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Elle has survived twenty three years as a human surrounded by vampires but her mortality has never been a disadvantage until now Trapped in a basement she’s waited to make her escape and get home to BostonThere will be no forgiveness for what Charles Allaway has done this is the end of his House and Ian and the House of Martials won’t rest until he’s dead With a well practiced poker face Elle just wants to pretend nothing has happened but Lexington sees the truth she’s not okay and she’s still in danger There is a Hunter from Court in town and he’s taking out the Bitten and anyone tied to themespecially whoever has been curing them

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    This book was hard for me to rate And my rating is truly based on the writing and Keary's ability to keep me intrigued in this story However this book was a letdown in many ways for meGarden of Snakes was pretty much filler in this series There was not a whole lot of action as we've had in the past but it did progress the overall storyline I could literally surmise this book into a few sentences and you'd completely get what happens And for me that sucks And I really had an issue with a certain scene in the beginning view spoiler Elle is easily able to escape from Charles' without being caught for a guy who's determined to keep her hidden it was just too easy and uncomplicated hide spoiler

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    Great humanvampire series

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    The most exciting part of this novel was the end but don't take that to mean the rest wasn't good You just never know what's going to happen or who you are going to meet It is possible to properly juggle than one crisis at a time and Elle is the ueen of thisContinuing this series with Elle in Boston leaves no trace of Alivia and Mississippi Elle is a powerhouse and I NEVER get bored with her or Lexington I also find that Lexington's absence feels right and healthy They live their lives while dealing with this threat and I like that they both acknowledged that Lexington isn't a fighter He's a computer nerd who so happens to be a vampireThis could be considered a filler novel but I prefer to call it natural progression It deals with the outcome of Charles actions and how everyone adjust and avenge all while dealing with the Bitten decree from King Cyrus It's also the beginning of another revolution and the lead up to King Cyrus coming State side for the 2nd time in the same decadeSounding familiar? Well it turns out that there is a way to do the same thing in the same series but with a different approach or focus I am tearing at the seams to see how this revolution will pan outReviews I read before reading this novel spoke a lot about Rose but her part in this novel though impactful is minor Either way I am not interested in the Charmed bunch but I did like getting to meet and know new vamps who are nothing like the ones we met and left in Silent BendThis series is not afraid to tackle the hard stuff and somehow convert you to adjust and I love that the most about Elle's situation despite the catalyst There is still NO sex and I am not too following the time line of love For a series that easily navigates the supernatural the romance can sometimes be lacking But then I don't think I read this series for the romance so I am okay with itRevolutions supernatural rape yes you read right Bitten Born and hot as hell Killian the Hunter Like is anyone from Court not mysterious and HOT? This series has the potential for than my imagination can produce and I can't wait to see what's next

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    I’ve been a fan of Ms Taylor’s books since I first start the House of Royals series When we switched to Elle as the main protagonist I was worried about the different point of view I needn’t have worried I really liked the first from her point of view and I really enjoyed this one as well I am going to have a hard time writing this review without spoiling it for those who haven’t read the first book 6th one in the series so keep that in mind that it might be hard to understand The book picks up where the second one left off and we don’t have long until she escapes her jail with something extra in tow When she arrives back home after a being rescued and having to take a short detour she finds that her kidnapper is still keeping an eye on her and King Cyrus has sent one of his enforcers to kill off Bitten There really isn’t much action but there is a lot about her dealing with her current condition I really enjoyed the interactions between the characters old and new and the plot with Killian and Jonathon At the end there is a little bit of action that leads to another exciting cliffhanger and I for one can’t wait for the next book Highly recommend Thanks to the author for the e book which I reviewed voluntarily This exact review will be posted on both and Goodreads

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    Keary Taylor continues to write a flowing story that can be devoured in one day This is a “spin off” if you will of the House books first six volumes that followed the story of Alivia Conrath and her journey from human to Royal Born Vampire This new series follows Elle Ward human the sister of Alivia’s husband Ian WardElle has grown up and is residing in Boston where she owns and operates an Apothecary; secretly carrying on the work of Alivia’s father Here she gets re acuainted with the House of Allaway for both the good and the bad Elle is definitely in this book as a victimheroine She has some major obstacles to overcome and as always the ueen of the cliffhangers does not disappoint Not a bad start to a new series but I can’t wait to read the next bookHouse of Royals 1 House of Pawns 2 House of Kings 3 House of Judges 4 House of Ravens 5 House of Thorns 6 Garden of Snakes 7

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    Love this series Can’t get enoughThis series is so amazing Nonstop action with vampires both Bitten and Born and the humans that are involved in their world In this book one of the king’s hunters is in town eradicating the Bitten and trying to take out Elle’s operation of curing them Elle is pregnant forced to conceive by Charles and finally escapes his captivity But the time away has changed her than just physically Left on a cliffhanger I’ve got to read what happens next

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    WowWow I didn't see that 1 coming Hahaha it's funny I started getting excited about all the action and than it kinda got a little slow and boring to the point where I was going to stop reading the book if it didn't pick up but than all the action starts up again and I'm like yay I have to read Have to start the next book needs a read where u can leave comments on lines or something

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    OMG loved this book I received an arc for an honest review What a perfect ending to Elle's book I loved how we got to see a little bit of the other side of Cyrus This book has all the twists and turns that will keep you on your toes until the very last page Can't wait to see from this world

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    Couldn’t put it down As a single mom I go through periods of reading 20 books a week to not reading for months I always know that anything I pick up by this author I won’t be able to put back down until I’ve finished every single page to the series I love how complex the storyline is and the fresh take to vampirism

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    Say what?No freaking way As things are heating up in Boston Elle is trying to figure things out and when the man she loves gets taken away for treason she turns to the last person you would expect