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Crank Glass Ice Crystal Whatever You Call It, It S All The Same A Monster And Once It S Got Hold Of You, This Monster Will Never Let You Go Kristina Thinks She Can Control It Now With A Baby To Care For, She S Determined To Be The One Deciding When And How Much, The One Calling The Shots But The Monster Is Too Strong, And Before She Knows It, Kristina Is Back In Its Grips She Needs The Monster To Keep Going, To Face The Pressures Of Day To Day Life She Needs It To Feel Alive Once Again The Monster Takes Over Kristina S Life And She Will Do Anything For It, Including Giving Up The One Person Who Gives Her The Unconditional Love She Craves Her Baby The Sequel To Crank, This Is The Continuing Story Of Kristina And Her Descent Back To Hell Told In Verse, It S A Harrowing And Disturbing Look At Addiction And The Damage That It Inflicts

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    I have never wanted to slap a protagonist in the face as much as in this book I also liked Ellen s mention of banned books and how all it s doing is hiding reality we should be learning from Kids reading this book might actually get the crap scared out of them enough to stay the heck away from drugs Yet, some prefer to make sure their kids are blind to the realities of our society I rather read this to my child than have them star in their own story like this because they don t know better.

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    After I finished Crank, I practically sped my way to Barnes and Noble go get this book, the second in the series In this follow up to Kristina s sordid tale, she continues to chronicle her life with the monster crystal meth After being kicked out of her house and denied access to her son, she finds herself at the mercy of the monster.Juggling several boyfriends at a time, Kristina recognizes that what she s doing in wrong, but is reactive as opposed to being proactive in terms of her addiction The story is sad she becomes embroiled in dealing meth and and contemplates prostitution Readers can t help sympathizing with her regardless of all of the messed up choices she s made As with the first book, I was mesmerized at Hopkins narrative She s able to construct a linear narrative out of a series of concrete poems where readers become entangled in all of Kristina a dilemmas The tale is disturbingly beautiful, emotionally jarring, and elaborately constructed I ve never read anything like this before and I am hooked Can t wait to read the third book

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    This is the follow up to Crank and I was a bit skeptical as to how it would play out, since at the end of the first she had supposedly quit the habit I actually found this one to be a bit believable in terms of the way her addiction played out, and while it could have been just the same plot re hashed, it definitely didn t feel that way to me This round is a whole lot grittier than the first one heavier drug use, a ton swearing, and a ton sex More drug dealing, with a stop off at a whore house, as well Definitely not a pleasant story, and I m a bit surprised to see the publisher intended these books for ages 14 Hopkins seems to have forgotten a major plot point about Hunter s parentage she seems to have decided in this book that the real father doesn t know, but in the last book it was clearly stated that he did know Confusing It had been a few years between the two books that she wrote them, but those kinds of plot holes always niggle at me Overall, though, it s a very well done story once again, in wonderful verse format about the dangers of heavy addiction and the ruining effects it can have on your life Kristina is kicked out of her home, away from her baby, all because she can t shake the addiction While these books could definitely read as anti drug propaganda, Hopkins really does a good job of balancing the drugs are bad message with story, characters, and her great verse Definitely one that got under my skin as I obsessively read it

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    In one of the episodes of the Simpsons, Bart had to take care of Maggie for the day, can t recall why At first he was wary because she s just a baby, but they ended up bonding and having lots of fun together Or was it Homer I don t remember, there are like a million of these episodes Probably Bart, anyway so they made this cardboard cutout of an angel and they lowered it through the window on strings, to mess with Ned Flanders s twins So they were messing with the twins making the angel float around and William H Macy animated alter ego s sons were going like we are not worthy, we are not worthy, bowing and such It was so funny.The point is, this is a worthy sequel to Crank It s so good The subject matter is as horrifying as ever, continuing on from the first novel, but the book is poetic, so poetic and not just because of its poetic prose Notwist it is, it truly is You know, it is no small feat making up likable characters that people would actually care about As I was reading this, I realized I have missed these monsters selfish or otherwise How I love these people Another thing, if you are going through a reading slump, a term I personally dislike and do not accept, much like how religious conservatives do not accept climate change, then read this novel It will ease you back into the wonderful truth that is the reading habit, despite its bleakness Gosh, the moon is lovely tonight Just look out the window This is a very well written novel, but be warned it is dark and twisty So, if you are going through hard times, going through something too tough to deal with, then I suggest you might wanna steer clear of this book What s scary here is that in the midst of all the bad, there are glimpses of good in it, and that s frightening than any monster This book is pretty much like a car wreck, you watch as our MC heads toward certain disasters, and is basically disastrous in nature You cringe, you wanna wring her neck but as she goes on, you can t help but be fascinated by her And you can t help but wonder how much of the daughter here is the real daughter she is based on But the author is, if not remarkable then an understanding mother And that s remarkable This is a harrowing read, but it ends right and like I always say, but don t say it enough It s all about the endings.

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    3 starsThis was not nearly as good as her first book Crank. I felt like the writing wasn t as passionate as it d been in the first book, and I could no longer feel badly for Kristina Bree In this book, Kristina made her life a living hell, whereas in the first book I felt like her father played a huge role in her fall which is why I had felt badly for her However, not so much with this one.Really, what bothered me was how it seemed everyone was doing drugs and that no one seemed to noticed except for the other druggies For example, Kristina always made up excuses for her whereabouts and her mother didn t seem to mind at all If I was Kristina s mother, I would make sure she was at home and watching Hunter But that s just me Also, why did it seem like Kristina was always with a guy I swear, how did she find all these guys who did drugs and liked her Seems unlikely.Overall, I don t think I ll be picking up the second book because this one left me feeling drained and just tired.

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    Initial reaction I ll have to think about how I m going to write the review for this book, but it ll be a sizable one.I have a hard time saying that this book was a favorite of mine because the topic it chose to cover on multiple levels isn t one that s easy to read or anything that I could say you could love per se This book is like watching a car crash you can t stop until it s too late to reverse, no matter how much you want to yell at the driver For the love of all that s holy, please STOP Only thing I can say was that watching Kristina s descent was heartbreaking, and probably for than one angle of it all.4.5 stars overall though Laura Flanagan s reading of the audiobook was fantastic, and as difficult of a read as it was, it gave me so much to think about in the end of it all.Full review You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadnessLike resignation to the end, always the endSo when we found that we could not make senseWell you said that we would still be friendsBut I ll admit that I was glad that it was over Somebody That I Used to Know GotyeThought it was appropriate to quote these lines from this song since it was in my head as I started meditating over my thoughts about Glass I m still shaking and a bit misty eyed even in the aftermath of reading this because watching someone fall this hard while in a seemingly endless cycle of addiction to drugs is not easy in any measure, whether in fiction or in real life I think Ellen Hopkins captured the emotional journey rather well, on levels than one Glass , the second book in the Crank series, is still very much Kristina s story, though I ll admit I liked being able to have a dimensional viewpoint of how Kristina s actions decisions affected others around her and being able to see that in the context of Kristina s voice and mental bargaining When we last left her, she d endured quite a bit in her addiction to the Monster, made and broken many connections in the process, but had started coming to terms with the aftermath of events and her initial addiction in some capacity But if the last book had something of hopeful note in certain considerations, this book completely blew that possibility out of the water with its revelation of events.What made this journey most powerful for me was how well this novel provided several dimensional views of Kristina s psyche On one hand we see the irresponsible, yet insecure 17 turning 18 year old that she is having survived several series of ordeals from Crank and navigating a measure where she s searching forsomething Whether it s love, acceptance, a life, a future possibly all four These views of her character are rare in the narrative, but they provide a really potent insight on the tug of war that s going on in her head as well as a humanizing of her character that s honestly rare in comparison to other narratives that would try to profit off the emotional baggage the conflict entailed On another, Kristina is seriously hard to follow and sympathize with because of her actions between the increasing distance she puts between herself and her family, her irresponsibility around children whether her own child or others, and that was one of the things that made me angry as I read this on that in a little bit , her addictions, her quickening temper recklessness, and just the overarching moral descent where she d do anything to get her next hit or establish her life where it s just coasting the surface for the moment nothing permanent, mostly temporary gratification.I said in my initial notes that reading this book was like watching a car crash where you can t do anything but watch it as it unfolds I knew that either Kristina would have to stop herself or something someone would stop her eventually, and the aftermath would be a bitter pill to swallow I m not going to spoil which route the story takes in case people want to read this series for themselves, but while I was surprised by how it reached that point, I wasn t surprised that it d go the route it did Too many times people who are addicted to something tell themselves they will stop only to get lost in the clutches of it, to the point where desperation takes over and they d do anything within it.Hopkins s prose not only weighs Kristina s perspective, but the reactions of the people who were around her which broke my heart I mean, watching Kristina s family endure one too many tests of patience with her was one thing particularly with the increasing deception and upsetting justifications that Kristina employed Her increasing distance from her baby was another difficult measure, with the precarious situations she put him in as well as other children she ended up being a sitter to one of her guys who was dealing using with her those scenes were very hard to read.While Bree s mention wasn t as frequent as the previous novel, Kristina s bold and crude alter ego was still very front and center, taking the reins and showing the darker parts of Kristina s personality and increasing need for the potent drugs she s come across This book also deals with unresolved conflicts Kristina has from the previous novel in her relationships reunion with the father of her child, etc I was left with much to think about at the end of this novel long story short The poetic styling of this wasn t as easy for me to tell as the last book, but I thought Laura Flanagan did an excellent job on the audiobook reading, particularly with the inflections of emotion and enunciation she gave in the process It was ultimately why I ended up liking the listening experience as much as I did.This book touches on several tough conflicts, including drug use, rape, sexuality incl GLBT relationships, though it s not a prime focus of the book and I did have some issues with the character s inner voice for some assumptions there I appreciated some of the unflinching insights in the narrative The ending has something of a similar tone as the first book, and it does leave the possibility of another expansion on the storyline I will say that certainly this is not a light read by any means It hurt to watch, but I felt with the way the characterizations, interactions, and events were portrayed, it immersed me in the story and gave me so much to think about in its aftermath Stories like this happen all the time, probably often than people realize Not everyone can get the help they need, the relationships that are in one s addiction are fragmented, messy, and complex, and I respect the fact that the portrayal was raw and very real.I m definitely looking into of Hopkins writing, and I did appreciate and respect the insight of this read.Overall 4.5 5 stars

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    Want to see bookish things from me Check out my youtube channel Stars Sequel to Crank which follows Kristina s downward spiral with crystal meth after the birth of her son, Hunter I definitely didn t enjoy this one as much as Crank It was hard to feel sorry for Kristina based on the decisions she made I m assuming that these decisions are because she is an addict, although I must admit that I don t know how the mind works while taking meth It just annoyed me that no one around her seemed to be trying that hard to help her I found that the book just became very repetitive after awhile with nothing really happening in the end This is a loose telling of Hopkins daughter s life which I found intriguing I am interested in reading the third book as it follows Kristina s children.

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    Pardon the awful use of wordplay, but I was addicted to this book about a teenage girl s continued journey through the frightening realm of meth use I plowed through it in less than two days Glass is the sequel to Hopkins s first novel, Crank, in which Kristina, a former honors student, experiments with tobacco, alcohol, and meth while visiting her lowlife dad for the summer Raped by a fellow meth user in Crank, Kristina, now almost 18, is living at home in Reno and raising her newborn son Hunter Clean for a couple months, she starts craving The Monster and looking for ways to get it The path back to glass also leads to dealing, a new love named Trey, and ultimately major trouble with her family and the law Written in verse, Glass is a sad, poignant, and guiltily fascinating depiction of a normal girl unraveling her normal life, and descending into a truly dark, crazy, and perhaps inescapable world.

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    Crank Glass Ice Crystal Whatever you call it, it s all the same a monster And once it s got hold of you, this monster will never let you go Kristina thinks she can control it Now with a baby to care for, she s determined to be the one deciding when and how much, the one calling the shots But the monster is too strong, and before she knows it, Kristina is back in its grips She needs the monster to keep going, to face the pressures of day to day life She needs it to feel alive Once again the monster takes over Kristina s life and she will do anything for it, including giving up the one person who gives her the unconditional love she craves her baby The sequel to Crank, this is the continuing story of Kristina and her descent back to hell Told in verse, it s a harrowing and disturbing look at addiction and the damage that it inflicts.

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    3.5 5This is the sequel to the book, Crank It explores the aftermath of Kristina s life after her son, Hunter, is born I found it to be a bit slower and less engaging than the first.