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Winner of the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel From a new master of horror comes an apocalyptic showdown between the residents of a secluded rural town and the deadly evil that confronts them wherever they turn Evil Doesn't Die The cozy little town of Pine Deep buried the horrors of its past a long time ago Thirty years have gone by since the darkness descended and the Black Harvest began a time when a serial killer sheared a bloody swath through the uiet Pennsylvania village The evil that once coursed through Pine Deep has been replaced by cheerful tourists getting ready to enjoy the country's largest Halloween celebration in what is now called The Spookiest Town in America It Just Grows Stronger But then a month before Halloween it begins Unspeakably desecrated bodies Inexplicable insanity And an ancient evil walking the streets drawing in those who would fall to their own demons and seeking to shred the very soul of this rapidly fracturing community Yes the residents of Pine Deep have drawn together and faced a killer before But this time evil has many faces and the lust and will to rule the earth This struggle will be epic

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    I am going to be the party pooper again Many of my friends enjoyed this story but as much as I tried and boy did I ever try I could not fall into this book Part of the problem was the narrator His voice was gravelly and deep and it suited some of the characters but it grated on me Sorry but it’s true It’s a personal thing and I know this You may love his manly voice but it didn’t do it for me His female voices were nothing short of atrocious and unnatural and I am not apologizing for that But the other part of my problem was the story itself I can usually get past a not so fantastic narrator if the story grabs me but try as I might I could not stay focused on this story of violence mainly perpetrated by awful men Spending time in the heads of these despicable fellows was not a fun time and I guess I just wasn’t in the mood for it because I found it slow and uninteresting and I didn’t find it even a wee bit scary I enjoyed the small town setting but the awful things going on and around there just left me kind of numb and very bored I didn’t care for any of the characters and that is always a big problem for me so I than likely won’t be continuing on with the series2 12 Stars

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    Son of a biscuit eater I love Jonathan Mayberry and his Rot Ruin series but I didn't care for this book 😫 SighhhhhhhhhhHappy Reading Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾

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    The last thing Billy said was “Oh come onthere’s nothing out there”And then two sets of bone white hands arched over the slat rails on the wagon and seized him by the shoulders and the collar and dragged him screaming into the darknessThese the opening lines of Ghost Road Blues or less set the tone for the rest of the novel It’s a bit of a doozy actually Maberry juggles a number of different horror conventions here both supernatural and natural All of these converge on a single town Pine Deep Needless to say there is a lot of bad stuff going down tonightMaberry appears intentionally or otherwise to be paying homage to uite a few writers here The Bone Man killed the devil with a guitarThis is clearly a nod to Who Fears the Devil by Manly Wade Wellman Also Tow Truck Eddie is a character that could have been nabbed from the pages of any number of Dean Koontz novels There’s one of Malcolm Crow’s cats is named Koko which could be a reference to the Peter Straub novel Koko Anyway all that aside it really is pretty good The pacing is flawless and the scares are real The only real downside is the fact that being the first in a trilogy once the final page has come and gone the story is clearly far far from over I’ve already ordered the next instalment Dead Man's Song as this is gearing up to be a total whopper of a Horror story Hell’s acoming little Scarecrow Hell’s a coming and we all gotta learn to play the blues

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    Three criminals arrive to Pine Deep one of them is sinister than the rest a wanted Killer Is that all the evil that lurks in Pine Deep? No This is a dark atmospheric supernatural thriller I can see why Maberry was awarded the Bram Stoker award for this he's a great writer really immerses you in the blood pulsing thrill a real page turner The story plays out like an episode of Supernatural I am hooked line and sinkerHe's developed a really good protagonist and characters like The Bone Man Tow truck Eddie and The Dark Man all written in a good prose Evil don't die it just waitsthat's what the Boneman says in this story and it's gripping thriller stuff than being a haunting or gory story You feel we only get glimpse of a lot of his characters in this book due to it being a trilogy I am looking forward to reading Bad Moon Rising the second book of the PIne Deep series Hells a coming and we all gotta learn the blues Dark Hollow was as dark as a tomb and as inviting as an open beckoning grave; yet there were worse places in Pine Deep places where the shadows were darker still and the air hummed with a malevolent tension But these places were never named and they were never thought about by choice Dark Hollow a doorway to those other places remained as the darkest place known consciously to the people of the town and in its Way it was dark enough Over here also

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    Yeah so this book really pissed me off Why? Because I loved it but I hate getting roped into reading a trilogy Given the epilogue there is no uestion that this book solved absolutely none of the conflicts presented It is the first part of a trilogy and cannot stand alone as its own book So I am forced to purchase the others to read to gain even one iota of closure This is a pet peeve of mine because a book's gotta be damn good for me to invest my time in its seuelsFortunately this one makes the grade and I've already bought the second installment Maberry's gonna make three audiobook sales off me The narrator is very good almost comical but still enjoyable when he does the main villain's voice and absolutely chilling as Karl Ruger and Tow Truck Eddie and hateful as Vic Wingate Crow and Val can be a little corny and I hated Mike Sweeney at first but eventually grew to love the little shite Anyway the writing is superb The only flaws would be some repetition and use of those words and phrases no one except writers use even myself though very sparingly which always jar me from a sceneI want to give this five stars but to me it's like rating 13 of a book The story could turn to absolute shit or become the greatest thing since the greatest thing since sliced bread Or the greatest thing after thatAnyway despite pissing me off five stars

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    I should begin by saying that I like horror movies I'm usually too scared to watch them completely at least when I'm alone which I usually am so I hide my face behind a pillow or something but I like them And I always liked October and Halloween and Friday 13ths This year there even is a Friday 13th in October which makes me especially happy I can't tell you exactly why The day isn't any special as an atheist I don't really believe in magic unless we're talking about the magic of reality But I like the atmosphere and decorating the house reading by candle light while listening to the noises the old wooden house makesNaturally this means that I like to read horror novels too Sadly not one horror book has managed to actually scare me yet but I think it's because of the medium because it can't be the writers Hence every year I like to pile up some spooky books for October This particular book was a buddy read with Brad who introduced me to it and its authorThe story is about a small rural town in the US There are corn fields all around scarecrows and night birds hardworking folks and cops who usually spend their time giving out parking tickets life is simple not necessarily in a bad way The special thing about Pine Deep the town in uestion is the hay ride which has become famous thanks to Crow the main character who is a goofball par excellence and loves to scare the shit out of anyone daring to go on the hay ride He was endearing from the get goHowever as these stories go there is a very dark secret in the past of this town and probably not the one readers of this first volume already know about And as it was said many times in this novel evil never dies it just goes away for a while or sleeps; but it always comes backWell it's back alright and you can imagine how it works its way into the hearts and minds of peopleThe problem I had with this book was that it's all over the place The author also seems to try to channel his inner Stephen King what with the structure of the book and the kind of characterizations of the people But he never uite manages He's always a few sandwiches short of a picknick Like the scarecrows in the fields the storm overhead at night and the constant mentioning of night birds for the scenery Or the bad guys not only being wife beaters and kid beaters but also white supremacist so everyone will understand that they are really BAD Or Connie being an almost stupidly sweet woman who of course likes to cook and be the perfect little wife to the son of a farmer The evil actually being German apparently I don't need a costume for Halloween I just celebrate in the US and let people know I'm German that will suffice Overly simplistic The supernatural element is also too much at once? Maybe it'll get explained better in the other two volumes but view spoilerwe have a werewolf that gets killed 30 years ago is then buried in the swamp which kinda conserves his evilness and that suddenly gives him the power of Satan hide spoiler

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    Ghost Road Blues was a great book to read during the month of October as part of my 4th Annual October Scare fest I love that spooky mood that comes along with the fall when the days get shorter the nights longer and the weather cooler hopefully Although this novel was very good and well written I have to put in in the 'liked fairly well' as opposed to 'loved or really liked' category Let's talk about the stuff that didn't uite work for me I think that this story depends a bit too much on the human evil uotient for my tastes That doesn't make it bad at all However I like supernatural horror and inhuman monsters I know all about the evil that men are capable of Just turn on the news or check Yahoo's home page and you will get your fill of that For this reader when I pick up a fiction novel in the horror category I want to see some nasty unreal supernatural baddies who scare the heck out of me but hopefully get thoroughly vanuished by the good guys Yeah whatever the cynics will revile me for my hopelessly optimistic nature That's okay Life sucks We all know that But hope is what keeps us going Hope makes the heart keep beating Reading about horrible people and their horrible acts on others doesn't do it for me In this case Maberry takes the supernatural and wraps it around a whole lot of human darkness He does it well I can't deny And he doesn't make this book overflowing with gore and gratuitous violence which is a plus However reading about view spoiler an evil waste of skin stepfather nearly beating a kid to death a psychopathic criminal abusing andor murdering numerous people a racist mob beating a black man to death is a lot to handle and let's not forget a religious fanatic who hears the voice of God in his head and commits unspeakable acts in God's name it's a bit much for me even if it ties seamlessly into the story hide spoiler

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    I managed my expectations pretty well for reading this one I wanted regular horror and got it It's October after all and isn't this the season to enjoy a run of scary?Or is it simply the desire to see evil as plain as day to root for the underdogs to gather up all the misfits and see all the jerks and the ultraviolent assholes of the world get their comeuppance?Maybe a bit of bothFortunately there's a lot of bigger than life characters in this small town and the good guys are good pretty much all the way through The bad however are really bad And did I mention a recurring string of gruesome murders in a small town known for it's spectacular Halloween festivals meant to scare your pants off?Yeah well aside from a few great scenes and pretty epic buildup I'm gonna have to hold my horses to see the grand explosion because this is a trilogy That's fine of course Sometimes a tale is very long I just have to wonder what it might have been like to have this as one gigantic tome like the good old days of epic horrors instead of the bite sizes publishers think we want shrug So maybe I'll just pretend it's one book That's the ticket And people think that readers are without imagination I'll show them

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    Ghost Road Blues was a really bad book It was cheesy sexist cliche boring and didn't even start until it set up a seuel a few chapters from the end You could read any one sentence and immediately know this book was written by a man making the author much too visible throughout the storyThe women like to faint and scream and the men like to either beat the women or be the prince charming protector Depending on whether they're a good guy or not and trust me it's easy to tell because everyone is flatly securely and obviously one or the otherThe setting is so flat it made me cringe 90% of the book takes place during a thunderstorm The rest of the time the author can't seem to decide if he is in a tourist town or a farming town No reason it couldn't be both yet he doesn't integrate these options and only refers to the town in terms of one or the other at a timeThe cliches oh the cliches Night birds fly around everywhere omening evil yup just used omen as a verb Every evil character has a raspy voice and dead eyes At one point a characters falls to her knees in the mud after an emotional event and I kid you not stares up into the aforementioned thunderstorm and yells Nooooooooo The grand secret that is revealed far too late in the novel actually makes the story worse and clicheI could go on but to keep it brief and distill this review's essence There was nothing redeeming about this book

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    This is the first Jonathan Maberry novel I've read and judging from the ratings of his later novels he gets better as he goesThat's a really good thing because Ghost Road Blues was pretty goodIn fact through most of this novel I was very jacked about this guyI had been looking over my to read list in the hopes of finding something to satisfy my October horror cravings Not only did it deliver but it was also set around Halloween PerfectFor most of this novel Maberry drives forth with a perfect balance of descriptive prose and actiondialogue This made the story move along at a nice clip And it genuinely creeped me out in parts That's a tough accomplishment with a 50 year old reader who has 'seen it all'The only thing that stops me from giving this five stars is a couple of issues I had Firstly I found the dialogue between Crow and Iron Mike to be a bit corny Come to think of it the corniness also spread to Crow and his girlfriend Val towards the end of the bookAnother thing was an editing gaffe This isn't a spoilerIn one chapter Val leaves her father and then a couple of chapters later she leaves her father againhuh?All very minor uibbles I'm very much looking forward to reading Maberry again and the next time will be with the second in this series It looks like I haven't read the best of him yet so that's something to be excited about