so I can t explain, I usually really like books that are controversial and stretch boundaries but a man performing oral sex on his daughter while her twin watched and secretly wished it was her The revulsion I felt was too much Way too much.I thought the plot idea was great, very interesting and a rather dangerous subject area to delve into child abuse, amongst other things Basically, it s the story of identical twins, almost completely alike except one is the reluctant centre of her father s attention sexual attention The other twin feels unloved by her father and longs to please him even sexually That was the part of this book that made my stomach churn, not so much the abuse of one twin but the incestuous desires of the other I read it in a few hours and was gripped in a manner that can only be described as horrified I couldn t put it down, like the inability to look away from a road accident even after seeing a mangled body Perhaps it should be givenstars, but I didn t really enjoy this book Who knows I ll probably read it again in the future and I might decide to revise this rating We shall see.