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Harmattan Rain follows three generations of women as they cope with family love and life A few years before Ghana’s independence Lizzie Achiaa’s lover disappears Intent on finding him she runs away from home Akua Afriyie Lizzie Achiaa’s first daughter strikes out on her own as a single parent in a country rocked by successive coups Her daughter Sugri grows up overprotected She leaves home for university in New York where she learns that sometimes one can have too much freedom In the end the secrets parents keep from their children eventually catch up with them

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    Harmattan Rain was not exactly what I thought it would be but it was an entertaining book nonetheless I was fascinated by the premise of it a book following multiple generations of women just before during and following the independence of Ghana As the first generation American daughter of two Ghanaians both born shortly after independence I wanted this book to be a different glimpse into the lives they may have led at that time There were definitely moments of clarity about the country my parents spent their formative years in that I appreciated I really enjoyed that the political side of things was interwoven into the lives of the characters in ways that didn’t feel overt or forceful Nonetheless I still think I set my expectations too high for the historical portion of this historical fiction novel Reading this demonstrated to me that I need to spend time reading and engaging with the historical records and accounts themselves With that being said I enjoyed the read The characters were fun to go through life with in many ways felt familiar and this story also allowed me to see parts of the place where my origins lie that I hadn’t seen before I look forward to reading of Ayesha Haruna Attah’s work in the future given my time with her debut novel left me charmed and endeared by her writing

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    This book was honestly my favorite thing to read in Ghana Once I picked it up I couldn't put it down The story really came alive for me because I was in Ghana at the time but I think it's a story that people who've never even left their hometown can relate to It's a beautiful coming of age story It will make you smile It will make you cry It will make you appreciate But most of all it will make you glad that you picked up this bookI loved it

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    See no spoilers review here

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    t’s unusual for it to rain during harmattan It announces itself with plenty winds and dust and dryness Rain during harmattan is much like the women in this story formidable and unexpectedHarmattan rain surpassed my expectations by a mile It follows the story of Lizzie Achiaa her daughter Akua Afriyie and her granddaughter Sugri as they navigate life in Ghana over a span of 55 yearsI really liked how the book progressed It’s wonderful to see characters grow in a story and I felt a kinship with all three women at different points I was rooting for them even when I probably shouldn’t have been From the beginning the pace is set when Lizzie Achiaa decides to take her future into her own hands and run away from home It’s only uphill from then onIt’s an informative read as well As the characters grow and evolve so does Ghana and the story includes conversations that capture that Everything from Ghana immediate post independence to the few years in the 80’s when she was plagued with a series of coups The conversations were very rounded as well and that screams good writing to me It made me do a lot further research into my country’s history and I’m grateful for itMy favorite character is definitely Akua Afriyie the arguably most free spirited one of the bunch Life doesn’t go as planned for her but she comes out on top in the end She was as unconventional as they came in her time and I loved that There’s also moments of romance in this and 🥺 Bador Samed and Lizzie deserved That’s all i’m saying If you’ve read this let me know if you agreeI sighed a happy sigh when I finished this Especially at the last sentence of the book Totally a full circle moment It’s just a really good story and it’s very realistic Perhaps i’m biased because excellent Ghanaian writers are my achilles heel but I’m not mad at it😂 This has easily made its way unto my recommendations list and Ayesha Harruna Attah has a fan in me I’m excited for her book The Deep Blue Between coming later this year

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    Harmattan Rain details the lives of three generations of women before during and after the independence of Ghana Each of them battle with family love and life; trying to find their way given uniue circumstances A few years before Ghana's independence Lizzie leaves her village in hopes to find her disappeared lover Akua Afriyie Lizzie's first daughter becomes a single mother and must navigate her new life on her own Her daughter Surgi is very intelligent; she finds her way to New York City where she attends Columbia University Each woman has an inspiring story that is connected with the rich history of Ghana Previously having read The Hundred Wells of Salaga which also takes place in Ghana I still knew very little about the country's complex history I was eager to learn and Harmattan Rain allowed me to do that Attah provides a modern lens to Ghana's past as she guides us through the novel As the novel progresses life in Ghana changes drastically making each character's experience uniue My one critiue is that I feel the novel is a bit slow; I felt it took awhile for the story gain momentum However once it did so I wasn't able to put the book down I would highly suggest this book to anyone who loves historical fiction with uniue characters and experiences

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    This is EPIC I have enjoyed every page of this book The story of three generations of Ghanian women is so fascinating I can totally relate to the relationship between these women even though Ghana seems like such a faraway country I guess mother daughter relationships are similar everywhere despite misunderstandings we are connected to our families even if we are not much aware of that connection at some points I love the author's narration style She seems to be able to effortlessly describe complex thoughts emotions a sign of a truly gifted writer

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    As I have lived in Ghana twice in my life I can assure you this book get's the picture in an amazing way The descriptions are extremely accurate I felt I was there once again Truth to be told I ended up really disapointed regarding the main love of Lizzie Achiaa Besides that particular issue I find it really enjoyable

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    The book started slow for me I think Lizzie's story wasn't drawing me in Everything changed for me when Akua Afriyie strode in I was interested and I read this book faster than I thought I would

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    this book is by a young Ghanaian woman writer and chronicles the story of a woman who becomes a young adult at about the same time Ghana gains its independence her daughter and her granddaughterIt provides a light overview of modern Ghanaian history while telling the stories of three womenI found it to be very realistic

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    I attended the writer's book reading This is the first book I attempted to review when I started blogging In the end I only provided what happened at the reading though I still count it as a review The following link leads to it on my bloghttpfreduagyemanblogspotcom2009Thanks