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There’s nothing wrong with a touch of madness – Cheshire CatSomeday Hatta will save the kingdom In his mind at least But his talents of uncharacteristic kindness and a passion for colors hardly ualify him for such a destiny In a kingdom that doesn’t need saving a young man ignorant of social norms is the unlikeliest of heroesAlong the way the Cheshire Cat ueen of Hearts White ueen and other familiar characters emerge to fill their eminent roles as well Witness literature’s most lovable lunatic’s tangled ascent into madness

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    882012Decided to re review this book Just because it happens to be incredibly awesomeThe book basically goes back between two boss characters Chism and the inimitably childlike Hatta Because of this book Hatta is now my favourite character in all of literature Yeah that's right He beats Peeta Mellark and Dante Alexander This amazing book describes Hatta's ascent to madness how he became the Mad Hatter He loves colours he loves clothes he loves his hats The book also portrays how Underland fell apart how the kingdoms split between the Red ueen and the White ueenI'm not gonna say any You're all gonna have to read it to find out the rest ^^8122012Just kidding I'll say this This book isn't the bomb just because I have a signed copy Or because the author is my neighbournew boss This book is completely awesome because it explains Hatta's and Chism's struggles in a new light Chism is a new character but everyone knows the Mad Hatter I thought it was clever and sweet to add a brother for him

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    This is a companion novel to Daniel Coleman's other story JABBERWOCKY When I think about HATTER I am torn There are times I prefer JABBERWOCKY and the uniue take on the story and other times I prefer HATTER and reading about well known characters in a new light As the name suggests HATTER is a origin story of the Mad Hatter The two characters of the story are complete opposites and yet I felt a bond with both of them in some way Hatta is the loveable eccentric friend that you don't always understand what he is doing but you know that his heart is in the right place and he wouldn't hurt a fly Chism on the other hand is the brash young man who you know will do the right thing but instead of being discreet and thinking through the conseuences does the first thing that comes to mind which usually involves force of some kind The writing is as clean as always and though I had a vague idea of where the story was going there were still plenty of surprises along the way HATTER is another great book for young adults to read if they want a taste of a fantastical realm with real depth and imagery Daniel Coleman paints a picture of human nature within each character that is spot on

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    Insanity said Hatta still mesmerized by his royal purple hair That always seemed the strangest word because it actually means out of sanity Shouldn't someone who's in sanity be very sane? In means out CuriousAnd they think we're the mad ones laughed the smiling Cheshire CatThis was an entertaining read but one I only liked and didn't love I am a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland re tellings It's a story that with so many different ideas to take from it's easy to find a new story in the same old one And at first I loved Hatta and his odd ways I found Chism way too angry and off the cuff violent but I didn't completely dislike him But the story bogged down somewhere in the middle It's a short read but it still felt full of small details I didn't need and the conversations feltblocky I don't know how else to describe itBut I did enjoy being in this world and following these two as their paths led them to their decisions and ultimate outcome I don't know if I'll read in the series but I am glad I finally got to this one

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    When I first picked up this book I was very vocal to those around me that I had never been a fan of the Alice World I think my exact words were It's creepy and I don't want anything to do with it But I was willing to give this a try I am SOOOOOO glad that I did It is so well written Fascinating characters? Check Adrenaline pumping action? Check Laugh out loud humor? Check Broken hearts and happily ever afters? Check and check Hatter is a follow up novel to Jabberwocky Coleman's first novel but it isn't a seuel I actually read this before I read Jabberwocky and although there are references to characters and events in Jabberwocky it was never confusing It was fun to read Jabberwocky after Hatter and recognize minor character Chism knowing what his future holds And if Mr Coleman wanted to write book number 3 in the Wonderland series about Chism I would be first in line This book is appropriate for all ages and I highly recommend it

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    “Even though they seem opposing they’re actually complements”The book Hatter by Daniel Coleman is focused on two boys named Hatta and Chism Hatta is a talented artisan that travels and has a passive colorful slightly mad personality while Chism is a hot tempered Elite soldier who deeply believes in justice no matter the means of obtaining it The story proceeds to talk about how Hatta and Chism fullfil their destinies and save their Alice in Wonderland like world named Maravilla from the hands of Lady Cuora who is better known as the ueen of Hearts while making new friends running from soldiers facing their pasts and going a little insane The author Daniel Coleman wrote the book so that it went from Chism’s and Hatta’s point of view which while looking back gave the book an uniue feel This is because Chism’s point of view was serious violent and mature and Hatta’s was energetic happy and childlike and combining those different views helped put the situations to perspective It easier to connect with the plot and lose yourself in the story Looking into their point of views also allows you to connect with the characters because you feel what they’re feeling you see what they’re going throughThe language and terminology of the book is also unlike most books I have read before and by Coleman using different speech patterns and nonsensical terms it really made it feel as though you were being sucked into a magical world Daniel Coleman wrote completely ridiculous things but would write them in a way that would make you uestion reality your sanity and make you understand his logic behind it all such as “Insanity that always seemed to be the strangest word because it actually means out of sanity Should someone who is in sanity be very sane? In means out Curious” When I finished Hatta I looked at everything differently if insane things can make senses with a little logic then what’s the sanity in sane things? At first I thought the book was kind of slow in a few parts when it was building up the plot but then it starts to get deeper and starts to be emotionally involving and it connects the reader to the characters in a personal way making you want to find out what happens next I also enjoyed how the author didn't make the book completely revolve around a love interest and romance and throughout the entire book there was roughly one chapter that brought it up to deepen the plot it didn't stick out from the flow of the book Overall I found Hatter to be a very elaborate well written book and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a book that will take you on a colorful journey

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    GENRE FantasyTHEME Alice in WonderlandRECEIVED Received for Review from Teen Book SceneBLOG ’ve always been a huge fan of the story Alice in Wonderland but even so the twisted tales that many authors have done with the famous story Daniel Coleman has hands down written one of my favorite novels in the world of Alice in Wonderland I loved the ideas writing and creativity of the old characters and how they were similar but extremely different at the same timeHatter is the companion novel to Colemans first book Jabberwocky but you don’t need to have read it to understand this book Some characters from the first novel are mentioned but it’s easy to follow Hatter follows two characters Hatta and Chism both opposites and both go through extreme challenges to survive and find a place where they feel that they’ll belongHatta or as many people would call him the Mad Hatter was a colorful riddle extreme kind and loveable character Coleman really brought out a new side to this eccentric character his dialog and interaction with other character was so entertaining and fun Coleman made sure to put in a few key things that connect Hatta to the original story For example not only did Hatta continue with his unusual way of talking but the readers learn how Hatta was when he was younger and why he is the way he is also with his extreme love for purple and connection to the ueen of Hearts Chism is a solider and young man who was born a fighter But every time he feels he’s doing the right thing everything gets turned upside down The way he’s introduced in the beginning was brilliantly written it was such an intense scene that I held my breath through the first couple pages Chism isn’t someone to mess with and don’t let his age fool you about his strength Overall I highly recommend Hatter the action plot characters and how each boys lives interact together was captivating I really enjoyed getting an origin story for the many characters I loved from the original tales I’m excited to see what Coleman will write in the world of Alice in WonderlandRECOMMENDATION This is a young adult book the action and semi violence is mild for any age It’s a colorful tale and enjoyable for fans of any genre Fans of Frank Beddor’s The Looking Glass Wars will love Daniel Coleman’s Hatter

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    I really enjoyed Coleman's second book While Hatter is still based in Wonderland the story is uite different from Jabberwocky Jabberwocky was a fairly straight forward slay the beast adventure story Hatter is a complex story about two characters Hatta and Chism and how their lives intertwine It's also about twice as long as JabberwockyChism is an obsessive compulsive character that has channeled his behavior into becoming the perfect soldier He was in the elite training group of Tjaden in Jabberwocky While only 15 he has mastered many weapons but can't uite manage his compulsions Chism tries to have order in everything even if he has to force order with his sword which has its own cool name Every good sword shouldHatta is the complete opposite and yet very much the same he also wants order but his idea of order is uite different He would rather suffer and sacrifice than to see someone upset hungry offended or hurt The idea of violence literally makes Hatta sick His life follows a strange path of riddles and whimsy as he tries to help others from getting hurtTogether they make a very odd sort of heroes but they're actions help change Wonderland to a place that is perfect for Alice's visit in the classic tale After reading the book I went and rewatched Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and Hatter makes all of those characters' lives richer and the movie even enjoyableI highly recommend this book The language and action is appropriate for any member of the family and should be enjoyable for all

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    While I fully enjoyed Jabberwocky this book was even better as previous characters were re visited and at times fully expanded upon Brune and Chism and new characters were introduced The story is one of two brothers scarred in different ways from the same traumatic event finding common ground Perhaps the Elite will introduce psychological testing after this adventure I eagerly await Mr Coleman next book

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    Daniel Coleman is an utter delight As someone who's spent a lot of time with Lewis Carroll I memorized all of THE HUNTING OF THE SNARK when I was in High School I was very pleased with Coleman's efforts to provide some fascinating glimpses into the probable motivations of some of these characters tease out their back stories and all in service to his own plot Absolutely wonderful

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    Originally reviewed on my blog Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing Hatter by Daniel Coleman is a companion novel to Jabberwocky Hatter is set in the same whimsical world as Jabberwocky but it extends that world beyond just the Jabberwock poem to include and create Coleman's version of Wonderland taken from Lewis CarrollI have a bit of a lovehate relationship with retellings one that is far too large and would completely take over this post if I tried to discuss it But the short version is that while I absolutely love and adore fairy tale retellings I completely avoid retellings of books But the Alice in Wonderland stories kind of fall right in the middle for me They are a book but the stories of Wonderland feel very fairy tale ish so I'm a bit torn The main reason I decided to read this book is because of how much I enjoy JabberwockyI'll be honest and admit that I didn't love Hatter the same way I did Jabberwocky but that doesn't surprise me I've never actually read anything other than Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll and my experiences with Alice are solely based on the Disney version of the story And we all know their reputation for sticking close to the original Anyway Hatter is the story of Hatta who is trying to understand his position in the world He knows he views the world differently from everyone else and he honestly fears the insanity or outsanity that is lurking just within his mind He views the world in colors vivid vibrant colors and his clothing reflects that It's really interesting reading from his perspective because the colors are tied to emotions both his and others and people give off colors that are reflective of their personalities It fascinated me and Hatta was such a uirky and interesting character to follow The other narrator Chism was also interesting to read about but for different reasons Chism is colorblind a soldier and full of rage and bitterness He's a loner who wants nothing than to continue as an elite protecting the order of life the circle and sword and doing his duty But when what he views as his responsibility seriously backfires he ends up putting himself in a lot of danger and also being the spark that starts the fireI don't know that I can put my finger on it exactly but no matter how much I enjoyed reading the story and enjoyed the characters I felt a small level of disconnect from the story Hatta was just a little too abstract and hard to follow at times and Chism was just a little too bitter and aloof I saw where Coleman was going with that and I understand why it was written that way but it was just a little too I do also wish that we had gotten to see of The ueen of Hearts got to experience from her and what ultimately made her decide to be that person We get to see a little bit of how she goes from a 'normal' person and becomes the violent ueen but I would have liked But that's also mostly because she was one of my favorite parts of the cartoon how morbid violent is that The young kid loving the crazy face screaming Off with his head PBut overall I really enjoyed this book I had hoped to enjoy it but wasn't sure what to expect given my thoughts on retellings and the fact that I know very little of the real Wonderland But I'm happy to say that the book than lived up to my expectations and I'm even hoping that Coleman plans to write Wonderland stories because I will read them all Maybe it will even be the motivation I need to finally read the originals