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This safe and practical guide brings herbalism into the 21st century an authoritative handbook to using herbs in one's life from the kitchen to the medicine cabinet to the dressing table The emphasis in this book is on hands on remedies that readers can easily make in their kitchens Each chapter provides recipes along with detailed information on why each ingredient is used Illustrations

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    also posted on my site The Paperback StashIt's amazing that I can go out and buy several 20 'recommended' books and the 5 8 dollar paperbacks end up being the best Such is the case with Kathi Keville's Herbs for Health and Healing While not an herbal that is the end all of every herbal out there it's extremely informative enlightening easily digestible and chocked full of useful informationThe author genuinely has a love of herbs and a belief in their performance; for a change we have an herbalist who really is one and not just trying to cash in on the latest craze This little gem is broken down cleverly with each section as exciting as the last The introduction alone is useful highlighting some of the common reasons to use herbs and natural remedies; she lists facts that are eye openers and refreshingWhy Use Herbs? further demonstrates her reasoning listing the troubles of combating side effects the benefits of herbs how they work why they do and The second Herbal Preparation briefly touches upon various way to use herbal remedies and make your own It's of course clear to see this should be included and included in this order She mentions main herbal preparations with some brief illustrations There is not outright detail but it's clear enough to get the basic ideaThe third section Herbal Medicine breaks down the larger sections into various body systems beginning with the Brain and nervous system ending with The skin Each system is introduced with the roles it plays things that can go wrong and why they do From here on she lists major complaints symptoms and causes backs up the herbs recommended with various studies then backs up further with personal experience and THEN usually has a basic formula to recommend Excellent uick resource for a variety of maladies clearly and confidently writtenFor part 3 we have Living with Herbal Wisdom Here she devotes an entire chapter to Men's Health then Women's then Childrens Everything from hormones and infertility to colic to male baldness is touched upon The section for children is an especially welcome entry; teeting earaches sugar blues you name itAndthis isn't all Chapter 14 lists Herbal first aid helping you establish a 'first aid kit' why the herbs are recommended how to use them etc Here she goes into detail on poison oak ivy bug bites stings mosuito repellants and sunburnsChapter 15 aptly titled Cautions and Considerations warns about using things safely Topics include essential oils identification contamination endangered herbs and rare reactions 16 dives briefly into the huge pool of aromatherapy something that is obviously a first love for Kathi In fact she has other books on this subject alone Techniues and measurements are all laid out The list keeps growing chapter 17 brushes upon Skin Care including hair of course Homemade beauty recipes as well as combating skin issues and problems are mentioned Great extra Finally chapter 18 is about cooking for health delicious recipes are given for soups oils vinegar spices pestos veggies hot sauces homemade coffees ending with candies such as ginger and horehound dropsI repeat sometimes the expensive bigger prettier book is skimpier From skin and cosmetics to cooking to first aid to body conditions it's all here It's not the most advanced herbal out there but it's not too basic for those with experience Beginners will easily understand while those who know their stuff will keep learning as the page turns At this price it's a bargain a steal almost a sin if not purchased

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    Very informative and easy to read Such a great resource book to keep on hand

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    I found this book very approachable with great information about applications and recipes for specific ailments I particularly appreciated the section devoted to women's health A lot of herbal remedy books will prescribe various herbs for things like PMS but without going into any further detail PMS is an umbrella term for all sorts of things like fatigue breast soreness uterine cramps water retention headache mood sensitivity etc This book actually explains what causes these ailments like the drop in magnesium and calcium in the body after ovulation and goes on to explain why certain herbs are particularly beneficial I also like the approach it takes regarding herbs as way of healing inbalances in the body andor maintaining balance and not just a treatment for sickness

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    My mom bought me this book when I had my first child in 1996 It still is one of my very favorite books I love her recipes stories and expertise This is definitely a family heirloom I cannot recommend it highly enough

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    My herb bible I LOVE this book I turn to it for every ailment

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    Very well done Documents studies using herbs to heal

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    This book is defintely a keeper

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    This is my favorite book on herbs I love how Kathi explains in detail how and why certain herbs are used and simple recipes to follow for make herbal remedies

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    Great reference book I've had in my personal library for years

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    No herbal monographs only herbal preparations