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Neil Dalton’s foundation is already cracking Grief guilt and PTSD have ruled his life since a terrible crime tore his world apart last year and he’s dreading a holiday visit with the family he simultaneously needs and resents Then someone from his past shows up and rattles that shaky foundation right out from under him First a war nearly destroyed Jeremy Kelley then his family threw him out when he needed them the most Now he’s barely holding on emotionally He spends his last dollar to get to Chicago and prays his former best friend won’t leave him out in the cold Neil and Jeremy spend the holidays with Neil’s family in their hometown of Omaha They struggle to deal with families flashbacks and feelings that haven’t even begun to fade since their last failed attempt at than friends As they try to repair their fractured psyches and rebuild damaged bridges they rely on each other than ever but they can’t deny the mutual attraction that’s existed since before they were both emotionally battered and scarred If they couldn’t make it work back then how in the world can they pull it off now? This book was previously published and has been lightly revised

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    I ahI umliked it? I think I might havepondersI didn't hate it That's a step in the right direction I guess?I thought it was going to be some angsty epic PTSD sexual tension between damaged men And it was just a drawn out should have been novella Neil is suffering from not being able to come out to his family and share a traumatic event that has been driving him crazyliterally And I get his sense of guilt but he took it to an extreme at times And he helps an estranged best friend off the street in December recently retired soldier Jeremy Jeremy's family disowned him upon arrival home due to being gay That part was done well And the PTSD attacks Jeremy being so open about his issues so uicklyI didn't buy And he and Neil'swhatever you call it They barely talked to each other about their actual feelings for one another It went from bullshit filler talk straight to I love youI felt like Charlie Brown and Neil Jeremy were Charlie Brown's teacher Wah wah wah wah For realsI was not a fan of Neil and Jeremy's dialogue or their relationship I enjoyed the alternating 1st POV you don't know how many times I've wished a couple of books did that However it's not enough of a saving grace for me I did like Jeremy mostly Neil I'm beginning to become apathetic to I'm not going to even pinpoint why this book was closer to meh for meAnd the epilogue?WTF was that? Where's my shovel to muck through that BS?Really?Everything ends so cookie cutter? Really?I like the spotlight brought to the people who serve in the military and the aftermath that can effect so many lives It was the best part The friendship theme wasn't bad even the boinking part wasn't badBut that last 15%

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    35 ❄️❄️❄️It's my first Christmas novel this year 😁I had this freebie for a while on my Kindle and thought about trying it since it's getting colder and colder outside The blurb sums it up perfectly I've enjoyed it even if it was sadder than I expected I was super sorry for how Jeremy's parents talked to him And on Christmas Day This story felt pretty realistic the PTSD and the flashbacks the pain the stress I just wanted Neil and Jeremy to get together sooner All that beating around the bush got me bored at times But I'm giving it 35 stars because the last chapters and the epilogue were great Sweet HEA ❤️

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    Another beautiful Christmas novel about two troubled guys dealing with PTSD one because of a terrible tragedy in his past the other because of his military time in AfghanistanIraNeil and Jeremy have been best friends all their life They grew up together went to school together and even shared they stumbling attempts at sex together The sex part they even tried twice But both times they felt an awkwardness between them that eventually cost them their friendship5 years later both guys run into each other again Only by then life has fucked them up pretty thoroughly Neil is suffering from a terrible trauma that shattered his world to a point where his therapist is the only person between leading a somewhat functioning life and a complete breakdown Between his nightmares and flashbacks Neil dreads nothing than spending Christmas with his homophobic parents who expect him to keep 'the gay' to himself So he shuts up and keeps an important and painful part of his life from his parentsWhen he suddenly finds a huddled figure on his doorstep and realizes it's his former best friend asking him for help he knows it's than he can handle on top of everything else that's going on in his life But when Neil learns that Jeremy is just as broken as himself he invites him along to spend Christmas with his family2 hurting gay guys and a set of homophobic parents is enough to turn this Christmas into a true celebration if you can see my sarcasm hereNeil and Jeremy really touched me I found the setting a bit heavy at first Two guys suffering from severe PTSD having nightmares and flashbacks that were triggered by the smallest things How could they ever make it together right?But I absolutely loved how each guy provided a strong shoulder to the other helping him through his very own hell with the other guy being the safe anchor keeping him in the here and now when the flashbacks took over their minds There were some beautiful and powerful scenes in here like their visit to the bridges in Madison County That moment drove me to tears N D J K No date No cutesy little heart or anything like that Just our initials And maybe it was ridiculously sentimental but as we walked back toward the car I couldn’t help being happy there was one place in the world where the two of us would always be one way or another together I totally enjoyed this novel5 stars and to my list of favorites

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    This is a story about two former best friends who almost became lovers but backed away from the intensity As the book opens they are both at a low point in life and finally meeting up after years apart Both have PTSD due to violence in their pasts and this gives them a connection and an intrinsic understanding of each other that helped me believe in the fast way they came together This book is about the healing not the trauma so it has painful achy moments but not deep angst Some of the most emotional involved Neil's familyOne thing I liked about this book was that Neil's former partner Bruce was not eclipsed by Jeremy he didn't suddenly become second best Nor was he completely idealized Neil's gradual ability to move on especially after having someone to confide in seemed real I really admired Jeremy and his understanding of other people's traumas both Neil's and J's ex boyfriend Matt's Often when we hurt we become impatient of others but Jeremy was compassionate Jeremy's parents and sister were awful and yet we hear about that attitude all the time in real life You wonder how can a mother a father a sister think like that? And yet they do I liked the progression of attitudes in Neil's family with gradual changes and a real reason for the changeThe two guys' POVsvoices felt a bit similar but the fact that they had common background and common experiences made that plausible The story moved along smoothly and there were moments that captured genuine emotions I expect I will reread this one someday

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    Another LA Witt Kindle freebie 63015

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    Huh I thought this book would be a total winner for me but sadly it wasn'tI didn't hate it BUT I didn't love it eitherOkay there were parts that I hated Like really hated Jeremy's family was the absolute worst Like they all deserve a special place in hell worst I was raging mad when Jeremy talked to themAnd there were parts I didn't get Like Neil and Jeremy's relationship They have been childhood friends and once both guys realized they were gay they hooked up not a spoiler it's in the blurb And it went wrong for whatever reason I never understood why and it was never really explained Now they are in each other's lives again and after much I want him I can't have him I don't want to ruin our friendship But I want him so much from both guys they live their HEA Okay this is simplified but that's how it felt I just didn't get it They obviously had a connection in their childhood but after not seeing or talking to each other for several years there wasn't much left of it At least I didn't feel it There's lust and attraction but for me there wasn't much beyond that They were just beginning to build this connectionfriendship again They were tentative and didn't talk much but all of a sudden they profess their love and live happily ever afterSeriously both guy's thoughts were all over the place And I get it I really do After what they have both been through it's no wonder that they can't think straight But that's also why the I love you came out of nowhere for me They were still dealing or just beginning to deal with what had happened to them and amidst all this stuff going on it felt like they both wantedneeded this relationship to not fall apart to have a lifeline to have something to hold on to And for me it felt like they were remembering the feelings they once had for each other and were trying to project them into the here and now 'Reminiscing' is the word that comes to mindI'm not saying that there wouldn't have been a chance of them being able to build this connection again but here it was way too fast and therefore not believableThe PTSD and grief were handled well IMO and I liked that the author pointed out with how much crap people have to deal with when they leave the military and war behind The narration of the audiobook was good but the alternating POVs sounded too similar so it was sometimes difficult to know who of them was speakingRead as part of my EuroPrideCon reading challenge to read new to me authors before the convention

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    I think your enjoyment of this story really depends on how you much 'romance' you want and how well you deal with two MCs with serious mental health issues this is of a love story and less of a romance at least to me I found it a heavy read with serious and dark issues but it wasn't depressing for me and I only teared up at one point in the story and that's the mother in me wanting to take Jeremy's parents and shake some sense into them and give Jeremy a big hug and the family he deserves The story is told from alternating POVs which worked well for me Jeremy is a war veteran out of a job out of a family down on his luck suffering from PTSD those initials never seem strong enough for the trauma it is describing he shows up on Neil's doorstep needing helpNeil and Jeremy have been life long friends but the last time they saw each other 5 years ago ended in getting drunk and having sex They haven't seen or talked to each other sinceNeil is going through his own grief and trauma but he is in therapy which is than Jeremy hasI am always very grateful when an author doesn't make the deceased partner 'less' now that new love has been found it's ok to love again and the 'new' doesn't have to be 'better' than the lost love just different LA Witt did a wonderful job making that clear in this story Neil's parents are better than Jeremy's even if it takes them far longer to get to that point than it should but they love their son and it shows The first 50% of this book is sex free and full of sadness then comes the turning point there is still a lot of sadness but there are some fun times between the guys and lighter moments when they can breath easier and see the light at the end of the tunnelThe ending is very sweet and I was happy for them after all they had been though to come out on the other side in such a nice way

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    Fantastic story about two friends who both have to deal with PTSD and although the author didn't gloss any of the difficulties of dealing with it over it was a very enjoyable read The last chapter made me all teary eyed

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    Okay so I liked this but I didn't love it This story had all the makings for a beautiful mm romance but it just didn't take off until 80% it was slow and hard to read but it had a thread of hope and I hung to that as I read I think I just got lost in some parts and that is unusual for me

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    This is an ABSOLUTELY Beautiful Love Storyof Neil and JeramyA Love Story Depicting Love Hope and DestinyI had some niggles within the writing and storyline but it was still a good holiday read