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Two Exes One holiday adventure Merry Ex Mas? Seventeen year old Lila Beckwith's parents just left for vacation and Lila's all set to throw the holiday party of the season But when her Christmas obsessed little brother Cooper discovers that global warming is melting the North Pole he and his best friend Tyler take off on a runaway mission to save Santa Lila has to get Cooper safely home before her parents get back on Christmas Eve But the only person who can help her is Tyler's older brother Beau — aka Lila's musician anti everything ex boyfriend It'll take than a Christmas miracle for Lila and Beau to overcome their differences and find their fugitive brothers But could a journey destined for disaster help these polar opposites fall in loveall over again?

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    I must confess that I have a thing for this 'road trip' type of stories and given the fact that this book is all about romance and Christmas it's even betterThe characters were nice and likable even with their flaws and I enjoyed all the trouble they got into waiting patiently for Lila and Beau to find their brothers and also to find their way back to each otherWell there were some moments when I liked so much Lila's little brother that I wanted to kiss him because sometimes he was so innocent and sweet and little and there were some other moments when I thought that he that little devil as I used to call him needed a really good beating and I could've happily volunteered for it but all in one it was really sweet to see how the things evolved and I enjoyed every page of this story And of course I am a girl so how could I not love a guy as nice as Beau and his sweetsilly song about allergies LOL Ok ok yeah I also have a thing for the guys that know how to play guitar dark hair blue eyes and playing guitar you do the math back in high school it would have been the perfect boyfriend p Not sure if a full 4 stars but a sweet funny and a great late Christmas read PS One day a year I do believe in Santa Clause because I want to D This review can be found at ReadingAfterMidnightcomBlog EN | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Bloglovin' | Blog RO

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    The plot's idea was very original and it was very cute It was light cute and fluffy just what i needed At first i did not like Beau because i thought he was too cold and dry with Lila but by the end he grew on me He helped Lila see where she was wrong in the decisions she made and he helped her find herself again Lila's superficiality annoyed me in the beginning a bit but her character grew and changed as the story went along The adventure road trip aspect was executed well and i enjoyed that element of the story It was a very fun aspect of the story I also liked the singing and guitar playing parts of the story especially toward the end they were so cute and sweet I thought it was adorable how they had their own song The writing style hooked me in right away the story was very entertaining and interesting I was excited to see what would happen between Beau and Lila Although it was pretty predictable around the middle i still enjoyed the overall story The whole family togetherness element of the book was very heart warming and cute i liked that little touch Overall this was a cutefun read nothing wow amazing but I'm still glad i read it I would definitely recommend it if your in the mood for a light read or as a break from dystopian or heavy books

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    Oh this was pretty damn cute These books are ruining me for the future and prospects it'll bring along by making me all mushy and crap but I don't want them to end And if I could get by in a cute romance book without coming across 'slut' or 'skank' or other variation used in a pejorative sense I'd be a happier reader Another of my complaints is that the other kids shouldn't have been shown as so completely shallow like Beau was right all along What crap Moreover it didn't seem to me like he'd actually made some progress as a person when it came to his sitting on high horse we cant see ness PLEASE I don't like bubblegum pop either but seriously dude? where do you get off making fun of people for their choices in music clothes or makeup?But I did like the whole adventure angleI didn't like the little kid getting off easily for tattling angle Kids especially by the year they're eight should already learn that it's NOT okay to tattle This is why kids are so dangerous They make you want to punch them but soon as the thought crosses your mind you want to rip up yourself undo your entire existence wipe the very last traces of noise you unleashed into the universe from aforementioned because thinking about punching kids is not done It's a fundamental concept But kids tattling is NOT humane But then I guess those punks aren't actually humans yet you know?BUT JEEZ my brother learned not to tattle before he was six Or something My sister and I made sure of that and we didn't even have that much of anything to hide at that point Now is an entirely different matter though; and he wouldn't even dare to think of it or try to extort something outta usI wasn't even planning on reviweing this booklike you did they say In your face I say Or little kids But Buddha says I must impart my wisdom to the world and so I shall HI YAMY STUPID FUCKING MODEM MY STUPID FUCKING MODEM MY STUPID FUCKING MODEM straighten your shit or you're outta here I thought I told you this world is not for you

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    This was an okay read The characters were kind of unlikable if I'm being honest And it wasn't super Christmas y either It really just takes place during Christmas The one saving grace is the fact that Kate Brian's writing flies by And reading this took me straight back to middle school when I was OBSESSED with the Private series But something about those vapid characters doesn't resonate with me at all any And our main character is a carbon copy of those exact characters Her relationship reminded me of Torrance and Aaron from Bring It On but way less memorable and uotable And Lila's friend group sucked from page 1 And the little brothers were infuriating I refuse to believe 2 78 year old kids could successfully outsmart adults and plan a trip to the freaking North Pole Also Beau was just kind of brooding and boring and had a total better than everyone on earth because I brood and play guitar attitude This book probably REALLY would've done it for me back in the day but I've kind of outgrown this style of characters So like this was fun It was okay But it was forgettable A 225 star read

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    Full Review on The Candid Cover45 StarsAs a sucker for all things road trip and Christmas Ex mas is like heaven for me I loved the idea of a little boy going to the North Pole to save Santa from global warming and how cheesy the book really is I only had one problem with this book the main character’s snobbiness but still enjoyed the bookEx mas has such an adorable concept that really made me smile After Lila shows her little brother an article from her science class he goes on a mission to the North Pole to save Santa from global warming with his best friend who just happens to be the brother of Lila’s ex Lila then sets out with her ex to go find her brother before her parents come home from their own trip I loved reading about the journey from Southern California to Seattle and all the drama along the way If you enjoyed books like Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour you will love Ex masThis is the kind of Christmas book that is perfectly cheesy and unrealistic I mean who lets two eight year olds take public transport across the country unsupervised? However in this kind of book the whole thing is cliché so you don’t bother uestioning it I love to read these short and cute books around Christmastime so I don’t mind the predictability at allAt the beginning of the book I didn’t really like Lila’s character She is such a snob and is so rude to her brother She also doesn’t see what’s right in front of her and how much she’s changed for the worse Lila’s personality bothered me so much at times that I almost wanted to put the book down While a trip with someone from her past was able to knock some sense into her I still had trouble connecting with her characterEx mas is a sweet holiday road trip book that is perfectly cliché I loved everything about this book except for the rude main character Nevertheless I still really enjoyed the story and would recommend it this winter

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    Three words; cutest thing everI've never read a novel by Kate Brian which I'm pretty sure is a felony in the YA lit world I've never even read any of Kieran's books For those of you who don't know Kate Brian is a pen namepseudonym that author Kieran Scott writes under Which is a lot common than you would think Anyway I've really been looking forward to reading a Kate Brian novel and then when I saw the synopsis for Ex mas I knew this was my chanceThis was one of the cutest feel good books I've read in such a long time And it was just what I was looking for I've been in this serious tone book mode and I needed something light Now ordinarily I'd call something like this light and fluffy but while the overall tone of the story is light there is some deep elements to the novel tooWriting was fantastic and simplistic plot flowed nicely and characterization was great It's a little bit on the predictable side actually it's not a little predictable it's predictable period But it's still really fun to read and watch these two characters I'm getting those feel good vibes just writing this review and thinking about itDefinitely recommend this for something cute fast and fun Would make an excellent gift for the holidays too

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    Ex mas is a uick young adult read It is only 216 pages and it follows the story of Lila Beckwith and her uest to get her little brother back before her parents come home on Christmas Eve After having just been scolded by her parents for attempting to throw a party in their absence they were planning to leave for Nevada from California Lila’s little brother decides he needs to go to the North Pole to save Santa Brian interweaved his motivation for seeking Santa swimmingly – Lila receives a global warming homework assignment that sparks her imagination to inform her brother that the North Pole is melting Not only does her little brother run off but he decides to leave with his best friend who just happens to be her ex boyfriend’s little brother His best friend is her ex boyfreind's little brotherMerry Ex Mas??My Official Book Review BookTube Review also mentioned this book in my Holiday Recommendations video

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    With Christmas approaching fast I wanted to find a Christmassy read to get me in the festive mood and so I was recommendation Ex Mas by Kate Brian by a few people and it was definitely a cute festive read Lila Beckwith can't wait for her parents to go on a vacation because she's planned the school's biggest party of the year in the hopes that she will become someone memorable when she graduates But when Lila's little brother Cooper discovers her plans and tells their parents the party is off and Lila's hopes of getting a car before she starts college hangs in the balance Things however go from bad to worse when Cooper discovers that global warming is melting the North Pole and now he and his best friend have run away to try and save Santa Lila's only help is in the form of her ex boyfriend Beau the one she's tried to leave behind but things were never easy between the two Can Lila and Beau put aside their differences and reach their brothers before their parents find out and before their old feelings resurface? Ex Mas is a fun packed read It's cute and has some funny moments and it offers everything you want in a short read but the down side it's just that a uick read that's not very memorable despite how enjoyable it is It's full of adventure though even though a little unrealistic but still enjoyable Beau had to be my favourite character At times I wasn't too sure in what he saw in Lila because while Beau is a down to earth character I found Lila a little shallow She's always uick to judge people and she judges Beau the most I didn't like that about Lila But as the story progresses she stopped doing it so much stopped caring what other people thought about her and became a much likable person But Beau he was awesome from the start and with a name like that how could he not be awesome? In all Ex Mas is a cute and uick holiday story but don't go into it with too many expectations otherwise you may be disappointed

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    If you can ignore the fact of how unrealistically this story unfolds it was absolutely adorable There's something about the theme of Christmas that makes unrealistic stories charming am I right? Hate to love romances are my guilty pleasure and this one was no exception with two exes forced to flee on a road trip chasing two little boys on their own mission to save Santa Am I really supposed to believe that two eight year old boys are able to move across states and potentially cross the border into Canada? No Like I said you have to put away your judgement before going into this one and once you do there's definitely a fun story underneathWhat dampened Ex mas for me was our main character Lila She's your typical snobby thinks she better than everyone else senior and with such a large portion of this short book featuring her rotten attitude it was hard to like her Overall this one was mostly a winner and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a holiday read

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    Appreciative of the Gossip Girl Referenceview spoilerI didn't really like Lila at first but she got better as the story went on I love how her and Beau used to be a couple before and I don't think it would've been as good if they had only met a couple times Also love how they were super argue y and then started getting along Both Salvation Army and Coffee Shop scenes were adorable Beau is also my newest fictional boyfriend no shame I really liked this book and it was really uick to read which was fun Maybe reading the Private series sometime in the future? 45 stars hide spoiler