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High uality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles Friday the 13th Part VIII Jason Takes Manhattan is a slasher film released on July 28 1989 It is the eighth film in the Friday the 13th film series dealing with Jason Voorhees stalking a group of high school graduates in New York City and the last film in the series to have been distributed by Paramount in the United States The film's tagline is New York has a new problem It took in just 143 million at the domestic box office making it the 2nd lowest grossing film in the series After a boat's anchor hits an underwater power line the undead serial killer Jason Voorhees is resurrected He immediately finds the boat's occupants a high school couple named Jim and Suzie having sex Obtaining a hockey mask from the boat he kills Jim with the barrel of a harpoon gun Suzie attempts to hide in a storage hatch but Jason easily discovers her and jams the harpoon into her chest

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