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The Red Bottom Bandits may be the world's most fashion forward gang of masked outlaws They're the talk of DC for their daring robberies and fly gear And their latest caper is penned by Ashley Antoinette of Ashley Jauavis at her sultry streetwise bestWhen the innocent na�ve Gucci recognizes ringleader Sunny Raegan during a holdup that's her in with the Bandits Knowing she's got a lot beauty than brains Gucci sees the gang as her meal ticket More likely they'll be her ticket to the morgueThe Bandits may be lawless but they play by a few simple rules Get in and get outshoot first and ask uestions laternever leave without the moneyand innocent people don't get hurt But it's only a matter of time before all these rules get broken and that's when Gucci gets caughtIf there's one thing a girl needs it's a little help from her friends But her friends have skipped town without giving her a second thought And Sunny is distracted by her new baby and her violent ex lover So Gucci's on her own She's on trial for her life and she must decide whether to snitch on the girls or take the fall all by herself Whichever she chooses it may be her death sentence

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    This was reviewed by library staff due to a patron's complaint about its content Although I was skeptical of what I'd find inside I was very pleasantly surprised to find myself very interested in both the characters and in the story The book's main theme is friendship and all that being a true friend entails The language is sometimes colorful but that fits in with the setting and I simply overlooked it as a necessary part of the story I would have liked a glossary at the end because there were a few 'street' phrases for which I just didn't know the meaning I won't be hesitant to pick up another urban fiction story and give it a try particularly by this author

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    I loved the book but with a few things First the bad 1 The title DOES NOT REALLY FIT WELL 2 It was too perfect or too much of a coincidence that Reagan and her lawyer at the end meet before they knew they would cross paths again 3 I kept mixing up Reagan and Revenge's name while reading too fast trying to get to the next page lol 4 Revenge's torture scene was just over the top I had to skip that smh my heart went out to her tho and 5 The ending felt rushed it took some time to build up this great plot and get the characters to connect and then 123 the end maybe a next book? Now the good Overall I thought this was a pretty good read I enjoyed it I loved the characters of course Nah my thug with a heart lol and I hope there is a second part to finish what was kind of left to guess and wonder about People always snap on Ashley when she writes her books without her husband but I think she did a good job on this one

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    I enjoyed Guilty Gucciit held my attention and it was very well written I will say that the title Guilty Gucci is a little confusing since Gucci was like a supporting character I can also agree with a few other readers that stated that it was a bit too much like Set It Off there were a lot of similarities towards the endAll in all a good read is a good read no matter what the title is and this was still a good read I would recommend this book I have recommended it I hope there is a follow up so that the readers can get some closure on some of the characters and story lines Four stars

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    I enjoyed this book even though it did put me in mind of Set if Off A lot of people were complaining that this story was already out in another book but I never read it before so everything was new to me I do have one complaint though I wish they would change their ending up a little I hate that Reagan got the low end of the stick while the other two is living happily ever after

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    A page turner from the first to last page The story was thoroughly entertaining Chanel Gucci and Reagan were literally lunatics Everything they did was so shocking that I didn't know what they were going to next Every grimey thing they did was worst than the previous I loved Nahvid's character He was really a bright spot in the book and I was rooting for him and Nahvid to make it Not sure where the title of this book came from since Gucci's role was really not that big in this book Looking forward to see what happens to these characters it should be interesting

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    BOY OH BOY This was such an amazing book I cant lie though all of the books By Ashley are amazing I read this while at work I hated that I had to put this book down to assist my Clients I'm in love with each of the characters I've read many comments about how the name does not match the storyline however I believe it does There were some points I had to put this book down to take a deep breath because of being so nervous about what I was about to read PRAYING FOR A SEUEL lawd let there be light WENDYSUE

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    I really enjoyed this book The author did a great job of having me guessing The end really threw me for a loop The only thing about it the title of the book doesn't really match what the book is about The author could have picked a fitting title but other than that I have no complaints I can't wait to read by this author

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    The book was a great read It was about friendship or sisterhood under unfavorable circumstances This book was also about greed disloyalty and conseuences I had issue with the way the book ended It sort of left you hanging I hope there will be another book I want to see Regan get a happy ending with her son

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    Wish it was a part2 I want to know what's going to happen to Reagan👀

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    Guilty Gucci is a tale of loyalty It centers around three girls Reagan Chanel and Gucci All three come from diffrent walks of life but come together to form a tight circle of friendship Reagan is just a single mother trying everything in her power to gain back custody of her son Chanel once had it all but what goes up must come down and she finds herself jumping from man to man trying to make a come up Gucci's sole purpose in life is to take care of her mother with little to no money left to properly care for her she is left with no choice but get it by any means With the three of them together the Red Bottom Bandits are formed The Good Like most AJ novels this one was fast paced and engaging I loved the characters especially the bond with Reagan and Nahvid I read it in less than two daysThe Bad The title Guilty Gucci really didn't fit the book as Gucci was of a minor character while Reagan was the lead There were also a few indiscrepancies with the characters The Ugly The ending to me was a little rushed I feel like we can never get a happy endingever I loved the fact that Moth to A Flame was a stand alone book and wish that we could have gotten one complete novel with this one as well Black Faithful Sisters and Brothers Book Club