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Tully Vickery was not a criminalBut it was understandable that Yate Meachem had accused her of being a thief After all he'd caught her at the company safePlease don't call the police she begged him I'll do anything you askLater she regretted those words but by then it was too late She could only wait and wonder if Yate would really carry out his threat

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    Hh meet cute when hero catches the heroine putting the money her brother stole back into his safe Hero thinks she’s stealing it but doesn’t call police after he tackles her and realizes there are unfettered breasts under the black sweater she’s wearing Instead he proposes a deal She’ll masuerade as his latest girlfriend during a weekend at his family’s manor and in return he won’t press chargesHeroine is horrified at being his mistress She is attracted to him but is still a virgin and on the verge of being engaged to a dry stick She is supposed to meet dry stick’s parents on this same weekend but the hero has her virtually kidnapped Heroine gets caught up in the family drama during the weekend Seems hero’s brother is in a wheelchair and blames his brother for his car accident a year ago Brother thought hero was sleeping with his fiancé and stormed out His fiancé left him when she discovered he was going to be in a wheelchair Now brother has a new fiancé and hero wants the heroine there so that his brother won’t get jealous againHh spend time together and hero is fighting his attraction Heroine is trying to sulk but keeps forgetting to hate the hero I think we all know how this is going to play outHero sends heroine’s brother off to France to learn wine making crime does pay Hero’s brother realizes his brother was innocent after he is caught in a compromising situation with the heroine He can walk And heroine catches him after four wobbly steps Hero thought they were embracing In typical trademark JS dotting of I’s and crossing of t’s the heroine finally reveals what she was doing at his safe and hero declares his loveThis was a solid vintage written in JS’s clunky prose No new ground here but nothing to object to either

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    3 12 Stars Jessica Steele has a penchant for stories where the heroine is caught in the most incriminating of situations that any possible explanation completely lacks credibility In this love story Tully is 22 and she always seems to be cleaning up her brother's messes When she discovers that he's stolen money from his Company's safe she argues with him to put it back Richard is bitter over the money their step father has stolen from their inheritances and the life Richard had wanted to pursue as a vintner and so he when the opportunity arose he stole from the Company safe justifying that he deserved his vineyard When Tully finally convinces him of the folly of his thinking he admits it was a horrible mistake and he in turn convinces Tully that she is the one to put the money back So in the dead of night with Richard's keys in her possession Tully sneaks into Richard's offices And just as she's putting the money back into the safe she's caught red handed by the owner of the Company Yate is shocked to discover the robber is a woman one pleading for him not to call the police and promising she'll do anything he asks Determined to find out which employee is her accomplice he takes her into his personal custody It doesn't take much to discover the keys Tully used were Richard's but Yate isn't certain the brother knows what the sister has done Confronting Richard Yate is told he'd lost his keys on the way home and without proof Yate leaves Richard believing he's in the clear Tully on the other hand he threatens with reprisals for her brother unless she do as he bids Yate needs a mistress for the weekend and Tully will suit just fineThis is one of Ms Steele's very first books While the heroine has a few moments of complete confusion she's spunky and often lets her mouth get away from her Yate though he clearly wants to punish Tully for her crime he finds her touching his softer instincts I found myself laughing out loud at some of Tully's cheek and how aggravating Yate finds her These two belong together and Ms Steele gives them their HEA though rather sappy

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    I stole this book from my big sister's book shelf when I was twelve and devoured it in one Sitting This book was what started my obsession with romance novels So for purely sentimental reasons I give it 5 stars

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