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There are many books on the market giving solutions on how to stop farting But what is there for people who want to fart ? To fart louder? To fart longer? To fart strongerboth pressure wise and smell wise? Those that want to become champions at passing wind? Those that want to exercise their right to free speech and exercise their sphincters at the same time? Those who say to hell with the clean air bill? And to those who want to fart responsibly and not leave skid marks And to those that just want to have funWell to all those people this book is written for youIn this concise no fluff well actually full of fluff and hot air report you'll learn to do exactly what the book title says Fart louder longer and stronger In this short read you'll learn to build up the fart pressure with scientific food combining and how to release it at will with advanced bowel control Impress your friends relatives and partners You'll be the talk of the town Learn to create copious amounts of wind and how to utilize it for best effect You’ll learn how to generate the gas how to control and propel it and how to make it smell beastly From meek and mild through too big bold and offensivein fact deadly Use these skills to clear a long bank ueue get a seat on a crowded train or bus get extra leg room on a long flight in fact the possibilities are endless Go into stealth mode and watch people give each other the hairy eye ball as they try to figure out who dropped the clanger Movie theaters restaurants amusement ridesnothing is safenothing is out of bounds Get creative Use your new found super powers to go above and beyond what others thought possible Use shock and awe tactics Singe peoples nose hairs Create havoc Have them gagging and gasping for air But with these new found powers comes great responsibility Use them for good Clear a bus to make a seat for a little old ladyand let someone else take the blame Insert evil chuckle here Everything and anything is possible in this new paradigm of achievement that you will find your life propelled into Blast yourself into success Rise to heights and levels previously unimaginable The world truly is your oyster or perhaps I should say pickled egg Forget about dropping your lunch that will all be behind youthink about dropping a whole shopping trolley of cheese tastyBased on real science and food chemistry this book is very much a practical guide without getting bogged down too deeply into technical crap Prac not crap There are enough scientific facts to keep the technically minded satisfiedOnward and upward go boldly forward into a hole pun intended new level of achievement recognition and farting pleasure You will now be a famed Fartiste and the envy of your colleagues friends and work matesWalk tall with your nose held high You will exude a presence that commands attention At last gain the respect you deserveOK that's enough reading this blurb Stop dreaming and get into action and start reaping the rewards of fame and respect Click the buy now button now and let the fun begin

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    Crack for your funnyboneThis is a great way to get a preteen boy interested in reading My eleven year old son has been laughing for the last half hour and I didn't have to force him to read This is a miracle On a side note my nineteen yr old DAUGHTER that also found this book hilarious I myself snickered and chuckled while reading yes it's immaturebutt hilarious

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    Why did I read this??Why have I done it just why what did I do to earn reading this book WARNING DO NOT READ

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    Really awesome book Teaches me how to fart better though I have not tried it yet However I would recommend it to anybody with a sense of humor