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A book of 1427 pages Hallelujah,I finished it after hours and hours of voracious reading. WARNING Readers 1 In this short period of time, it changed my status from friendly and social to an anti social biatch.It seems that two days of barely sleeping,cancelling all plans,not receiving calls,and talking in non committable grunts can do that.2 Sin and Boyd the main characters of this story can try the patience of any saint,any day.That said,together they will try the patience of God himself 3 One time specifically, they gave me a major heart attack.But don t worry, other times the attacks were pretty minor ones.4 Oh,and do keep a pillow nearby to muffle your frustrated screams.It will save you from being thought of as a raving lunatic.HmmI guess that will be it,for now Now,let me introduce you to these two irritating, gorgeous, exasperating, amazing, beautiful, lethal, stunning,.ummm,okay,I guess you got my pointTogether, Sin and Boyd are unforgettable. So many and so various laws are giv n So many laws argue so many sins Sins,there are so many sins of Mankind.And this book presents us with innumerable examples.Set up in a post war dystopian world,this book sets up a pace from the beginning which is fast,dangerous and thrilling.As I ve said before,this story revolves around these two men. Sin is thought of as inhuman.And Boyd islike a robot.Sin has been labelled as Monster.And Boyd has been labelled as Worthless.Sin is feared by everyone,afterall he is death.Boyd does not fear death. And the relationship which grows between them,will leave you breathless.After WWIII, several rebel groups came into play to take down the Government.So, the Agency works behind the scene to remove them.The Agency and all the agents of the Agency,stay in shadows.No one knows of their existence.They are phantoms who get the work done and then leave the scene undetected and unnoticed Hsin Liu Vega Sin is the very best they have.But,he is deemed mentally unstable.He s said to be a psychopath.He is said to go wild sometimes and kill whoever comes in contact.And all his partners end up dead,somehow.So,he is locked and caged,until need for him arises.And this time when the need arises, he is put back in the field with a new partner.Boyd s mother is the second in command.She nominates Boyd for the job.Boyd doesn t mind that being Sin s partner is nearly signing his own death warrant.Because he does not want to live anyway.A violent episode of his past haunts him.It had nearly killed him and took all he held dear away from him.Now, all his emotions are buried deep down.But how can these to utterly broken men,each in their own way,can ever be partners How can they ever develop a relationship Readers,I suggest you read this book.Because it will take you through one unforgettable journey.Now I m not saying that it will be a cakewalk.At times it is really annoying,at times irritating.A lot of editing could be done.Descriptions could be smaller,inner monologues could be cut down.Times when Sin and Boyd are not together could be shorter too.But,to be very frank,I am giving it 5 stars,because any book which can capture my attention,engross me,suck me in like this one did,deserves a 5 star rating from me.And lets not forget that this has 1427 pages.Which means that it is nearly 5 times the length of any average book.And the fact that it did not let my attention divert even for a minute,is by itself amazing.Seriously,it deserves an applause.I loved this book.I wanted to start with Afterimage today,but I cannot cancel any classes,and I do need some sleep.Immediately.All that said So sleepy..It s time for me to go.That s all for now,Readers.Ta Ta ETA 2018 adjusted my 2.5 star rating to 1 star.http riptidepublishing.com a statemBefore jotting down my thoughts, I d like to post a picture that pretty much captures my current state of mind.I was either going to address all my issues in painstaking detail and this would become an essay or summarize I opted for the latter So after careful consideration of several factors for example the tireless effort that obviously went into this 1400 something pages book, the mellowing effect that its m m ness and freeness have on me, this thriving, happily fangasming Goodreads community that followed my progress and supported and threatened me every step of the long, long way I came to the conclusion that Evenfall deserves 2.5 stars after all.Despite It being a good 600 pages too long The extremely limited vocabulary thousands of references to how everyone s irritated , has honey colored or green eyes, lifts eyebrows etc., that I always think should be less obvious to me, considering that English isn t my native language , the stilted, static writing style he had to admit that, he couldn t help thinking that x1000 The continuous, repetitive internal dialog and analysis see point 1 The major plot holes and artificial plot devices and stupid shizzle, that didn t make sense Even after I tried to adjust my expectations and view this as uncomplicated pulp instead, it still managed to drive me bug fuck The simplistic, pointless missions that didn t make sense in so many ways see point 4 and were wrapped up so conveniently The lack of character development and interesting dynamics between the two MC s surprising because of point 1 and 3 The one dimensional, mostly irritated side characters This bizarrely unbelievable clusterfuck of an organization called The Agency point 4 and 5 Having to necessarily perfect my skimming skills And last but not least, getting behind on my freaking Reading Challenge pWhat I did like The delicious hype surrounding this series The Emo cover kicks ass Mexico AKA the sex It seemed like the writing momentarily picked up during the sex scenes Or maybe I was just too excited to finally come across something else than bitch mom s from hell, lethal wounds that heal miraculously and without consequences because it s Da Sin, dudeBoyd s whining Anyway, I thought the sex scenes were okay and for a change there were no 1..2..3 fingers involved, thank you jesus Maybe this is just a sign that I m now an advanced m m reader, but man, am I getting fed up with fingers aimlessly attempting to loosen up a muscle that just needs a goodwell, let s not start talking dirty So I told my buddy read partner in crime, Day thief, delightedly that I had finally found something that I did really enjoy about Evenfall She then brought up a few points that were reason enough for me to reread the sex scenes hehe And I still liked them, but have to admit that, as is the case with the entire book, they could ve been turned into something ,intense,brilliant The pictures of Hsin and Boyd Lenore showed me To which I d like to add a coincidental Tumblr find In the end it turns out that I m one of those people who stay in a relationship just because the sex is good So I ll be reading on Just not right awayAnd finally, it s so comforting to buddy read a hyped book and end up feeling pretty much the same Thank you Day thief.3 review of an earlier edition Why hate the sinner when you can love the Hsin A month ago I read a great review of Afterimage, and blogged about it, but spent most of my post whining about how much of a chickenshit motherfucker I was for not only failing to read the second volume of In the Company of Shadows, but not even reviewing the first one.The results of the poll on that page pretty much vindicated my cowardice.I read Evenfall not long after Special Forces, for one And winter is a historically bad time in Chateau Joolz, and I was all cried out and I d really appreciate it if you guys could just not give me any shit about the blubbering and the wailing, thanks.So, uh that s why.Mostly.The other reason I never went on to read the next book I m writing about assassins too, and somehow they started looking and acting and talking and even fucking like Hsin Liu Vega.All of them.So Yeah.Then, two weeks ago, someone asked me in an Evenfall thread what my opinion on the book was, and why hadn t I et cetera, and also what the hell was wrong with me, anyway Nothing is wrong with me, okay look, just whatever, leave me alone, okay, I ll take care of it, my gosh.So here s me taking care of it Halfway through reading it I stopped to write Santino Hassell an email It was a love letter disguised as fan mail.This email was defined by two 2 costly errors in judgement 1 My email was too long I wrote about all the things stewing in my fervid little brain, which had been awakened by his and Ais s writez.and2 My email was a love letter disguised as fan mail.I had tried to corral all the epic feelz the book had set loose, as if that were even possible with a book of this size Never mind the stupidity of trying to make sense out of any of it when I hadn t even finished it I was too excited.Mr Hassell forgave me for that.He forgave me for my second mistake too, cuz he is a cool dude, and was kind enough to never speak of either my knicker moistening passion or my Caribbean indiscretion, ever again He even declined to call the cops when I broke the terms of the restraining order and said hi to him at Dunkin Donuts that one time.Buuuuut anyway Evenfall.I learned my lesson No crazy, all inclusive review At over 1,100 words, this still turned out to be the longest review I ve ever written but it s incomplete No matter how long I make it, my review will always be incomplete, and so I won t even try.These, then, are some of my impressions It s long Half a million words is a lot of words Some of them don t need to be there Sometimes the prose is pedantic, or repetitive Most of the time it s neither of those things.It s fascinating The world this story unfolds in is layered, rich, and intensely compelling The premise is solid, and so is the setting As an example of speculative fiction, it delivers.It s hot as fuck I touched myself in my Special Place many, many times I mean yyyes obviously I do that all the time anyway I just meant while reading this There were many scenes that were so sensuously drawn I sprang a semi chub One of them the scene featuring a dark room, the pretense of sleep, and stolen underwear I re read it so many times in the past six months that I could up the book s goodreads metadata read count to 16 and not even feel like I was lying.It has Hsin Liu Vega in it no, I didn t say anything else That s all Hsin Hsin Liu Vega In it.It needs a vicious editor I m pretty sure I m not just being a jealous twat at how productive Ais and Santino are pretty sure when I say an old timey, chain smoking, liquid lunch having Noo Yawk editor would do wonders for this book I mean, every author needs an editor Especially the ones who write 3 million word Epics of Awesomely Epic Awesomenessentirely on their own over the course of seven years, the fancy bastards.It s got great action SPOILER, SPOILER, another SPOILER, and holy fuck did you see the SPOILER Because a shit ton of stuff goes down, spectacularly, and with an incredibly high body count, this seemed an obvious place to cut things out of my review, to get the word count down It features fun secondary characters With one notable exception, all the second tier players are wildly entertaining and memorable Some are so successful I m told they go on to carry parts of the tale in subsequent volumes which tells you how well crafted they were from the beginning The exception is Vivienne, who remained disappointingly one dimensional and cartoonish while still beingor less a heinous bitch. I hope her motivations and decisions are a little less inscrutable and a lot less universally appalling in the next book.Mexico Sweet, sweet Mexico By the time this part of the tale arrived I was a wreck of angst and bitterness and anxiety Wait until Mexico my book buddies advised It s all worth it once they get to Mexico And it was.Because for all the darkness in a dystopian novel like this one with all the hate and despair and soul crushing tragedy woven into it with all the characters and all their victories, and their defeats with all the death, and all the destruction all the cold blooded denial of basic humanity with all of that, in all those memorable scenes this is still a romance.And a very good one.Because there s one scene that lives in my memory, still, all these months later The one scene my mind returns tooften than any other.Evenoften than the bit with the underwear.It s the scene on that ancient bus to Mexico, with the sun sinking into the desert, when two lonely, fucked up young men bump sweaty arms in the heat of a dying day, and for a moment their defenses are down, and the connection they spend so much energy denying is allowed to remain.On that long, somber ride toward the disaster waiting for them on the other side of the horizon, they share a secret between them, these two, surrounded by unknowing strangers with hopes and fears of their own.They share a secret, and for a little while they are allowed to keep it.UPDATED 31 MARCH, 2014 this series has been revised and re released beginning with this volume, evenfall it is now available for download at ExhaustingVenerableElegantNecessary Yeah, you need to read and experience this book.FreneticAMAZING Long Loco This book was completely CRAZY Or at least, it drove me crazy So I finished I can t believe it It took me forever but I finally did it and now I don t even know how to start this review Short and nice is always better, right Ok, let me warn you first If you haven t read this book you are NOT allowed to open any spoilers AT ALL I ll find out and will do bad things to you so behave I am going to assume you know what the book is about because I will talkabout my emotions than about the blurb per se Boyd and Hsin are the main characters in this story and they are forced to work together for the Agency I don t know about yourselves but I do love haters to lovers stories and this one was by far the absolute BEST Because the book is that long that you really feel how they dislike each other at the beginning and you experience the change in them I m having goosebumps now remembering certain parts.I don t didn t read Dystopian so If you have doubts about this one for that reason, please read the book I promise it was like reading contemp, I promise.While the story is interesting I would say the characters are why this book is so special I think I had never seen characters so perfectly built Boyd is the man of my life I swear He s this little shy kid who doesn t have friends or a social life He had a hard life and something happened to him that marked him years ago.Hsin was not my favourite but I must admit he was a great character He s the BEST in his job but he loses it very easily so he needs a partner like Boyd to put him in place Not sure about that but the thing is they connect and they re perfect for each other.Then there are some secondary characters that were awesome and a great addition to the story, specially Ryan I really hope I ll getRyan in the next book view spoiler With Kassian if possible hehe hide spoiler 5 Stars for Sin and Boyd.Absolutely loved it Review to come. ETA This is a review for the original version of Evenfall The new Directors Cut versions are edited and have some additional content Evenfall DC pt 1 DC pt 2 to be released suggest you read these newer versions instead Ok, hand over the medal I finished Look, I m usually ALL about the instant gratification Give me 100 ish pages with a HEA and I ll give you a smile So, obvi, I was NOT looking forward to devoting myself to 1500 pages of dystopian angst But, begrudgingly, I began AND THANK GOD I DIDAt times it felt torturous, at times it felt painful, at times it felt comedic, at times it felt blissful, at times it felt frustrating, at times it felt like it would never end at times I wished it would never end Ultimately, it all came down to the strength of the characters And though I became so connected to Hsin Boyd that I had a myriad of emotional physical reactions to their journey it wasn t just them It was ALL of them strong, interesting, haunting, sympathetic, annoying, aggravating, tender, attractive, fierce characters And that s what drives this book that s what makes you want to push through 1500 pages to find out what happens to them After Book 1 Boyd BratHsin HperfectRyan the pocket version of my dream manKassian I d do you in a heartbeat.Viv Looked up frigid bitch in the dictionary It read see Vivienne Beaulieu Thierry Jessica rageYes, the book dragged at parts, and indeed, it is WAY too long, but still, totally worth the blurry eyed, sleep deprived, over caffeinated 5 days it took me to finish Note to authors Sonny Ais the story is SO MUCH BETTER in the scenes where Sin Boyd are together just sayin Oh, and I ve now entrusted you with my heart please don t destroy it. Caution This book contains feelings Fierce, sexy assassins, m m hot man action, torture and attempted rape AlsoThis book is long So long that it probably would have been quicker for me to skip the length of the Great wall of China than it has taken me to finish this I could have read a dozen books in the time I have invested in this book, and it s only book1 So do I regret any of it Oh hell NO It grabbed me from the start and at no point did I want to let go A real two handed handed hold on tight, white knuckle ride I was so impressed, like seriously..just WOW When it kicks off, oh Jesusdoes it ever It s not just the OH.MY.GOD s It s all kinds of emotions, fear, anger, loathing, wanting, needing, and sheer desperation that had me squirming and hair pulling Intense The story is full on, engaging, intriguing, exciting and just plain fabulous Filled with a paranoid post apocalyptic society of warring government and terrorist factions all set out to destroy each other It s about twenty years after World War III, and the great nations have just about been wiped out by bombing the crap out of each other Cities like London, France and New York are pretty much nothing but radioactive wastelands It creates an intriguing and absorbing atmosphere that really adds to the sense of other worldliness surrounding the characters and plot Superb Let me introduce you to the MC s Boyd and Sin Hsin Meet Boyd A young androgonous looking man who has nothing and nobody to live for after an excruciating loss and traumatic experience he d given up his desire to to live years ago and with it all sense of hope and a belief in any kind of future He is emotionless, numb, without a care for life or death and has just becomewellnothing really, until he is ordered by his bitch of a mother to apply for the position of partner to the monster assassin Hsin Vega A job with zero chance of survival.Meet Sinsexy sexy sexy sexy sexy picture edited 21 06 2013Holy hell he is just so sexy, did I say sexy already I am so freaking in love with him He is tall, broad shouldered, piercing green exotic eyes, fierce and a seriously deadly kick ass heartless it seems assassin, with a talent for killing a man dead in 0.03 seconds while he s tied down I read a scene where he single handedly murders 40 men in such a graceful almost dance like display of sheer power and strengthI was spellbound and so turned on Everybody fears Sin and he is treated like an animal by the agency and it s employees, worse than a dog He is 28 years old and Boyd is the first person he has ever had a real conversation with Both Boyd and Sin are pawns in a new kind of war Their fate is held in the barbed and poisonous hands of the agencies leader Marshal Conners, a man who could quite easily put Saddam Hussain and Hitler to shame,a and second in command, Boyd s mother the bitch whore While yet we live, scarce one short hour perhaps,Between us two let there be peace, both joining,As joined in injuries, and enmityAgainst a foe by doom express assigned us,That cruel serpent John Milton, Paradise LostThere is some fantastic character development in this story Totally unique and original revealings all the way through Heartbreaking, intense, vivid, orgasmic and just a bloody good book I read every word, and yes it was a struggle at times because Boyd has the need to over analyse everything. His inner monologue drove me crackers but also gave me the answers and understanding needed to understand his, at times rather immature and selfish motives He is a great guy, who has has been through so much and I really liked him, a lot But sheesh can he gab away in his head A few times, I was likealright alright already Get the hell on with it, you ve got your hands down his pants for gawd sake Just DO something with it Stop thinking dammit There are a few writing issues and a couple of glaringly obvious inconsistencies and the Spanish dialog lost me for a while I mean what the hell was up with that English please or tell me what the hell was just said please In hind sight I don t think I missed anything vital but still annoying.So will I read the next book Oh Yes Most certainly, I just hope Boyd chills out with the inner thought processes.3.5 4 Stars NOTE FROM THE AUTHORS This Is The OLD Version Of Evenfall An Updated, Heavily Revised, And Partially Re Written Edition Of Evenfall Can Be Found Under Evenfall VolumeDirector S Cut And Evenfall VolumeDirector S CutThe Authors Strongly Suggest New Readers Download The New EditionAfter September , , The Old Edition Will No Longer Be Available For Download Years After The Bombs Of WWIII Have Changed The Physical And Political Landscape, The Agency Ruthlessly Works Behind The Scenes To Take Down Rebel Groups That Threaten The Current Government Their Goals Justify All Means Hsin Liu Vega Sin Is Their Most Efficient And Deadly Assassin Ever However, He Tends To Go Off On Unauthorized Killing Sprees And Somehow His Assigned Partners All End Up Dead Under Suspicious Circumstances That Is Why The Agency Has Had Him Locked Up In A Box On The Fourth Floor For Years But Now They Think It Is Time To Put The Psychopath Back In The Field With A New Partner Boyd S Mother, A High Ranking Agency Official, Volunteers Her Teenage Son For The Position Boyd Is Not Afraid Of Death In Fact, His Life Has Been Such An Endless Cycle Of Apathy And Despair For The Last Few Years That He D Welcome It Can These Two Broken Men Form An Efficient Partnership Can They Learn To Trust Anyone, Let Alone Each Other Sin Doesn T Give A Fuck About The Agency, Or The Androgynous Boy Who Holds The Remote To The Shock Collar That Is Supposed To Control Him On The Other Hand, Boyd Is Strangely Unafraid Of The Man Everyone Calls Monster And Sin Seems Reluctant To Let His Keeper Get Himself Killed On Any Missions Yet Since everyone still likes this gif so much, weeks after I posted it on that status update, I m adding it here.It s Hsin and Boyd Edited on 30 July 2013 to add Because people keep asking, behind the spoiler tag I ve added my favourite pics of Hsin and Boyd view spoiler HSIN BOYD hide spoiler I know many are removing their ratings and reviews of all the books they have read, written by Santino Hassell, in light of his despicable behavior I have deleted my ratings from all Santino books I have read, because I too am shocked and appalled I won t do it with the ICOS series though I am gonna be honest here and say, that this series is one of the best I have ever read, and I am sure Ais played a big part in my enjoyment As far as I know, Ais had nothing to do with all that has happend Until I hear otherwise, my ratings and reviews for this series, will stay up I am sorry for those who might not agree with me on this I would also like to say that I am so sorry for all of you who have been hurt.my heart goes out to all of you xoxo Wow.I have no idea how to explain what this book is all about and since there are so many wonderfull reviews out here already, I won t.I will say that this book blew my mind It took me on a freaking rollercoaster ride of emotions I loved the two MC s, yet hated them at the same time..lol I can t tell you which one of them I liked best, because it kept changing Let s just say that both Boyd and Sin were awesome This book is very very long My dear friends, told me to read the long version instead of the directors cut, because I wouldn t want to miss anything.and they were right It was long, but there wasn t a moment that I was bored I ate it all upall 1400 pages I laughed, I cried, I cursed a lot and I swooned These boys were epic and very very sexy DI do have to note that eventhough this wasn t a buddy read, I wouldn t have survived wihout the support of my dutch girlslol Thank you Susan and Elsbeth for being on stand by DI m gonna need you guys again for book 2 Ofcourse I m gonna jump into book 2 right away, because after all these pages I feel like I already know them so well I can t wait to read what happens next, though a little birdie told me that book 2 was the most angsty..5 stars for this awesome book with it s awesome characters