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Her Majesty S Men Is The Story Of Two Soldiers In The British Forces And Of A Friendship Taking Unexpected Turns In The Eyes Of The Army They Are Just Two Mates Who Are Close But From The Revelation Of Personal Secrets, Ensuing Hatred And Aggression, Through Terror And Danger, To Loyalty, Triumphant Strength And Courage, Grows Their Own Realisation Of What They Are Comrades First And Foremost, But Something Else Too, Something Significant The Two Royal Engineers, Sgt Tom Warren And SSgt Alex Turner, Learn To Understand The Real Meaning Of Loyalty And Strength Their Fight For Survival Cuts Through All The Discipline And Rules, To Tie Them Together In A Unique Bond Of Companionship And Trust I loved this It totally enveloped me from the first words It has all the intensity of Special Forces in shorter form I really cared for Tom and Alex I love the way their relationship develops, with Tom already head over heels for Alex Alex totally unaware Tom is so intense about his desires, so afraid to reveal them His turmoil is palatable When they finally come together, it is not before a very hurtful scene in which Alex reveals his bigotry Later on Alex rescues Tom and his sole purpose is to save his life He realizes he can t face life without him I give it a bergan full of stars and have moved on to Beyond His Majesty s Men which continues their relationship. Very intense writing.Whilst reading this I was curious, curious about how Marquesate was going to make this work and she did She made it work The book is told from two point of views, the first part from Tom s and the second part from Alex s This was a good tactic as it gave me a good grasp of both the characters During the first part I got worried about Tom and how seemingly hopeless his case was Alex s development started from the beginning with his anger, hopelessness, to seeing hope, to awareness and a modicum of peace So Marquesate weaved two seemingly hopeless threads into one whole.I like how Marquesate treated Susan and especially Marita of whom we get three pictures, first from angry Alex, then from aaware Alex, then from her herself We got a much , clearer look at a complex relationship like this.After reading this, I can definitely see her hand in SF. This wonderfully gripping intense book is the story of Sgt Tom Warren and SSgt Alex Turner, both Royal Engineers in the British Forces They ve been best mates for three years but lately Tom has been having a tough time hiding his deeper feelings about Alex.Tom and Alex are both tough military Alpha men with hard demanding jobs This is not a typical M M romance book It s so muchthan that It s an action packed, oftentimes violent and brutal story with two protags that are seemingly perfect military men, tough and confident yet both are also flawed, especially Alex, full of insecurities and self doubts.These men are so very real and captivating and their story, told over a period of several years, is without a doubt one of the most unique, well written stories I ve read in a long time Marquesate s writing style is so rich and descriptive that I was drawn into Tom and Alex s world from the first page to the last.I really loved this book for several reasons The characters are so well developed, flaws and all, and their story is so intense you can t help but get caught up in it When Tom and Alex get together it is at times an almost brutal coupling and can be a bit disturbing to read yet it totally works for who they are These men have major issues to deal with and the fact that the story is not rushed and that their problems were not glossed over and easily resolved to make a happy ending for the book is a welcome change.The descriptions of their military life and especially their capture in the jungle is totally engrossing I finished reading the book and immediately thought what a great action movie this book would make I was blown away by this book and highly recommend it. 4,5 starsViolence as aphrodisiac rough,raw,engrossing and unputdownable This was a nice read and I loved the way the relationship developed It was sweet to see the way Alex who was straight reacted to falling in love with another man I have always believed in love the person not the gender That phrase is important here, I have never really believed you are truly straight or truly gay We all can fall in love, its the person people fall in love with, not the gender I love military men and this was no exception. I d not heard of Marquesate until I read her wonderful story Code of Honour in the I Do anthology That story turned out to be one of my favourites from the anthology I loved it for it s manly characters and testosterone fuelled sex So when the opportunity came up for me to get hold of this book, I jumped at the chance, hoping to read something as good as that story had been I wasn t disappointed.Many of you who read this blog will know that I like my heroes to be real men to be masculine and to be comfortable in their alpha status Well, to get an idea of how manly the characters are in this book, you need to think of the most manly man that you know or have read about and then inject him with three buckets of testosterone That will give you an idea of the sort of men that Tom and Alex are in this book Marvellous.The book begins with our hero, Tom, in the shower Tom is a Sergeant in the Royal Engineers and is gay He joined the army at 16 Sixteen, and he hadn t had a clue would have fucked any girl if they had let him Hadn t intended to grind himself at eighteen against another guy in breathless need, loaded to the gills with cheap lager, denims pulled down to his knees.Britain doesn t have an official don t ask, don t tell policy It simplicit than that keep it to yourself or get beaten up isthe deal in this country, so Tom keeps away from the girls and visits gay clubs in the cities when he needs slake his lust.In the opposite shower is Tom s best friend, Alex Tom has been in love with Alex for a long time He is particularly attracted to the scars on Alex s body which Alex got under torture He has hidden his love and lust for his straight friend, but is almost at breaking point Then one night Alex starts badgering Tom over why he never takes up any of the many offers that he receives from women It is at that point that Tom cracks and confesses his sexuality to Alex What follows from this confession changes their relationship from comradeship, to hate, to acceptance and even love It s a long journey for these men full of excitement and danger These were well rounded characters It helped that the book is almost split in two with Tom s thoughts at the beginning as we learn about his feelings for Alex and his motivations for starting a relationship with him, and then Alex s thoughts as we move into the action based part of the book.There were a number of things I really liked about Her Majesty s Men Firstly, that the story takes place over a long time period several years This was necessary because both men, especially Alex, have a lot of healing to do Alex hates his scars, believing them to be the reason his wife divorced him Plus they are a constant reminder of the pain he underwent and the subsequent emotional fall out of the torture Gradually, throughout the book he learns, with Tom s help, to accept what happened We need the long time period for that to happen.Secondly, both men are alphas Their lovemaking is almost like fighting, with both determined to take control and neither one giving quarter It was so violent that I was visibly wincing on a couple of occasions This was very thrilling and so unlike much of the alpha beta relationships that crop up in m m This also fits in with their situation, with Alex s reluctant reliance on Tom which causes him to lash out in anger as he strives for sexual fulfilment.Finally, I love a great action book, and being a predominantly military storyline this contained action in spades, especially during the last third of the book, which was like something out of a Hollywood action movie Marquestate writes in such vivid, gory detail that I could feel every ounce of pain, suffering and triumph that she puts these men through This was coupled with believable thoughts and dialogue These are men of action, not of words, and this is reflected in the way they speak to each other and the way they think A prime example of this are Tom s thoughts in the first section of the book, which begins Goddammit Here he was again, under the shower and with none other than Staff Sergeant Alex Turner in the stall opposite They were bloody Royal Engineers and couldn t even fix shower stalls with fucking doors I only had a couple of issues with this book, mainly centred around Tom He was such a strong man, and yet utterly crippled by his feelings for Alex Time and time again, he allows Alex to use him which was something I found immensely frustrating and wished that Tom had been less submissive in this area I also wanted to have muchgrovelling from Alex at the end of the book and as a resulttenderness However, I appreciate that at the end, Alex had come a long, long way, so maybe I shouldn t be so greedy Apart from that, this book was a rough ride from start to finish I loved it because violence, pain and brutality are issues that don t bother me and I welcomed a read that was so different from the normal m m fayre If you don t like those things in your romance, then I suggest you stay away from Her Majesty s Men If you like books filled to the brim with testosterone, packed with action with men who are a mix of arrogant and confident on the outside, yet a seething mass of insecurity and self hatred on the inside, then this book is for you For those people, I highly recommend you read this and it gets a grade of Excellent from me I understand that there may be a sequel in the pipeline where Alex has to do some serious grovelling, damnit and I look forward to reading that in the future. Wow, just wow This really impressed me, although I started reading it wondering what I was actually reading here It didn t feel like a military romance at allThe first half of the story is told from Sgt Tom Warren s POV He s a gay soldier with the British Royal Marines deeply in the closet, of course, but accepting of who he is and how he feels While being a sexually active, no strings attached man in gay clubs on weekends, he s deeply infatuated with his handsome straight best friend and comrade Staff Sergeant Alex Turner, who a few years earlier was captured by the enemy in some hostile country, where he was subjected to weeks of terrible torture Alex was rescued, but he was left with considerable mental and physical scars all over his body Alex and Tom are best buddies but Alex has no idea that Tom is secretly turned on watching Alex scars on his muscular torso in the showers scars that Alex is deeply ashamed of and that are one of the reasons for his insecurities.During an alcohol drenched night out, Alex asks Tom why he never hooks up with a hot girl He is a handsome guy with a model face after all Tom hesitates to tell him the truth, not wanting to endanger their friendship However, when Alex makes a heartfelt confession of his own, Tom feels pressured to reveal his secret to his best buddy The outcome is so unexpected that I better put it in spoiler brackets, LOL view spoiler Tom s confession goes horribly wrong and both guys despise each other afterward, but Alex is not really a homophobic jerk The reason why he couldn t cope with Tom being gay is rather because Alex after having suffered some peculiar kind of torture cannot have an erection any and therefore cannot satisfy a girl any longer even if he wanted to So it upsets him that Tom, who very well can get it up, doesn t want to have sex with girls, simply because he is gay.Both men hate each other over weeks, until their superior puts them on a night shift together, that ends with Tom and Alex almost punching each other s lights out until Alex stops in mid fight and notices something remarkable about himself he got a hard on rolling around on the floor with Tom Realizing the change in mood, Tom finds a way to put his former friend s erection to good use, right there and then Long story short Alex might not be impotent after all Feeling sorry for behaving like an ass earlier and hoping that Tom could lend him a hand with his problem, he apologizes and asks Tom if he could make him hard again sometime.Tom, who has been lusting over his best friend for years doesn t need to be asked twice, of course Funny, though, that the only person Alex, the straight guy, is able to react to, sexually, is his gay best friend Kinda ironic, isn t it hide spoiler The first part is 5 for the tension and 4 for the writing, the second part is the opposite, 5 for writing and 4 for tension, so it s overall a 4.5.The blurb explains the story very well, so I won t re tell it, but basically Tom is gay and in lust love of his best friend Alex Alex is straight, but the torture he survived during a mission left him with physical and psychological scars And if you re wondering no, there s no magic cock healing.In the first part we read from Tom s point of view He s obsessed by Alex, by everything Alex His hopeless lust is conveyed very well and it s heartbreaking, especially when it seems that Tom is just content with the scrapes of himself that Alex gives him The chemistry of the two men causes an explosion when they get together, and it s as unstoppable as a fast chemical reaction that got started It s difficult to understand who s using whom, but that s the beauty of this story Tom s passion is raw and mindless and that s expressed by the clipped writing style I wondered though if it would have been possible to achieve the same rawness with a littleelaborated style, because sometimes it was as if I was reading a graphic novel without the drawings, if you get what I mean.In the second part we read from Alex s point of view and we can appreciate the deep friendship which exists between the two men It s fascinating that Alex always feels he has to help Tom out of this profound friendship and marginally thinks about their sexual relationship It s a complicated feeling of denial bordering on acceptance and I always give kudos to authors that manage to describe the complexity of human beings in this way There are paragraphs of this part I had to read pacing my room, because they were quite uncomfortable, but at the end it was all worth it I wasn t very enthusiast of a couple of different point of views you know POV s consistency is one of my pet peeves.I couldn t put it down for the life of me. The most convincing GFO story I ve ever read Hands down.I LOVED IT So much The only downside it was hardly enough I want ed so muchof Tom and Alex, one of the two most amazing characters I ve ever read about I wish this book had 1,000 pages instead of just a little bit over 100 But anyway, this book gets 5 stars from me because the writing is perfect and it s stunning, intense, gut wrenching, beautiful, passionate, sexy, nail biting , hear wrenching, and so freaking erotic I think that was the hottest description of a hand job I ve ever read fans self A must read that will definitely go to my Books I could re read forever list