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Alex Nobody knows the real me I didn’t choose to be famous or wealthy and I’ve seen firsthand how the media ruins lives including mine So I keep everything secret controlled and undisclosed Especially the fact that I’m attracted to men And then Landon Luna breaks right through my shell He’s a whirling tornado of flirtation blond hair and irresistible lips He’s a ray of sunshine in my lonely life and I desperately need to keep him close But he refuses to sign my contract And now every time his lips touch mine it's dangerous So why can't I stop? With a reporter following my every move the pressure is on I need to keep things locked down Need to keep myself under control But I also need Landon body and soul And no matter the danger no matter the risk I get what I want Even if it costs me everything Landon I’ve spent my whole life falling in love too fast It’s the same story every time I meet hot guys I fall so deep I give them everything and then they run away But then I meet Alex Aldridge Alex is everything I’ve daydreamed about since boyhood wicked hot brooding and secretly passionate as hell He’s an heir to a technology empire but behind all his money he's got an ocean of secrets Like the fact that he's into men And the fact that he wants me There's just one catch Alex forbids me from telling a single soul that I'm seeing him And he offers me an exorbitant sum of money to ensure my silence The offer stings but the thought of losing him hurts even Because after falling into bed with him I've started falling in love I’ve never been good at secrets Especially ones that hurt But I don’t think I can let him go

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    Cute but I wanted steam and a stronger ending

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    sweet low angst somewhat slow going but very entertaining story cute characters good plot and sexy times plus it made me smile i enjoyed it

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    Having read the other Kinley Island books I was excited to read this one about Landon Luna a character who had never been taken seriously by anyone in his world This poor young man had been repeatedly heartbroken and under appreciated for most of his life so I was thrilled to know he'd get his very own HEA And what an HEA he got Enter Alex Aldridge the billionaire heir to a major tech company Alex was painfully private about his personal life especially in regards to his bisexuality So meeting the out and proud Landon became immediately complicated due to Alex's instant burning attraction that warred with his desire to keep that part of him secret I enjoyed watching Landon's character arc as he finally grew a back bone and demanded respect from the world This was a sweet and steamy love storyARC received for an honest and unbiased review

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    Alex wan't wrong when he said how adorable Landon is even down to his name What a sweet flighty guy And Alex is pretty sincere with a big heart but a closed off secretive life A book like this has heartache all throughout the pages which happens when one man is out and the other is not It's not heavy just not easy Both these guys deserve deep love and their chemistry is insane and delicious I loved their story And the hint to a possible future book

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    Landon and Alex are really sweet together They meet when Landon is catering the dessert for a party at Alex's house Alex just so happens to be the next CEO of a major tech companyTheir romance is not easy there are some major bumps in the way Like the fact that Alex is in the closet and wants to have a private affairSparks fly and when Alex realizes that he will lose the best thing that has happened to him He does the only thing he can to ge the man he loves

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    I really loved this book although Alex made me want to throw the book across the room but Landon is so sweet and funny that he was the one who took me to the last page of the bookI loved this sweet slow burn romanceCan't wait to read Dean's storyI received an ARC from the author thank you in return for an honest review

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    CuteVery low drama high on cuteness low on steam It's a fairly decent book with two very nice mc's Nothing out of this world but overall good read

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    Fall Deep is the third volume of Kinley Island series by Raleigh Ruebins The first advantage of this novel is undoubtedly the fact that it focuses on the character whose story we were waiting for impatiently after reading the previous installment of the series namely Landon What can I say this boy is simply cute and he conuers our hearts in the blink of an eye To be honest his greatest plus is his innocence which he doesn't lose despite his numerous nightmarish relationships with men not worth his attention I admit that I also really like the fact that Landon is a person who just tries to survive every day even if each day seems to be like some kind of a battle with numerous smaller and larger failures This young loving man is not perfect he is simply the best version of himself even if he doesn't realize it and among other things that's the reason I love him so muchI think that the undeniable advantage of Fall Deep is also the fact that it focus on the case of the second main character Alex I really like the fact that he combines many positive ualities that make him a really great man with no less numerous and serious flaws through which we can sometimes see him as a slightly negative character This is interesting because the reader likes him very much but sometimes considers him a terrible person In the end Alex may be charming but at the same time even if he's doing it unconsciously he often hurts Landon deeply I admit that this duality of Alex creation is what I like so much in this character as it makes him interesting deep problematic Let me also add that it is largely thanks to Alex that the reader while slowly discovering Fall Deep struggles simultaneously with many different often contradictory emotions sometimes even while reading just a pageAs always whenever I read a novel in which before falling in love the characters have a chance to get to know each other better I have to write a few warm words on this topic Fall Deep is a book in which a strong undeniable chemistry to which two main characters could undoubtedly succumb appears immediately between them And yet Raleigh Ruebins builds this story around a problem that prevents Landon and Alex from seeking oblivion in each other's arms Thus the men have the opportunity to get to know each other better before anything than sexual desire arises between them This is even important because Alex is a character that definitely reuires a better understanding of his strengths and weaknesses in order to understand his motives and be able to see the real him In this novel getting to know each other better is much important than it might seem at firstTo be honest in Fall Deep I also like the fact that because of his feelings Landon is not able to objectively look at his relationship with Alex and even when he sees the problem he is unable to act accordingly This motif is so incredibly real and largely taken out of real life that many people will certainly be able to find themselves their past or present experiences in it Subjection to feelings and inability to resist them is also what makes Landon a believable character and makes us love him all the as we want to protect him from pain and another heartbreakIn summary Fall Deep is a very interesting novel that has a lot to offer It is not only an engaging story with great characters but above all the most important thing are the emotions it presents and arouses in the reader I highly recommend you this book„Fall Deep” jest trzecim tomem serii „Kinley Island” autorstwa Raleigh Ruebins Pierwszą z zalet tej powieści jest niewątpliwie fakt iż dotyczy ona bohatera na którego historię czekaliśmy z prawdziwą niecierpliwością po przeczytaniu poprzedniej odsłony serii a mianowicie Landona Co tu dużo mówić ten chłopak jest po prostu rozkoszny i w mgnieniu oka podbija nasze serca Jego ogromną zaletą jest niewinność której nie traci mimo licznych koszmarnych związków z niewartymi jego uwagi mężczyznami Przyznaję że bardzo podoba mi się również to iż Landon jest osobą która na co dzień po prostu stara się przetrwać nawet jeśli każdy dzień wydaje się walką z licznymi mniejszymi i większymi porażkami Ten młody kochający mężczyzna nie jest idealny jest po prostu najlepszą wersją siebie nawet jeśli nie zdaje sobie z tego sprawy i między innymi dlatego tak bardzo go uwielbiamUważam że niezaprzeczalną zaletą „Fall Deep” jest również przypadek drugiego głównego bohatera a więc Alexa Bardzo podoba mi się to że łączy on w sobie wiele cech pozytywnych które czynią go naprawdę wspaniałym mężczyzną z nie mniej licznymi i poważnymi wadami przez które możemy odbierać go czasami negatywnie To interesujące ponieważ czytelnik bardzo go lubi ale czasami uważa go za prawdziwego dupka W końcu Alex może i jest czarujący ale jednocześnie nawet jeśli tylko nieświadomie to jednak niejednokrotnie głęboko rani Landona Przyznaję że ta dwoista natura Alexa jest tym co tak bardzo podoba mi się w tej postaci jako że czyni ją interesującą głęboką problematyczną Pozwolę sobie dodać że w dużej mierze to właśnie za sprawą Alexa czytelnik podczas lektury „Fall Deep” zmaga się z wieloma różnymi często sprzecznymi emocjami w przeciągu jednej chwili czy też nawet w trakcie czytania zaledwie jednej stronyJak zawsze gdy tylko czytam powieść w której przed zakochaniem pojawia się motyw bliższego poznania się bohaterów muszę napisać kilka ciepłych słów także na ten temat „Fall Deep” jest książką w której między dwójką bohaterów od razu pojawia się silna niezaprzeczalna chemia której z powodzeniem mogliby ulec A jednak Raleigh Ruebins tworzy swoją historię wokół problemu który nie pozwala Landonowi i Alexowi na zapomnienie się w swoich ramionach Tym samym mężczyźni mają okazję najpierw lepiej się poznać zanim w ogóle pojawi się między nimi cokolwiek więcej niż seksualne pragnienie Jest to tym ważniejsze że postać Alexa zdecydowanie wymaga lepszego rozeznania się w jego zaletach i wadach aby zrozumieć kierujące nim motywy i móc ujrzeć go takim jakim jest naprawdę W przypadku tej powieści lepsze poznanie się bohaterów ma więc zdecydowanie większe znaczenie niż początkowo mogłoby się wydawaćPrawdę mówiąc w „Fall Deep” podoba mi się również to że przez wzgląd na swoje uczucia Landon nie jest w stanie obiektywnie spojrzeć na swoje relacje z Alexem a kiedy już dostrzega problem nie potrafi działać Jest to motyw tak niesamowicie prawdziwy i w dużej mierze wyjęty z realnego życia że z pewnością wiele osób będzie w stanie odnaleźć w tym wszystkim siebie swoje przeszłe lub teraźniejsze doświadczenia Słabość względem uczuć oraz podporządkowanie się im jest także tym co czyni Landona bohaterem bardziej prawdopodobnym i sprawia że kochamy go tym mocniej chcemy chronić go przed bólem i kolejnym zawodem miłosnymPodsumowując „Fall Deep” jest bardzo interesującą powieścią która ma nam do zaoferowania naprawdę wiele To bowiem nie tylko wciągająca historia i świetni bohaterowie ale przede wszystkim emocje jakie przedstawia i które budzi w czytelniku Gorąco polecam Wam tę książkę

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    Worth itAlex is the heir to a tech fortune and runs the family business Landon is a painter and part time baker that ends up catering a party for Alex at the last minute From their first meeting sparks fly Their chemistry is hot from the get go but Alex is still firmly in the closet about his bisexuality Landon would love nothing than to dive into a relationship with Alex but he won't do it in secret Can Alex get over his fear of people knowing that he likes men? Will Landon still be available if he does? Read this book for all the steamy details ;

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    Not BadAn interesting storyline with good character development and only a few grammatical errors make this a decent read Mostly about the romance though the background is as much fantasy as reality Ends on a promise for the future