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How can a whirlwind of communication become corporate strategy so that openness does not compromise trust? Glass Cube Strategy is a guide to the future of business where these concerns are turned into strengths The book is divided into three parts The first part illustrates the background to the constantly rising degree of transparency in society and business The author gives a perspective covering three centuries and stresses that work for transparency can reuire cognitive effort as well as some stoic endurance to calibrate well The second part of the book presents a model of enterprise springing from the three strategic uestions that every business must have its answers to or else will eventually perish in a state of confusion under competitive pressure suffering from acute resource drain In their most simple forms the three uestions are what? how? and with? Each of these strategic uestions is associated with one of the cubic dimensions of enterprise Products Operations and Resources It is in the intensive interplay between these three axes of enterprise illuminating all its inner sheets and prisms that the Glass Cube comes to life In the third and final part of the book the strategy is formulated with ten practical principles for its execution Corporate transparency is rewarding but challenging This book gives its readers courage to take on this challenge together

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