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3 Stars Damn, this is a hard one to rate When it comes to the romance aspect of the booksadly, I wasn t invested that much I d probably put it at two starsand what s worse, I wasconnected to Mark and Patrick, who were a secondary couple in the book I liked Ryan and Phillip, but I just didn t feel their connectionat least nothing beyond physical attraction Also, the writing style just didn t work for me It s very choppy and awkward The narrative and flow was very disjointed I get that these are badass, army menand I am NO prude when it comes to swearing, but this book just took it to the next level It s almost as if the author is yelling Just because you re gay, doesn t mean you can t be a testosterone fueled, macho man I get it, I get it I don t think thatno need to shout However, where this book excelled was connecting you to the camaraderie and sense of family and brotherhood that these men shared I was fully invested in this merry band of crazy asses When it comes to that aspect of the book, this is easily a four star read But what I picked up was a romance, not a general tale about army life So I guess the best way to do this is to split the rating down the middle 2 stars for romance, 4 stars for brotherhood 3 stars overall. I have never heard of this author and can t find anything else by her but if I could give this book 7 stars, I would It was hot, it was emotional, it was funny I laughed and cried as I journeyed with this bunch through five plus years of their lives in the US Army.I loved every man in this book even though at the start, I wasn t quite sure I would even like Ryan But Drill Sergeant Grabowski loved him the moment he appeared even if he was a little scary and that first sex scene between him and RyanI wasn t sure about that except that Ryan did want it, too Because of their respective positions, it was a little too close to sexual harrassment rape except for the fact that Grabowski had been featuring in Ryan s dreams as much as being a nightmare in waking life.But Grabowski turns out to be as sexy as Ryan thinks he is, he s soft inside and as the story moves along, you find that Grabowski himself wasn t proud of that sexual episode himself Their romance develops slowly but surely even though they don t verbalize their feelings When they finally do, it was oh so satisfying.There s no mystery, murder or intrigue in this MM romance The suspense is in the relationships between these men, their early days in the Army and the relationships forged during those scary days and which last for years after that.There s that last exchange of emails between the men that cracked me up as no book has for a long, long time The men are trained up, sent out, return and are shipped back out again I held my breath when one of the men back home hears knocking early in the morning and doesn t want to open the door, knowing such visits always brings bad news Since the author is new to me and I ve never bought anything from this publisher before, I was rather apprehensive about the ending Would someone not make it back from Iraq No, please don t make it Ryan or Grabowski.You ll have to read this book for yourself to find out the ending but you know meif there wasn t at least a strong HFN after everything, I d be cussing and swearing, right Instead, I m wanting to give it 7 stars.REVIEW OF REREAD ON 30 OCT 2010I gave this book the maximum of 5 stars when I first read it last year On my second reading, I enjoyed almost as much and give it 4.9 stars I still enjoyed IBYDRthan most of the books I read this year but compared to the first time, I felt Ryan s and Philip s relationship could have been givenpage space rather than all the day to day journaling of their basic training That said, if there were no size constraints for the author, I would have been happier, this second time around, with a slightly longer book if I could have gottentime with Grabowski and Ryan away from the army I wanted to be with them when they weren t working RR with Grabowski would have been hilarious, I think.Overall rereading pleasure not as much as my reread of Mexican Heat by Baumbach and Lanyon. Ryan Gracin Had A Good Life Until He Told His Parents He Was Gay Since They Yanked Their Support For College He Had To Find A Way To Pay For It Little Did He Know That Joining The Army Was Going To Change His Life Forever Especially When He Was Introduced To A Drill Sergeant Who Was Nicknamed Big DaddyPhillip Grabowski Had Joined The Army To Follow In His Father S Footsteps By The Time Ryan Entered, He Had Already Made A Name For Himself He Was A Soldier S Soldier, But Ryan Was Making It Really Hard For Him To Remember That, Words 2.5 StarsOk, let s just deal with the elephant in the room I am, indeed a 15 year old boy at least I feel like I am every time I giggle at this title Kekekeke.This book is just silly It called on every generic trick in the book When it tried to be funny and banter ful, it fell flat When it tried to be serious, I rolled my eyes When it tried to be hot well I gotta admit, it was hot Still, it read like a book written by a Writing 101 student whose reader has never read a book before and needs to be spoken to in short sentences w o any conjunctions to keep it simple Don t patronize Honestly, I did like the characters Ryan and Phillip are attractive if not entirely unbelievable But I just couldn t get past the writing and, giggle giggle the title.Yet another time I stand alone on my review I hate when that happens. 4 Stars I loved the storyline, the ideas and world the author created, adored the men, these wonderful brothers in arms, and took all the lessons learned to heart So, why only 4 stars At times the writing was basic at best It didn t flow as well as it could have, the writing seemed a bit choppy The constant use of the phrases, smaller larger man , older younger man, other man , made the scenes where they were used to describe the characters, feel very impersonal I m not one for flowery prose or overly descriptive writing, but had the author embellished a little , stayed with the point at hand, injected somemature dialogue, polished it up ding, ding, ding it would have been a winner However, the underlying plot was sweet, the characters so endearing We can only hope that someday sexual orientation is not used to judge someone s character I found myself having a hard time believing that everyone could be so accepting in the book, but then I read this and understood what the author was writing and I applaud her for allowing us to imagine what it could be likeNote to readers Although this reads like our Army and our war, this is purely fiction This is set in a world where everyone is treated the same regardless of sexual orientation like it should be The book is filled with some laugh out loud moments, unexpected relationships, smokin hot sex, anxious times, the unfortunate realities of war, and the most upstanding wonderful group of soldiers They accept and support each other no matter their sexual preferences, which was a breath of fresh air The story spans over years and rounds out nicely, comes back full circle to square one It made me smile Drill Sergeant Grabowski I m going to stick with 4 stars on this one The first half I was all set to give it about 3 3.5 There was definitely a slow build to this one But the second half really picked up and made the build up in the first half make a lotsense And by the end I really liked these guys I do agree with a lot of the other reviews that a big part of this book was about the bonding of the soldiers The 4 guys that became best friends, that would put their lives on the line for each other Within that came the relationship between Ryan and Phillip I loved the e mails back and forth The dynamics of all of the relationships This was another one of those books that got lost on the TBR shelf that I m really glad I dusted off and read 3.5 stars Oh how I love M M military books I have a special special place in my heart for M M books that involve our forces it just gets me every time I liked this book a lot in spite of a few flaws First of all, I understand some people s complaints with the writing style It wasn t smooth or flowery, which I don t mind, but it also didn t have the deliberate crispness that I like in my books withstripped down writing It came acrossas an amateur effort But writing style aside, I liked the story that the author told, and I especially loved the emails back and forth between the guys The one dirty email that Ryan accidentally sent to everyone instead of just Phillip LOVE My main issue, and this could just be my personal preference, was that the book tried too hard to be Macho with a capital M I mean, I know military guys might not admit their feelings readily but the guys in this book were across the board almost comically MANLY It isn t feminine to admit that you care and love someone, and it honestly didn t feel realistic because I don t know ANY guys that are that stoic with their emotions, gay or straight This book feltlike drinking buddies banging Even the ones that got married, it was like I guess I m going to marry this F er because I F ing love him cue head noogie I wanteddepth andfeelings. 4.5 STARSFuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck This book is fucking awesome Fuck I ve never read anything by this author before so I wasn t sure how good this would be I also don t read as much M M so really, I have little to use as comparison But THIS BOOK IS FUCKING HILARIOUS I don t think I have ever laughed so fucking hard and as much for a single book in my life Here s a really great partTHIS IS MY WEAPON he shouted, holding the M16 up high This is my gun He took his dick in his hand and shook it in front of them This is for killing The M16 surged up, again And this is for fun He shook his cock.These guys have so much chemistry when they re together and I was grinning from ear to ear while reading this Speaking of chemistry, Ryan and Phllip s first kiss was a HOT one Everything was hot about this book Rose really brought the sexiness, but there was also heart There are really great moments between Ryan and Phillip but I won t saythan that The only thing that made this book less than perfect was the beginning I felt it drag on a little too long for me But other than that, it was a highly entertaining read I need to thank UKSandy for this recommendation XoxoBottom line If you re into M M and haven t read this yet, then what the fuck are you waiting for An engraved invitation While it took me longer than most to get around to reading this book, I finally made it a priority and, fuck, am I glad I did It was absolutely wonderful and made it right onto the fuck yeah, 5 stars shelf I have a soft spot for military men, but the stories and or writing and or characters are usually crap with the notable exception of the marvelous Strength of the Pack so this was a welcomed surprise Everything you need to know is in the blurb This book is definitely a MUST READ and highly recommended for any M M romance fan It is not to be missed I am slowly but surely making my way through what I believe are a list of those MUST READs and plan to compile a list for folks just being introduced into this fantastic genre Do yourself a favor and read this one now if you have not already You will be delighted.I leave with our boys having a little wrestle and a little Etta James This review is also posted at Gay Book Reviews Good holy godz Philip Grabowski is hott as hell What can I say I like em mean And big And uniforms never hurt And did I mention tall Wow And a great family am i drooling That s embarrassing.Ryan and Phil took a long damn time to get it together and it was sure fun seeing the sexual tension through the bootcamp days, but once they got together it was sweet, sweet music I loved the way the story was also about a whole group of guys who survived boot camp and war together and in the end found all kinds of happiness This book gave me all kinda hope and a wierd desire to jump the nearest thing in an army uniform with some serious enthusiasm.But I digress.I think this was one of therealistic and believable stories of this specific subgenre of the M Ms So far none have come close, though Keeping Promise Rock was an almost and I m obsessed with Amy Lane I still found it to require a bit of suspension of disbelief to get to the HEA while this one was believable and not over the top angsty like many others including military men tend to be It especially feels right to think of it in our new post DADT military climate Another plus is that it s a full length novel long enough to cover the whole story and not leaving you feeling like you missed anything like the damned novellas that seem to be the only thing released at all lately Seriously I don t get the fad And Jesus if the ending didn t make me weepy like a kindergarten girl with gum in her pigtail If you like M M this will make you very happy If you like boys in uniform AND M M you ll be ecstatic MUST READ Only annoying thing is that it s not available for Kindle, had to get it on my Nook APP wtf is up with that Not cool.