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When Students Go To College, Theyre Leaving Behind Their Network Of Support And Heading To A World With Different Perspectives, Responsibilities, And Expectations Even For Those Going To Christian Colleges, Theres No Guarantee They Wont Face Challenges To Their Faith So How Do Students Stay Christian In College How Do They Stay Open About Their Faith In The Face Of Potential Ridicule A Must Read For Every College Student, How To Stay Christian In College Will Guide Readers Through The Maze Of Campus Realities J Budziszewski Discusses The Foundations Of The Christian Faith And Directly Addresses Different Worldviews And Myths That Students May Encounter At College Filled With Quotes, Statistics, Resources, Stories, And Encouragement, This Book Will Equip Students To Conquer The Dangers That Lie Ahead

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    Going to college can be interesting, exhilarating, and scary One of the main concerns for Christians is that the college experience has gained a reputation of being the place where people shed or grow out of their Christian belief, and into something reasonable, like Buddhism, or in the best possible world from the world s point of view , atheism It s telling that there are no books titled, how to stay an atheist in college, because it s not really all that difficult to stay an atheist in the rarified air of the college campus It s only when you must face reality that the unreality of atheism begins to creep into your mind.This is a scattered work, one part worldview, one part practical advice, and one part apologetics The author begins with a description of college life, which includes telling his own story of movement away from Christianity through college, and an eventual return to the Faith many years after He describes college as an almost alien world where children suddenly find themselves treated as almost adults you don t have to wash your sheets or cook, but you have to wash your clothes.In the second part, he moves into a short overview of worldviews He describes the Christian worldview in some detail, and provides a gloss of postmodernism and do it yourself spirituality Budziszewski ends this section with some practical advice on influencing rather than being influenced a key point in every relationship throughout life.The third part deals with what the author calls campus myths myths about seeking for truth, about love and sex, and about politics The section on love and sex is the most useful, dealing with the idea that love is an emotion, and sex just the adult expression of that emotion openly and honestly He demolishes these ideas in simple and plain language, providing a better way wait until marriage The final section is chock full of practical advice on coping in a world that clearly doesn t appreciate Christian thought, extending beyond the campus and into the world as most Christians who work in hostile work environments actually experience it.The great strength of this book is the practical advice, especially on relationships with other people There is a lot of practical advice and thinking here that, if followed by Christians of all ages, could help make the Church a much stronger witness in the world at large The great weakness is the shallowness of each individual part Worldviews aren t really described in any depth, the political debate isn t really anchored in a Christian worldview, and the author skips Islam altogether This shallowness also shows up in the just so stories, scattered throughout the book perhaps atheists really react that way on some college campuses, but I ve never found one who does.Rather than meek I ll think about that, reactions, what you re likely to get when challenging an atheist is a full blown denunciation against the crimes of Christianity, in great detail, throughout all of recorded history Or you re likely to be roundly laughed at , told you re not intellectually serious, etc Readers, particularly in high school, are likely to walk away thinking they ll be able to convert atheists to Christianity, including their professors, if they only approach the problem the right way, with the right words, and the right attitude While there might be some people you can approach in this way, the vast majority are going to be so negative to God the best you ll be able to do is plant a few seeds over their loud and angry protestations.Overall, this is a well laid out book, addressing crucial questions and focusing on relationships It s a bit shallow, but this should be taken as an invitation to do serious study on worldviews, rather than as an end all, be all introduction to the topic.

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    In the middle of buying thumbtacks and writing paper in prep for a new semester, I ordered How to Stay Christian in College It s been a convicting, practical, and refreshing read Everything a fresh from high school graduate or, in fact, anyone who comes into contact with non Christians in the workplace, home front, or classroom needs to know about living a passionate, Christ centered life in a secular setting Evangelism, lifestyles, influences, campus social life, campus religious life, how to deal with vehemently non Christian professors, how to answer questions, and other practical things like studying and relationships are all covered.Most importantly, though, J Budziszewski is very clear that our lives are meant to glorify God in every aspect He takes time to illustrate who God is, what He thinks of us as His children, and that His power alone will bring His glory on the earth Budziszewski details how we can bring God s glory to our college campus, and I really benefited from reading his suggestions Honestly, this book will be one of the best preparations you can undertake to get ready for college anywhere Christian campuses included Highly recommended The book is hardcover, sturdy, with an easy to read font and clearly marked chapters and sections

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    This book is an excellent one for Christian students and their parents heading off to college especially secular colleges where they will be exposed to ideas antithetical to their beliefs This book covers subjects that students ought to think about before they get to college, like politics, love sex, campus life, interacting with unbelieving friends and professors The author lays out the issues and provides practical ways to interact with others And it gives good advice about how to become mature in Christian faith.

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    I thought this book would be a in depth book on how kids could defend there faith in the college environment.

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    How to Stay Christian in College is beautifully written in an entertaining style The Author, a college professor, offers practical tips on navigating most every aspect of living on a college campus including dating, sex, and roommate issues He is a philosopher and skilled at explaining in a logical way how to stand firm in your faith and how to defend your faith in a secular environment where it may be questioned Though this book is written for young people, parents and grandparents should read it also I gave it to my grandson last summer before he went off to college and read it through wishing I had a copy to mark up It s very thought provoking and should help many students hang on to their faith while in college.