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The Cut Run series takes to the high seas and I m struggling not to make a love boat referenceAll Spoilers are HiddenTy Zane take their first major assignment since the Tri State Case Go undercover, impersonating an out and proud married couple who are involved in an international smuggling ringNow understand this may put you both in a few uncomfortable situations, McCoy went on sincerely But you ve both got UC experience, and I m sure you d both rather have to kiss each other than be shot at, he joked Ty cleared his throat and tried to restrain a smile. It should have been a walk in the park gathering information while enjoying themselves and each other on a two week Caribbean Christmas Cruise Unfortunately, nothing ever comes easy for our favorite Special AgentsI have noted in previous reviews that there is a cinematic quality to this series It has a rhythm which sucks you in quickly and keeps you interested from beginning to end Fish Chips was particularly outstanding in this arena, and established itself as my favorite book in the series so far.ZANE GARRETTFBI Special Agent, undercover as Corbin PorterI wish I was what you believe, he whispered I wish I was what you need me to beTY GRADYFBI Special Agent, undercover as Del PorterZane, he said hoarsely Then he stopped and looked down again quickly before meeting Zane s eyes with determination You re everything I need you to be, he whispered. The case necessitated the usually guarded partners being openly affectionate in public It was easy for the line between reality and their undercover roles become blurred He wondered if it was for show or if it was real Zane hated that this case was forcing him to ask himself that over and over. The masks they were wearing for the case allowed them to behonest with each other than they had ever allowed themselves to be It made for some very entertaining moments Add to that the following Impersonating suspects they know practically nothing about, alone time than they know what to do with,extreme makeovers, tramp stamps, sex toys, conspicuously absent FBI backup,a laundry list of unknowns ,old habits dying hard, murder attempts.It s a hell of an entertaining combination I m not going to lie With Ty Zane s track record I was expecting some combination of ANDLet s face it they have a bit of a reputation for attracting near death experiences While there was an abundance of action and suspense, Fish Chips was muchfocused on the romance building between Ty Zane.Forced to stick to the itinerary of a married couple, the partners had no choice but to spend some quality time together And while that certainly translated tosteam in this book, it also meant that they finally got a chance to TALK That was the best bit of allA NOTICE TO THE DETRACTORS OF THIS BOOK I hear your complaints, allow me to address them Was the case a little outlandish Yes.Was it awfully convenient Yes.Was everything completely plausible Probably not.However I don t think you re asking the right questions Is this Fiction Yes.Is this book infinitely entertaining Hell Yes.I don t care to do a little willful suspension of disbelief I m all for it Fiction is fiction I d rather have a badass plot line with a touching romance than a bland but factual story line Some free advice If you re especially concerned with your books being factual, stick with reading non fiction In other words My Other Reviews in the Cut Run Series Cut Run My ReviewSticks Stones My ReviewFish Chips You re Reading itDivide Conquer My ReviewArmed Dangerous My ReviewDine Dash My ReviewStars Stripes My ReviewTouch Geaux My ReviewBall Chain My ReviewCrash Burn My Review My Reviews in the Cut Run Universe I will update the list asbooks are published.Warrior s Cross My ReviewShock Awe My ReviewCross Crown My Review Re read 20th April 21st April 2018.In this book Ty and Zane are undercover taking the roles of married couple Del and Corbin Porter.Ty is arm candy and is therefore plucked, waxed, massaged, manicured, tanned and bleached to look like Del Porter And you can imagine just how much he enjoyed that Zane doesn t escape completely as he s styled to look like Corbin.It soon becomes apparent that things are farcomplicated and dangerous than they expected.I love Ty and Zane and I enjoyed this book but I have to admit it s not my favourite.Ty s T.shirts continue and my personal favourite makes an appearance a scarecrow with out standing in his field Special Agents Ty Grady And Zane Garrett Are Back On The Job, Settled Into A Personal And Professional Relationship Built On Fierce Protectiveness And Blistering Passion Now They Re Assigned To Impersonate Two Members Of An International Smuggling Ring An Out And Proud Married Couple On A Christmas Cruise In The Caribbean As Their Boss Says, Surely They D Rather Kiss Each Other Than Be Shot At, And He Has No Idea How Right He Is Portraying The Wealthy Criminals Requires A Particular Change In Attitude From Ty And Zane While Dealing With The Frustrating Waiting Game Of Their Assignment As It Begins To Affect How They Treat Each Other In Private, Ty And Zane Realize There S To Being Partners Than Watching Each Other S Backs, And When The Case Takes An Unexpected Turn And Threatens Ty S Life, Ty And Zane Will Have To Navigate Seas Of White Lies And Stormy Secrets, Including Some Of Their Own Cross posted at Shelf Inflicted and at Outlaw Reviews I ve read lots of books that are parts of series Though I ve enjoyed many of them, I find it difficult to complete an entire series Sometimes the series is too long, or too much time passes between books that I pick up other books and lose interest Sometimes the plots and structure are too formulaic and the characters show little development Sometimes the story and characters are moving in a direction not to my liking.So far, I m really enjoying this series featuring FBI agents Ty Grady and Zane Garrett The stories are fun, entertaining, suspenseful, sexy, and full of emotion I m tempted to read one book after the other, but feel maximum enjoyment will best be achieved by pacing myself That way, I won t tire of the characters, the writing style, or notice little inconsistencies One of the things I really enjoy is the slow buildup of Ty s and Zane s relationship As partners, they work effectively together and have a high level of trust On the personal side, however, both men have secrets and issues best not explored There is no question the guys are in love Their actions show it, even if the words are not forthcomingFalling in love or just plain falling they were both terrifying at any speed An undercover assignment on a luxury Caribbean cruise ship gives Ty and Zane the perfect opportunity to explore their feelings while masquerading as Corbin and Del Porter, a married couple involved in the theft of numerous high end and rare artworks It was fun seeing Ty and Zane wear fake wedding bands and change their hairstyle, clothing and mannerisms to create a convincing cover for themselves while gathering information about Corbin and Del s contacts It is Corbin Zane who is the brains of the operation while Del Ty is there to soak up the rays and be an attractive companion Ty and Zane get into their roles so successfully that they have a hard time distinguishing between playacting and their own feelings As in the last two books, there is tension, danger, sizzling romance, and relationship growth While Ty isopen about his feelings in this story, Zane is still reticent I hope future installments provideinsight into Zane s past I m officially hooked on Ty and Zane and looking forward toof their adventures Thanks to Dani from Bookie Nookie s Erotic Lending Group for lending this to me. Liked itthan previous two books An undercover assignment that made them act like a couple in public It was hilarious but their relationship is now in right direction, and that s what matters Right 5 starsI loved this one This series gets better and better I loved Cut Run Sticks Stones was a little too slow paced, but this one was just what I needed a lot of action, suspense and funny moments Oh and some pretty unexpected scenes I loved Ty s bluntness Extremely sweet ending Give me MORE 4.5 Stars My boy s Ty and Zane are back and better than ever This is probably my favorite book in the series this far.Ty and Zane are back to work, and now they are going undercover last minute on a holiday cruise the kicker They are going undercover as an openly married gay couple Corbin and Del Porter They have to go through makeovers and the whole nine yards Ty s transformation is pretty great Ty and Zane s relationship was much different in this book than the first two I loved how openly affectionate they were able to be in public, on the ship etc I hope eventually we will get to a point where they can be like this ALL of the time Of course there was some suspense, mystery, etc, and this book was just as hilarious as the first two You re so freaking romantic I don t know how I keep my pants on But the romance and the sex were stepped up a huge notchIt s not very often I could say you can have anything you want, baby , Zane practically purred But now is one of those times Ty smiled serenely, trying to keep the hint of melancholy out of it He knew Zane meant what he said Only thing I want is you, he whisperedCan you say SWOON Ah I just love these two Ty and Zane were so sweet on each other in this book I just couldn t get enough I felt like book 2 was missing some of the heat, well let me tell you this one MORE than made up for it It was HOT HOT HOT I like Zane a lot, but Ty Grady is one of my favorite fictional characters I just adore him He is so charming, funny, sweet and sexy THE BEST part of the book view spoiler He sighed heavily and lifted his chin stubbornly, meeting Zane s eyes without flinching I didn t just say it to get you to jump I m in love with you Zane, he admitted in a calm,clear voice I have been for a while hide spoiler 5 StarsThis story was fun even with all the life threatening situations Ty and Zane faced, which were plentiful and intense There has always been a certain level of humour in this series, particularly in regards to Ty and Zane s mutual banter, but the funny was elevated here because of the settings and situations the guys found themselves in, and I greatly appreciated the reprieve from all things broody and violent The whole secret lovers going undercover as real lovers thing really worked for me, too Not to mention that the guys are finally showing a lotoutward emotion towards each other, regardless of the fact it s initially a necessity for work What was my favourite part, you ask Wellthe sex scenes in this story were off the charts hot and tender, and those alone would make this story a worthwhile read, but it was Ty s love confession which was timed to perfection that had me swooning all over the placesighRe read November, 2017This is one of those book series in which a re read has served to help me absorb so manylittle details and glean nuggets of information that I may have missed or overlooked the first time around Hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn t it I remember originally getting frustrated at Ty and Zane and how long it took them to acknowledge admit the depth of their feelings for one another, but now I get it I so get it and I wouldn t want their relationship to develop in any other way Watching their slow burn romance unfold is a true thing of beauty it s hard earned, by them and by us as readers, which makes it all theworthwhile. I finished the book And I want to read it again And again And again 100 freaking stars for this These books just keep getting better and better The story in this one was excellent Ty and Zane go undercover, posing as a married couple That first few chapters had me giggling all over, they were soooo funny, with Ty and Zane going on their make overs Just awsome Then when they came on the cruise, oh that was just wonderfull They had the chance to act affectionate to each other whenever they felt like it, and considering they didn t act like that before, it was kinda weird for them, but swoony for me I LOVED every single scene with them hugging, touching, making any kind of contact it was so sweet, I was melting throughout the book The sex was bombastic Yes like the song ahahahaha I mean WOW Hottest so far Ty was incredibly cute most of the time, he came to terms that he s in love with Zane, but it s pretty hard on him, because he knows Zane doesn t return the feelings oh Zane when will you see the light man I wonder what will happen with the necklace When will he give it to him The ending I couldn t believe it I was squeeling all the time, it was so sweet and swoony and I was so glad and, and, and I don t know, I m just like this now I wantCan t wait to start the next book This one sort of ended on a bit of fizzle for me Was expecting a bitto happen Ah, well Still a great read Boys are undercover LOL, when they find out what the job entails.ZANETY He tightened his arms, not wanting Ty to move away It sthan just fucking around now, he said Isn t it He made sure the tone of his voice emphasized that it wasn t really a question Ty was motionless in response He didn t even seem to be breathing The silence stretched on, edging toward tension Finally, he let out his breath quietly and lowered his head No, he lied blithely, just as he d done in a hotel in New York City over a year ago Zane chuckled A classic Grady response, and definitely the one he preferred to hear A yes just might have given him a heart attack He held Ty close You owe me Owe you Ty repeated in a rough, questioning voice as Zane felt his heartbeat begin to speed up Mm hmm How I ve wanted you, Zane breathed It scares the hell out of me I know, Ty murmured as he turned in place and nuzzled against Zane s neck One minute I am thinking that Ty is thevulnerable in the relationship The next minute I am thinking it is Zane They are so cute Love them.Love that she mentions Talisker whiskey from Skye Was lucky to visit there two years ago Beautiful place Didn t imbibe the whiskey Left that to Himself Off to the Isle of Arran over the Easter You re going to make me fuck you, aren t you Walking contradiction, ain t I I m wondering now should I take a break or just continue with these sexy guys Ty Grady was such an egotistical bastard, yet somehow he turned Zane on like no one else ever had.