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Do You Want To Learn The Easiest Ways To Say No Peer Pressure Makes It Hard To Say No, Especially When It Seems Like Everyone Is Saying, Dont Worry, No One Will Find Out Everyone Is Doing ItThe Consequences Of Not Saying No Can Include Jail, Destruction Of Relationships With Friends And Parents, And Even DeathYou Ll Soon Find OutThe Best Ways To Resist Peer Pressure Skills For Saying No To The Pressures Of Sex, Drugs Buy Now WithClick Button

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    I have been so shocked at how quickly my niece is growing up and she s starting her first year in high school I just can t believe how time flies Anyway, I know she really cares about fitting in and being in the crowd that does a lot of activities like choir and a cheer squad I m always wondering what people she s around and how she makes her choices with peer pressure I know she s a smart girl, but I m hoping that if she reads this book she ll be aware of her options and what people are REALLY doing with peer pressure.I m not sure that most teenagers care about the health effects of some of the bad habits that are covered in this book, but I do think overall this is a great starting point for a parent or teen to read in preparing themselves for saying no to peer pressure.Remember, you re the average of your five closest friends

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    I got this book to help guide my teenage cousin who is in highs school Like most teens he likes to please everybody, so saying no is really hard for him This book provides information for teens on how to become good decision makers in the future by learning when and how to say no How To Say No also explores the common peer pressures every teen encounters I love how insightful the author is, and she even expounded on the bad effects of these pressures The book is very easy to understand and I hope that every parent will let their kids read this book.

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    Reading this book, I felt so nostalgic It s like going back to being a teen again Being a teenager is a roller coaster experience in a person s life There are up s and down s and everyone has to deal with it The author really made the right decision for choosing this topic because teens really are in need of guidance and this book gives them I find Chapter 1, knowing how and why to say no and Chapter 3, Ways to Find Good Friends the most interesting chapters for me Will surely share this with my relatives that are in the stage of being a teen.

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    How to Say No, is an informational guide delivered in an inviting manner that discusses the good, the bad and the downright ugly of peer pressure Offering relatable insight, positive support and concrete solutions to help teens battle and win again inevitable peer pressure.The author points out there s no denying growing up is tough But this doesn t mean it has to be negative The you know and understand, what to expect when it comes to fitting in, the better This book is a great starting point to ensure you get on the right track and stay there Good Luck

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    This book has been very helpful with my friends daughter She gives into peer pressure and gets herself into trouble all of the time I bought this book for my friend to have her daughter read it Of course, she is a teenage girl she thinks we are annoying, but I think this has really helped her She has been staying out of trouble the past few weeks because of this book This is a must read if you have a teenager, just buy it and have them read it