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The woman BusinessWeek called the grande dame of American management shares her vision of leadership Frances Hesselbein rose from a volunteer troop leader to become CEO of the Girl Scouts of the USA During her tenure Hesselbein transformed the Girl Scouts and created one of the most vibrant and recognized organizations in the world In the course of her brilliant career she was recognized by Fortune magazine as the Best Nonprofit Manager in America and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom Now for the first time Frances Hesselbein has collected her most incisive and stirring writings on the topic of leadership in one compelling book The book affirms Hesselbein's specific leadership principles that will give readers the inspiration to go forth and become exemplary leaders It is also filled with the practical knowledge readers need so they can make a difference every day These gems of leadership wisdom include Hesselbein's thoughts on innovation change diversity and what it means to be a woman leader At the heart of the book is Hesselbein's belief that leadership is about character a uestion of how to be not how to do it Hailed by Warren Bennis Peter Senge Jim Collins Peter Drucker and others as one of the most innovative and inspired leaders today Frances Hesselbein gives readers a star to steer by Hesselbein on Leadership will engage energize and motivate readers to do their best and be their bestFrances Hesselbein New York NY is the Chairman of the Peter F Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management and Editor in Chief of Leader to Leader the premier leadership journal She is a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the coeditor of numerous books on leadership including The Leader of the Future Jossey Bass 0 7879 5204 4 and The Organization of the Future The Community of the Future Jossey Bass 0 7879 5203 6

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    Hesselbein on Leadership Frances HesselbeinJossey BassIn his Foreword to this book Jim Collins observes that Frances Hesselbein “grasped a central paradox of change the organizations that best adapt to a changing world first and foremost know what should begin italics not end italics change They have a foxed anchor of guiding principles around which they can easily change everything else They know the difference between what is truly sacred and what is not between what should not change and what should always be open for change between ‘what we stand for’ and ‘how we do things’Eually important she exercised the discipline to say no to opportunities that did not fit the central mission” This brief excerpt from an uncommonly insightful analysis of Hesselbein’s numerous and substantial contributions to knowledge leadership help to prepare the reader for the 19 essays that follow in which Hesselbein shares what she has learned about leadership that understands the importance of knowing that leaderships is much less about what one does and much about who one isThe essays originally appeared over a period of three years 1999 2002 After re reading them Hasselbein observes “I found that I believe even passionately in the whys of leadership the values the principles the beliefs that define who we are what we believe what we do and how we work with others our fellow travelers on a shared journey to leadership in an uncertain world” In this volume of all the challenges that CEOs face she identifies those that have little to do with managing the enterprise’s tangible assets important though as they obviously are and everything to do with monitoring the uality of leadership the work force and relationships

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    best leadership book I've read to date

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    Good but not as good as people say