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Blood paints the uiet King’s castle Humans and vampires flee the city War will come The only uestions are where and who will be on what side?Brie Samuel and Ian return for the final installment of the Vampire King trilogy where all mysteries are solved and further secrets are revealed

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    Well Kenya Wright's active imagination was in full force again This story was taken in some directions that I certainly didn't see coming Some I liked and others; not so muchBrie and her Vampire King Samuel are almost at the tale end of their journey they are getting closer to the uiet King and they are hopeful to end this war with him once and for allIan is travelling with them and he is another Vamipire King he also is extremely attracted to Brie and isn't sure if he is willing to fight Samuel for a chance to be with Brie or if he should do the honorable thing and uietly leaveI was surprised with the threesome that came about with Samuel Ian and Brie It was extremely hot and uniue considering Ian has two cocks Wowsa there was some good loving going on and the sizzle does not disappoint at all Kenya knows how to write an erotic scene very well and I found myself breaking out into a sweat a few times throughout this storyI highly recommend this series to anyone who loves hot loving and a great paranormal fantasy This is not for the faint of heart as at times it can get pretty graphic and gory with details This is also a series that I would enjoy rereading now that all three books are done Once again I have fallen in love with a world that was created by Kenya WrightSo what's next LOL

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    When I first discovered this Trilogy I was excited that there was going to be at least 3 installments; now I am sad that there is only going to be 3 installments With sad pleading eyes I beg MORE PLEASE While I felt that the author did an outstanding job of bring this trilogy to a closeI know that there surely must be adventures that these wonderful characters want to share with us readers The world this author created is to incredible to not revisit Disclosure This ebook was provided to me free of charge by the author for the sole purpose of an honest review All thoughts comments and ratings are my own

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    I just finished the last book in another series that I did not want to end Freed by Kenya Wright was passionately and intensely erotic Sometimes it went past the boundaries that I would have liked but on that laterKenya Wright started her Vampire King series with Escape continued with Captured and it ends with Freed In Freed we see Brie resurrected into a Blood Mage after Samuel’s mother killed her Samuel obviously went apeshit on anyone and everyone that conspired against them Now Brie has insurmountable powers powers that make her lust for Samuel insane Lust that makes her need than one king inside of her; to make her cumming complete she needs Ian as well I was shockedand a little turned off when Ian joined in Samuel and Brie’s need for each other It was one thing for him to watch every now and then but it threw me for a loop when he joined in at Brie’s reuest and Samuel’s compliance And it probably only turned me off because Samuel was so insistent that no one touch his ueen not even to shake hands And that total turn around for Ian although I knew it was coming still shocked me That being said with the help of the enemy tribe the Mage Samuel Ian and Brie were able to kill the uiet King and restore peace to the land There are a lot of surprises in store for the reader one being Samuel’s transformation as well as Ian’sI was happy that I got to read one book after another in this series that is really unheard of Most of the time you have to wait probably a year before you get to see what happens next with the characters you’ve invested your heart and soul in for 384 pages or so But with this series I never forgot who grabbed my heart and why; one of the beauties of self publishingAs I conclude my journey with Samuel and Brie I can’t help but read of Kenya Wright’s work I will be hoping it is just as passionate and sexually intense as the Vampire King books were

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    I love this series The world building is amazing the 3 main charters are awesome and if you are into PNR this should be on you must read list

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    Can't wait This will be a KW weekend for me apparently

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    Such a great ending to the trilogy Very hot sex scenes

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    This was a great read well written and really enjoyable I love these characters and I'm sad this is the end I would have liked the ending to have been stretched out a bit bit fighting but I loved the ending

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    I found the book a bit rushed felt there could be content or at least there was potential for content The fight scene was very short and seemed not well thought out this is where I felt for sure could have used content could have kept the reader in suspense boom one second we are on the battle field bam next second bad guy down The ending felt clipped and short but over all thought of this series was good I have definitely read worse I was intrigued enough to keep wanting to read but felt the series could use otherwise good read for something light

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    I actually got what i wanted and i really enjoyed it Other than that i felt like this one especially the ending was seriously rushed It just reinforces my feelings that this should have all been one book and i REALLY would have liked to the ending All in all I'm glad i read this series

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    I absolutely loved loved this series If you are a paranormal fan then this series is definitely for you I am always a Kenya Wright fan but she really knocked it out of the park with this one Like all of her books the story line was very original and the characters were well developed I loved the chemistry between Brie Samuel then Brie Samuel Ianpretty sure Samuel moved up to be my #1 paranormal book boyfriend Loved everything about his characterloved me some Samuel uit reading this review and start reading this seriesloved it Definitely a great series for paranormal fansI just could not put it down