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Men over 40 Total Sexiness Did this story have some flaws..yes Did I carefuck no Richard and Logan are basically opposite in their beliefs on violence, war, guns and plenty of other things but after the shock of a situation they seem to find common ground and are able to work thru it So while there was a definite story line plot to this book there was no shortage of humor, sexin , love and a wonderful sense of family I would recommend this to just about anyone New favorite from Maxfield I just loved this so sweet and amazingly hot Logan and Richard are perfect for each other This story also had the advantage of for once having a realistic child who was believably difficult, not super precocious or loquacious, and who did not feel the need to arrange his grandfather s love life, unlike so many children in M M contemporaries Added plus by some strange novelistic alchemy, Maxfield managed to make the line, I got gay bashed, a moment of giddy triumph Bottom line WonderfulNon story related complaint the book is badly formatted for the Kindle, with enormous margins and extra spaces between the paragraphs As a result each page fits only about half the usual amount of text Annoying enough that I almost gave up and didn t read it Glad I did, but still. DNF 20%It s probably my mood but I ve been trying for a whole week to keep reading this.I can t stand Logan and his stalkerish childish behaviour or the OTT moments view spoiler like running into a pole and getting a concussion hide spoiler I am so conflicted on this book On the one hand 3 4 of the book are the best ZA has done IMO since St Natcho s 1 I laughed and I fell in love with Logan right away Some of the scenes were reminiscent of Crossing Borders, albeit in a completely different way, and the emotional connection between the two men is very well described Richard had a few moments of judgemental ashtardedness that made me want to smack him but he pretty quickly reviewed his stances and compromised in the face of reality He was clearly a man that had the luxury of having strong opinions that he never really had to stand behind or defend When that happened he had to revise his hard line thinking at times Logan was always willing to compromise and it says a lot that he didn t let Richard s idealized statements turn him away from the relationship.I loved that these two men were older and the little details were well done and priceless Trying to read the condom expiration date was so adorable I could have just hugged them both The sex scenes these two got up to were smokin hot and fun to read Realistic and sexy as well Now, the conflict on rating I finished this book several days ago but I am just now writing a review because I wanted to see if time would heal my issues and so far, not so much Richard is raising his 9 year old grandson, Nick He has full, sole, legal custody and has for the past 5 years Nick s only living parent, his mother Richards ex DIL is an oft times recovering drug addict with court ordered supervised, scheduled appointments allowed only Once the inevitable danger situation comes to pass and Nick is kidnapped the enjoyment of this book was overshadowed by plot holes that sunk the book for me The law enforcement portrayal seemed so far outside of what they would really do in this situation that the book veered into ridiculousness In fact, I was so bugged by this I described the situation to two police officers that live in my neighborhood to get their opinion and they were as astonished as I was at the plot reactions written for LE I almost didn t finish it I knew they would get Nick back but the way Logan and Richard were left to do it with no LE resources made me roll my eyes and left me insulted on behalf of LE everywhere I know it was for the drama of the plot but anyone that has read the news or watched a cop procedural in the last 5 years would believe like I did that the described inaction by the local police would not occur in the way that it did I might not have let this bug me quite as much if we hadn t already had a plot scene where the school Principal made some dubious choices in the face of child injury and well being as well I know that most people are going to read this book, love it, and have no problem with the kidnap and recovery portion of the plot For me, sadly, my suspension of disbelief went out the window and I could not crawl back in to buy the final resolution of the story. I had a very long travel day yesterday, in which between 2 flights and sitting in airports waiting to take those flights, I had about 16 hours to kill Though I didn t spend the whole time reading, I did for much of it and this novel was perfect I read it in a single sitting and it really helped the time to pass.Seriously, I smiled so hard through most of the book I LOVED that the MC s were both over 40 They aren t just starting out in life they have both lived and experienced life They ve both had bad things happen to them and those they love They both really want to settle down and have family be the most important thing Neither of them think they will really get that, though Not until they meet and can t fight their amazing chemistry.I also loved that, even though Logan and Richard have some very different views on a few things, they were able to find compromises Richard had some rather knee jerk reactions to a few things and constantly had to back up and reassess his reactions But he did it Willingly and without Logan forcing it And Logan is so damn level headed I guess a few decades as a marine will teach a person things like patience, persistence, calm in a crisis and taking a step back when needed Logan and Richard balance each other.And, I loved that they had hot monkey sex anytime they could manage some time without Richard s grandson around.I really loved this book I will definitely read it again I can see it becoming one of those comfort book go to s for me Highly recommended. This book was provided by the author in exchange for an impartial review Why, oh why, did I wait so long to read this story I m a fan of Z.A Maxfield, and yet I allowed this to sit on my TBR until I had this opportunity to read it for review I can summarize my review in three words I LOVED IT, but since I m wordy, I ll go on to list what I loved I loved the MCs, Logan and Richard I loved their age forty five and fifty I loved Nick, Richard s grandson I loved the conflict surrounding Nick s acceptance of Logan into Richard s and Nick s lives I loved the conflict and drama surrounding Nick s abduction by his mother and her boyfriend I loved the humor interspersed throughout the story as Richard comes to terms with puppy love at his age I loved the way the story played out and the fact that Logan and Richard fought so hard for a well earned HEA for their family unit Logan Wilde is a retired US Marine Corps colonel His well ordered life is precise and methodical, and there s a place for everything with everything in its place in his life He s recently moved into the home once owned by his lover who died of cancer before Logan retired from the service On Halloween, he continues his lover s tradition of dressing up like a scarecrow to spook unsuspecting kids who come up to his front porch When he jumps up to scare the group of kids escorted by Richard Hunter, which includes his grandson Nick and friends, the kids run away screaming but Richard gets the treat because he was brave enough to stay A kid at heart, he s laughing as he runs away, and it s that laugh that first captures Logan s attention Richard has been raising his grandson ever since his son, Nick s father, passed away when Nick was three years old Now nearly nine, Richard loves him fiercely and protectively with a passion that amazes him Richard is a graphic artist who works from home so that he can escort Nick to and from school and find some time to volunteer with school activities He s at home with the group of kids who had a sleepover after Halloween when Logan stops by to question the boys about vandalism to his house the night before Richard is very incensed that Logan would think these boys had anything to do with it, but he does allow Logan to question them and is impressed with the way Logan handles the situation Not finding the guilty party, Logan parts on amicable terms with Richard The seed of attraction has been planted with that interaction, and when Logan catches up to Richard as he s out jogging one morning, what he tells Richard about how hot he is so shocks the man that he runs into a light pole And there is where the true romance begins These two older men, both of whom have had partners in the past, find themselves not only attracted to each other, but rapidly falling in love, and the author did a beautiful job of making the scenario so believable, so easygoing, and so very, very hot When Richard feels threatened by the possibility of losing Nick to his once addicted mother who is now supposedly in recovery, Logan steps in to be the steady rock in his world And when the imagined disaster becomes reality, and Nick is kidnapped by her and her drug addicted boyfriend, it s Logan who brings the strength that both Richard and Nick need I can t say enough about how much I enjoyed this story I am definitely going to read it again I highly recommend it to lovers of M M romance and if you have any interest at all in reading about men who are older, or men raising children, this book is for you Don t hesitate to buy this one. There will be a longer,detailed review soon Initial comment Loose Id, SHAME on you for making this book look like an awkward Viagra ad so that I avoided it this long WARNING This book is out of print at the moment Cry for yourself, Argentina. An enjoyable story but rather too heavy on the sex for me.I loved the dynamics of this one, although for an older couple they pretty much read as youngsters.Nick was the jewel in this one He was real and loveable One of the best and realistic scenes for me was the school meeting, view spoiler I was pulling my hair out at the injustice of it all Nick did exactly the right thing according to the school and yet he was given a suspension A school boy steps up to help a class mate being bullied and gets a suspension What made this so frustrating was its all to believable Schools seem to have this policy of punishing the innocent when they do nothingthan try to protect themselves I don t care if the suspension was never made official, it should NEVER of been in question But thats the school system for you I would of liked to see a littleclosure with the actual bullies but that part was never revisited hide spoiler 4 stars for this very entertaining read It s no secret that I m a big fan of military men I don t mind if they are still in the army or already retired I equally enjoy reading stories about gay men having kids Family Unit thus looked like a very promising read and I can happily say that all my expectations have been met While several reviews mentioned that a number of occurances aren t very credible namely the emergency room visits and the development of the mystery aspect I didn t have a problem with this I really enjoyed Logan and Richard as characters they both had a certain depts and I loved the way they interacted The best aspect of the story was that the romance wasn t easy Logan and Richard have a number of misunderstandings they don t agree on every thing in their relationship and they have to overcome several obstacles I also loved the way Richard s grandson was described He wan t always easy, but he was very credible in his reactions and emotions The last Z.A Maxfield book I read has been a major disappointment, but Family Unit was a perfect read I m honestly looking forward togreat books by this very talented author. A Retired Marine, Logan Is Methodical And Conservative Richard Is A Liberal Pacifist Who Is Pathologically Afraid Of Guns Yet The Minute Logan Sets Eyes On Richard, His Heart Turns Over Like An Old Car Engine And It Isn T Long Before His Motor Is Revved And Richard Is In The Driver S Seat Even If It Seems Like Each Man Is Driving A Different CarRichard Hunter Is Parenting His Grandson, And The Kid Nick Has Had It Rough Richard Vows Nothing Will Stop Him From Creating A Loving And Stable Home Not Even A Tempting, Red Hot Relationship With A Very Attractive Man However, When Richard Looks Into Logan S Blue Eyes It S Tough To Stay FocusedIt S Never Easy To Become A Family, What With A Temperamental Eight Year Old, Disapproving Outsiders, And Outright Extortion Attempts But When Push Comes To Shove, Both Logan And Richard Are Committed Family Men Who Want To Make A Loving Home For A Little Boy Who Needs Them Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Anal Play Intercourse, Male Male Sexual Practices