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A young Jewish girl relates her experience of the Nazi occupation of Holland during World War II the separation the hiding and the fear both during and after the war Fittingly horrifying in its immediacy the book is an excellent addition to World War II novels Horn Book

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    I picked this many stars because it was a good book and it was very interesting Someone else should read this because if you don't know a whole lot about the Holocaust then this is the perfect book for you and throughout the book it tells you how the Nazis treated the Jewish I think that if it tells you who's talking would make it a bit better

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    i literally picked this up in my building someone was cleaning out their kid's bookshelf having finished re reading number the stars I grabbed this one this one is told from the perspective of the jewish girl in hiding very sad very different from anne frank's diary maybe because the author was much younger and a very different view from the ones I have read where the dutch all pulled together to hide the jews this book shows the prejudice of many people especially after the war what was especially moving to me was the story after the war almost no books I have read portray the difficulty of the jewish population returning to their homes or home city after hiding andor the camps it was heartbreakingdefinitely should be read in conjunction with number the stars

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    It is a very eye opening about hitler

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    In the story hide and seek by Ida Vos Rachel Hartog lives in Holland She was only eight years old when the Nazis invaded when the Nazis invaded it changed little Rachel's life forever She no longer was aloud to go to her school ride her bike or even go to the park Unexpectedly Rachel was told all of these new rules and was also forced to wear a yellow star just because she was Jewish When the Nazis start their attach Rachel and her family go into hiding When Rachel went to the concentration camp her and her family were separatedI would recommend this book The author did a good job of creating suspense and getting the reader to not put the book down The author would often at the end of each chapter try and put an important part of the story For example at the end of one chapter the author said They have been take out of their house by the Germans They're gone Gone Vos 27 That was the end of the chapter and it made the reader want to find out what happened next The author also did a good job at foreshadowing The author made you think what would be happening in the future and how the book will end it is difficult to go to a different school for the first time all by yourself 10 This makes the reader think that her life starts changing and that it will change and as the novel goes on The character had great personality's and were interesting to follow This was a good book and also educated me about the holocaust I recommend you read this book you will not regret it

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    Hide and Seek is an autobiography of a Jewish girl in the holocaust The purpose of the book is to tell what the author went through while hiding from the Nazis Ida Vos the author has written other books about the Holocaust My position regarding this topic is that it would be hard not to be able to see your friends go to school and have to wonder if your loved ones are still safe or have been captured by the Nazis and sent to a labor camp or death campThe author of this book was successful at communicating her point of view in this novel and helped me understand what Jewish people went through while hiding during the Holocaust She helped me understand this by providing extensive details of big events From having very little knowledge about this topic before I read it I learned a lot from it I really enjoyed reading the main character’s reactions to the events that happened while she was in hiding In conclusion I really enjoyed this book but at some points it got a little slow I would definitely recommend this book to someone who wants to know what Jewish people went through while hiding during the Holocaust

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    This book tells the story of a Jewish family hiding from the Nazis during the war It is crazy how Jewish people were treated by the Germans when Hitler was the dictator It shows a good perspective how they felt in hiding and the majority of the book talks about the children and how they felt when they had to hide in many different houses It is a good book when talking about the Holocaust You get another perspective of real life experience It helps the children get a better idea of what really happened through their eyes You can later show pictures of the concentration camps that they lived in and all the artifacts that they found after it was over You can also ask they children uestions like Why do we learn about the holocaust? The book is told in first person Each child should have their own copy and independently read at home as well as in class You can have a lesson on 1st person and have them demonstrate a short story using first person The topic can be a time when the student felt like they were in danger This can be used with 3rd or 4th graders

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    gr 4 6 132pgsWWII Holland Based on the author's own experiences the story follows Rachel and her family as they must deal with life under Nazi occupation Finally Rachel her sister Esther and her parents must go into hiding They are forced to move around a lot and are separated from their parents Even in hiding they are not completely safe There is always the danger that they will be found They hold onto the hope that the war will end and they will be reunited againThis story reminded me of The Key is Lost but the sense of fear of being discovered seemed stronger in this book as did the sense of grief and loss at the end of the book is a list of the relatives who died and where if known they died

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    Another Jewish family in hiding book but with a good ending Not as darkly written as Anne Frank's diary which I think makes it better for younger kids There were a few parts my kids won't understand like the chapter about the toys They probably won't think about the grandfather's feelings and things he said instead they will think about the toys I guess what I mean is that this book is good for younger kids maybe 8 and up but there is a lot for an older audience too

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    A uick readThis was told from a child's point of view of growing up Jewish and having to hide from the Nazi's during the war It was very sad at what they had to do to survive and what they were put through I thought this was a good book

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    A children's book looking at the journey a young girl and her family went through as Jews in Nazi Germany Though simply written for the intended audience it is effective in describing how the events changed the subjects' lives A good historical fiction piece for a preteen reader