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New York Times bestselling author Alex Kava returns in a blaze of glory with a gripping action packed thriller featuring special agent Maggie O'Dell who is leading the search for a serial arsonist whose crimes threaten Maggie dangerously close to home When a building bursts into flames on a cold winter night in DC investigators see a resemblance to a string of recent fires in the area There is one difference however This one has a human casualty The local team insists they're looking for a young white male suffering from an uncontrollable impulse to act out his anger or sexual aggression But when special agent Maggie O'Dell is called in everything she sees leads her to believe that this is the work of a calculating and controlled criminal Jeffery Cole a reporter looking for his big break is also at the scene of the crime and decides to make Maggie part of his news piece digging up aspects of her past that she would rather forget Maggie's brother Patrick is also back in DC where he is working for a private firefighting company and is freuently called in as these fires continue to light up around the city As the acts of arson become brazen Maggie's professional and personal worlds begin to collide dangerously The killer may be closer than she imagines

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    35 starsFireproof the 10th book in Alex Kava's Maggie O'Dell Series has Maggie still recovering from her head wound she got in the last book Hotwire back together with R J Tully as her partner to work on a series of arson crimes that are escalating to murderThis was a better read than Hotwire It had a good plot which ended rather abruptly with a huge cliff hangerI guess that's the set up for the next book in the seriesMaggie doesn't do much profiling again here And her relationship with Benjamin Platt is still not going anywhere I did enjoy seeing her partner Tully back in action and also Julia RancineI really like her character We also get to see a bit of Maggie's brother Patrick who I also like and we get a glimpse of their mad and crazy motherI do like this series and I am hoping that the next book will give us a bit of the old Maggie back

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    Number 10 in the series and just of the same Maggie still being far too introspective at length all the time Two relatively exciting stories running parallel but never linking and one of them never actually ends either Lots of people falling head over heels for Maggie but no apparent reason why they shouldA good enough story but I skimmed all of the recapping of previous books and most of Maggie's personal musings I think that left about 50% for me to enjoy Oh well

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    Maggie O'Dell and R J Tully are assigned to a serial arsonist case that suddenly deviates from pattern What was once viewed as nuisance arson events changed when a body was found at the scene of the last fire Exacerbating the investigation is a cable TV news reporter covering the blazes First what I liked about the story It was nicely paced and intriguing with the investigation moving at a good clip and moving forward progressively Maggie Tully and Julia Racine worked really well as a team I also enjoyed Maggie's half brother Patrick yes the author corrected the relationship having a major presence in the story I also liked that there was definition to Maggie's relationship with her friend Ben But that was an area I also found troublesome Now for my issues I'm going to sound like a broken record as again we don't see Maggie doing a lot of profiling in this story behaving like a detective While her relationship with Ben was better defined I cry foul on the direction chosen It's just inconceivable for two people of this age and it's the example for all the areas where Maggie just stands still Lastly I've grown weary of the unsatisfying endings of this series Two cases connected and disconnected; one poorly resolved one left dangling Every story shouldn't end this way This was a pretty good story until the very end so it was worth my time reading it even if I'd figured out the probable perpetrators There's one book left in the series if you disregard the spinoffs and I think that will signal my end with this character as there's no way she'll achieve the growth I'd hoped for since the first book 35 stars

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    This was funKava's books is always a fun easy read For that alone I've read most of her booksHer plots is always interesting and you can't help but like Maggie She is brilliant at her job and her personal issues piue your curiosityFor the first time in a long while I really want to read the next book Usually I lave months between books one dose of Maggie always seemed satisfying But not this time that cliffhanger just got me

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    I love the Maggie O'Dell series I can't remember why I decided to pick them up and read them from the beginning I think a patron of the library recommended them to me so because I can't read a series from the middle I had to start from the beginning Since then there have been some that I've really enjoyed reading and then there's been others that have been very so so This one is one of the better ones I know a lot of people are complaining that Maggie O'Dell hasn't done much profiling in this one but I didn't think that was an issue because I found the story to be intriguing and I love the characters Yes I do feel like the writing style has changed slightly and there isn't much profiling going on seen as though O'Dell is an FBI profiler but most book series change in some way and I will still be happy to continue to read themI can't remember the murders in the previous books but they were very gruesome and very detail in this one If you don't like to read about that sort of thing then you shouldn't read this I read this in a day I found it like the others to be very easy to read as the writing style flows nicely and the reader is kept interested Like for example; every now and again there will be a short chapter from the 'killers' point of view I like that we get a taste of being inside their head but still not knowing who it is I don't know if other murder mystery books are like this but I had never read something like thatSomething else to mention that I found interesting is that the ending felt like it will lead straight into the next book From memory I don't think any of the previous books have done this Please correct me if I'm wrongAlso on my blog

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    Just finished Did I miss how Sam was saved from the fire? I have read all her books and I am really upset with this disjointed ending Really how did that character survive the fire???

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    Fireproof35 StarsA serial arsonist is active in the DC area and Agent Maggie O'Dell and her partner R J Tully are hot on his trail Unfortunately a ratings hungry journalist also takes an interest in Maggie and is not above using her personal and professional lives to further his career even if it exposes her to a killerThe plot is fast paced and the investigation into the arson cases and the possible serial killer connection keep the pages turning That said there isn't much in the way of character development and the book ends on a semi cliffhanger The most common complaints about this series are 1 Maggie fails to learn and grow as an individual and second she never actually does any profiling even though she is an FBI profiler Anyone expecting differently in this installment is bound to be disappointed Maggie's personal life is stagnating and her professional skills are limited to chasing suspects visiting the medical examiner and discussing the case with her colleagues Nevertheless Kava's writing style is very engaging and she has a way of presenting characters that evokes an emotional response in the reader whether it is empathy or sympathy fear or anger Moreover the details of the arson case and the uestion of whether the human fatalities were intended or accidental are very compelling Overall fans of the series will enjoy this one but readers in it for insight or growth in Maggie's character or that of Tully Julia Ben or Gwen will end up being frustrated The open ending may also be an irritant for some but for me the hook is baited and it will be interesting to see how it plays out in the next book

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    There is a serial arsonist in Washington DC FBI Profiler Maggie O'Dell and her partner RJ Tully are called into the case when a body shows up at the crime scene What is strange is the body was not burnt The victim's head has been smashed and placed near the burnt building Why didn't the arsonist make sure the body was destroyed? When fires spring up in the area Maggie notices that a certain news team is always first to the fire When she pauses to uestion them the news reporter makes Maggie the subject of his feature story much to her chagrinI was looking forward to this book when I saw RJ Tully would be back as her partner on the case Well he didn't play a big part The mystery portion of the story was OK I figured out who was lighting the fires early in the story I was very disappointed by the ending of this book We are still left hanging with many lose endings dangling in the wind My rating 3 Stars

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    Maggie seemed a bit out of sorts in this one reflecting on a great many things that have happened in her life It didn't seem like she came to any answer but I think she finally realized she has a great support system in the people around her if she just lets them inThe crimes with fire were interesting mostly because it was easy to pick who set them Harder were the other crimes they were so violent I'm not sure if the person who committed them was in this book or not I kept changing my mind We'll have to wait for the next book to find out for sure

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    Fireproof is the tenth installment in the Maggie O'Dell series It tells the story of a series of arsons that Maggie is tasked to profile and runs concurrently alongside the beginning of a case of a serial killer killing people at rest stops along the highway If you've read the series before you'll be glad to know that all our favourite characters are back Agent Tully is joined with Maggie once again to profile the arsonist and determine if he is causing the body count that seems out of place in the buildings being set fire to Detective Racine the rough and ready unlikely friend of Maggie's is also back and part of the investigationAnd we have Benjamin Platt The romantic interest for our lead This book was good it had all the usual things we find in Kava's work She writes well and consistently Short sentences make for uicker and easier reading and the story flows well through both her writing style and the fully developed plot Our story starts with a warehouse fire There is a body found in the alley nearby and also the charred remains of a body in the actual warehouse A news crew are there suprisingly uickly and capture a secondary blast on camera The reporter Jeffery is the kind of guy you'd expect to be in front of a camera He's obnoxious arrogant and self centered His camera woman although slightly pure at the core does whatever he asks of her and doesn't ask uestions She has an financial sense of loyalty to the guy needing the job to support her son and Spanish mum Jeffery takes an unhealthy interest in Maggie to the point where he airs a special report on her and her carefully constructed privacy walls are thereby destroyed As the story continues we have fires a couple bodies and we get to see Patrick Maggie's bro again The story ended well for me I understand some people think that one of the stories is unconcluded but this is hopefully a pretext to what's to come in the next installment? The only problem I have with this book is Maggie's relationship with Ben They seem to never really go anywhere It was so promising when they started out but now Maggie seems to be withdrawing from him due to commitment issues She's rationalising that she doesn't want kids and he does but she is still leading him on which is unfair and confusing both for him and us Either cut and run or get on with it The recurring themes of Maggie's suicidal mum her emotional wellbeing due to past cases her boss's attempts to 'punish' her with political cases and her half brother born from paternal infidelity are all present again in this one Overall this was a good book with a meaty plot it kept me interested enough to read it uite uickly and I'm looking forward to starting the next in the series You can definitely read this as a stand alone you don't need to have read the previous ones but they are all pretty good so I would wwwthebeautifulbookbreakcom