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Foxy has a very large sack with just one bee in it But on his travels he meets a woman with a nice fat rooster Whatever you do don't look in the sack says Foxy But the woman does of course and when the bee escapes Foxy takes the rooster in exchange He repeats the trick to acuire a lovely fat pig and finally a little boy But the last woman Foxy meets is as clever as he is She sets the little boy free and substitutes a large fierce dog in the sack who chases bad Foxy away never to be seen again

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    2 art5 storySuirt and I love a book that has a phrase we can repeat out loud together This one had a few things and he traveled and traveled and traveled until or the part where almost all the characters do the very same thing they peek in the sack that they were told not to We love how wicked old Foxy gets his comeuppance So funny and fair especially to a kid This is a masterpiece of story writing really I only wish the illustrations matched the writing uality this could have been on another level

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    This North American version of a universal trickster tale is given a fresh but still classic take in this new picture book Foxy caught a bee and put it in a sack He met a woman with a rooster and asked her to look after his sack while he went to visit a friend but insisted that she not look in the sack Of course the woman did look in and the bee flew off So the Fox demanded her rooster in exchange This pattern continues with Foxy leaving the sack with another person and exchanging one animal for an even large and tasty one Until he finally gets a little boy in his sack and meets up with a woman who understands how to trick a tricksterSouhami incorporates rhythm and repetition into her story in a way that makes it a pleasure to read aloud Each new animal is gained in the much the same way with the structure carrying through from one to the next The result is a story that dances along with the wily fox the readers able to settle into the traditional feel of the taleThis would make a great choice for turning into storytelling though it would be a shame to lose the bright and vibrant cut paper illustrations seen here They have a great crispness to them that translates well to a group Perfection for sharing aloud this story is designed to be shared Appropriate for ages 4 7

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    This book was a little on the dark side for me but had a good ending It's sort of a modern take on Pandora and also how a woman is smarter than a sly fox

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    A book about a fox who is smart and tricks all he meets so that he can get ahead but then he meets his match

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    This particular story is a North American version of a universal folktale Foxy has an empty bag He catches a bee and puts it inside When he comes across a woman he asks her to watch his bag while he goes to Suintum's house but he warns her not to look in the bag Well curiosity gets the better of her and she peeks Out flies the bee When Foxy returns he takes the woman's rooster in exchange for losing his bee He travels and travels meeting new people along the way and asking the same uestion giving the same warning Time and again the people peek in his sack He exchanges the rooster for a pig the pig for a boy and hopes to exchange the boy for some delicious cakes However the woman with the cakes finds out it's a boy before she opens it and tricks Foxy into taking her dog in the sack unknowingly Deep into the forest hungry Foxy decides to eat the boy When he opens his sack SURPRISE It's a dog instead The dog chases Foxy awayThe text is repetitive which is good for reader retention The story is pretty easy to grasp and offers the moral that being a trickster is not a profitable pastime The pages are mostly white and that helps the minimal but bright illustrations to stand out

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    Accumulative tale with illustrations that are oddly similar to Jennifer Yerkes' A Funny Little BirdWhite background with images of solid colors Even the fox is similarThe story though is a version of a traditional tale By briefly describing the variants found around the world the author helps the reader make the connection to other cultures The people in the illustrations have a Latino appearance The placement of the text breaks the story into small parts that are easily understood and keep the action moving along I wonder why the author chose a bee to start the actionThe simple repetitive phrases will have students uickly engaged and reading or shouting along The title which is also the name of the fox invites us to ponder what it means to be 'sly like a fox' but in this case the fox gets outwitted the surprise ending will delight children A perfect read aloud selectionThis is a nominee for the Maine Chickadee Award and I can see this book getting a good number of votes

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    The my three year old and I read this book the we enjoyed it Its repetitive pattern never grows tiresome for it features an interesting variety of characters and animals My toddler also appreciates the brightly colored pages with illustrations that are full of movement and are not cluttered My older child can appreciate the character of Foxy the Trickster and the psychology of his warning Don't open the bag It's never spelled out which I like but I assume that Foxy's excuse of going to Suintum's house is a ruse that there is no Suintum and that Foxy simply hides until his bag is inevitably opened by one character after another My 10 yo points out though that if you look closely at the illustrations there are rows of houses in the background and one of these could be Suintum's

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    Simply worded by well crafted retelling of a fun folktale I can't wait to try it in storytimeSuch fun I used this in a storytime this week for 3 6 year olds and it was a blast I loved getting to ask the kids what they thought would happen next And they all loved repeating don't look in the sack throughout the story

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    Would have been 5 stars but the fox keeps saying he is going to Suintum's house and there are no context clues or information afterward to let you know who Suintum is and even though he keeps traveling very far he is always able to say that is the house he is going to Very confusing for me a picky reader

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    Who doesn't love a classic folktale? Jessica Souhami did a wonderful job telling a new yet classic folktale of the sly fox that continually attempts to dupe the other animals This would make for a fun read aloud to share with a grade school class or with your kiddos at home