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In April 1775 a small band of men set out from Hartford and traveled swiftly north toward the shore of Lake Champlain recruiting men to their expedition along the way Within only a few days this loyal group of volunteers arrived in Vermont and joining forces with Ethan Allen and his legendary Green Mountain Boys launched a daring attack to capture than one hundred cannons stored at Fort TiconderogaIn this comprehensive look at America's First Victory Richard Smith traces the Patriots' route from Connecticut through the towns of western Massachusetts and the Berkshire hills and north to Bennington Vermont and Lake Champlain He chronicles the rival expedition led by Benedict Arnold his confrontation with Allen and the surprise attack that changed the course of the American Revolution

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    Pretty clear and concise There's a lot of names and places thrown about of people who had nearly no impact to the story And I know the actual talking of the fort was uick but the author could have dedicated a few pages to that

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    America’s First VictoryThis book contains fantastic information I am so glad to have this book Chronicles The mustering of men on the way to take Fort Ticonderoga at the beginning of the Revolutionary War