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The flu pandemic of 1918 took millions of souls within a few short weeksExcept it wasn't flu and death gave them backSeventeen year old Ella copes the best she can; caring for her war injured father scrubbing the floors and slaying the undead that attack the locals ‘Vermin’ they're called like rats they spread pestilence with their bite Ella's world collides with another when she nearly decapitates a handsome stranger who is very much aliveSeth deMage the new Duke of Leithfield has returned to his ancestral home with a mission from the War Office — to control the plague of vermin in rural Somerset He needs help; he just didn't expect to find it in a katana wielding scullery maidWorking alongside Seth blurs the line between their positions and Ella glimpses a future she never dreamed was possible But in overstepping society's boundaries Ella could lose everything – home head and her heart

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    This was a fun book I love Ella being bad ssed Just as the nation planned armistice celebrations after the war came the most devastating attack The flu pandemic of 1918 struck and in just a few short weeks from September to December millions of people died We all pulled together to nurse the sick and bury the fallen Except it wasn't the flu And they didn't stay dead Ella is of course a retelling of Cinderella She is a maid to her stepmother and stepsisters Ella's has some best friends that work with her Ella is also the towns exterminator They don't want to kill the dead so Ella does this herself with her fathers katana Her father is home in a catatonic state after the war But Ella does what has to be done and she does it well She doesn't like it but it is what it is And she also meets Seth deMage while she is out riding the fence one day He's the Duke of Leithfield and they hit off perfectly He will be her Prince Charming of course But he's a good guy that is still in the military and working to get rid of the zombies too Seth is with Ella on one of her missions and he finds out a little bit about her Seth followed his brow furrowed Why did he call you? Why did he not deal with it himself?Because I am their exterminator My position in the village was that simple When you cannot face beheading the friend who turned up on your doorstep even though they are salivating to take a bite from your succulent flesh you summon the girl who carries the sword The girl who was always different the girl suspended between two worlds neither servant nor gentry Born a girl but raised as a boy Some called me Ella the Slayer but it is not a compliment I would give anything to not have to carry out the gruesome job that life had thrust upon me I loved the story and I'm glad it had the happy ending Well for the most part Happy Reading Mel ♥MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List REVIEW

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    When I saw this book on GR a few weeks ago I was “Wait what? Cinderella and zombies? I have to read this Ella is the local zombie slayer in a town called Leithfield in 1918 A pandemic attacked the community and those infected are turned into what they called “vermins” or commonly zombies Ella is a likable character a certified kick ass who always wielded a katana and preferred trousers over dresses I was just bothered that despite her bad ass status she still cowered in front of her stepmom and dutifully submitted to her roles as a serving girl It was also uite disturbing that people went on with their lives dressed up went to parties went on dates while the walking dead strolled along the streets As the author said herself it is a weird story The story indeed has a lot of weird stuff going on But then again which zombie story isn’t weird anyway? LolWhat I mainly enjoyed about the book is the writing which is really light and a bit humorous AW Exley is a capable writer and very bold too Writing this book is one very risky move considering that Cinderella is the most widely known fairy tale and somehow the author managed to pull the retelling off The plot is predictable because it’s uite the same with that of the original story but without the insta love and of course the zombie incidents but it’s still an entertaining enough read and if you’re looking for something different as in weird and nasty different you are looking at the right book^^Thanks to Paula's review for convincing me to read the book Do check out Paige's awesome review too

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    To escape from reality I dream of a time when there was only one type of death Well that's something you don't read everyday Imagine Cinderella but badass like killing zombies kind of badass and living in a Downton Abbey world Can't visualize it? Well then you have to read this novel because surprisingly Zombie killer Cinderella and Historical Fiction are a fit And AW Exley made it work Ella The Slayer is made of lovely writing a slow burn romance and a well thought plot I admit that I found it's pacing slow at the beginning but it picks up right at the middle and I found myself lost at Ella's world and I enjoyed her everyday adventures Whether she's slaying zombies or just bringing tea to her wicked step mom I was such a big fan of Exley's flawless writingI really like how appropriate the romance was I mean this is YA and Ella wasn't even 18 I enjoyed the slow burn romance between her and Seth Although Seth have his own POV I feel like there's still a lot to learn about him I know that some readers are looking for a seuel and I'm one of those readers I think that there's still a lot of loose ends that needs to be tackled Overall I enjoyed this new take of Cinderella and like I mentioned above I'm a big fan of the writing

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    Cinderella and zombies? Sign me up That was my first thought when I picked this book up back in 2016 Yes I know that's a long time ago I'm trying to work through my tbr before buying new books I digressElla has a big problem on her hands People are dying from the flu only they're coming back to life Ella is a scullery maid yet has the ability to control the undead by decapitating them She runs into a Duke and they team up to save Somerset Can Ella and Seth control the vermin while maintaining propriety or is it too later for both?I loved this book It's got all the things I love an ass kicking heroine a down to earth hero plenty of action and of course zombies It's Pride and Prejudice meets The Walking Dead and I highly recommendMy Rating 5 stars

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    2020 ReviewOne of these days I will break down and buy the rest of the series For now I'll just keep reading this one 2019 Review Did this book deserve a re read? I'm not sure Curiosity killed the cat I guess I remembered very little of the actual book and decided to see if held up to my oddly effusive for a free Kindle book 4 star review And I supposeit did The book didn't blow my mind but at the same time I found it appealing I like Ella and I like the way the author handles the romance though I found the kissing eye roll inducing than swoony The ending is weird and I'm not sure I'm okay with it view spoiler Casual infecting of step mother with zombie virus is casual hide spoiler

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    A Cinderella retelling where the heroine carries a sword and fights off the undeadthat had me soldThis was a uniue spin on the fairytale While I found it to be an ok read at times I felt as if the dialogue was overly detailed I also would have liked depth and of a connection between the hero and heroine their relationship just had a generic feel to it I don't think it was worth its current price tag of 399 either I will still likely check out of this writer's work in the future though

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    Ella’s life has been rough turned into the scullery maid after her father returned from war brain dead her step mother took full advantage of her With her father an invalid it’s fallen on Ella to protect the farm from the vermin known as Zombies She’s even become the town slayer keeping a log book of all that she’s had to dispatch After disposing of her most recent kill Ella encounters Seth the Duke who is return from war to run the area Not wanting to be known as a lowly scullery maid she omit’s who she really is and uses her formal name However Ella’s due to have many chance encounters as they both are fighting the war against the undead vermin who are roaming the countryside Ella’s step sisters and step mother are sure that the Duke will want to marry her sister after all she’s the most beautiful girl The time Ella spends with Seth the she doesn’t want to give him up What will happen when her step mother finds out about their budding relationship? What about when he finds out the truth about who she really is? What about the zombies who seem to be organized? I really like Ella she’s not your typical scullery maid after all she carries a katana and slays zombies to protect the town and those she loves I like the way she and Seth find an unlikely friendship both doing something they are both doing something for the good of humanity I also liked Henry and Alice in the story they are each uniue I picked up Ella The Slayer because it fit my reading challenge this week and I’ve had my eye on the cover A uniue spin on the Cinderella classic I love the idea of Ella as a zombie slayer I’ve never been a big fan of the Cinderella story it wasn’t my favorite Disney growing which is sad because most kids face something like this every day I really enjoyed how Ella was this kick ass heroine who risked her life to save the town but she was also really smart and full of compassion She stayed behind because of her friends and her father even putting up with her step mother’s abuse This is a fast paced novel it’s easy to get lost in the story and short so just a few short hours I was able to read the whole book I see a lot of potential for another book in the series and I would really another chance to read about Ella and Seth Overall it’s a great spin of Cinderella and I bet growing up this would have been one of my favorites

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    Such a weird weird book I love weird books so when I saw the cover of this book I immediately want to read it I mean Cinderella as a zombie hunter? Count me inWhat I like about the book is that it's uniueElla The Slayer is the type of book that will intrigue the hell out of youJust imagine a Nikita type of Cinderella in the World War Z setting I love that Ella is a badass sword wielding English girl and that this story doesn't have that silly love story Disney haveThis book doesn't have that idiotic I'm going to marry you because the first time we saw each other I knew you're the one bullshit Nooooo Thank goodness the author has a good instinct to let the romance roll out between the HHSo if you want something different from your retelling shelve I suggest you read the book about Ella the Slayer

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    I don’t read a lot of fairy tale retellings so I figured it was time to do just that And how could I resist a retelling of Cinderella taking place after World War I with zombies Yep zombiesNow the zombies don’t dominate the story They are there lurking in the background threatening to burst onto the scene at any given time Sometimes they do And that’s where Ella opens up a can of whoop assElla didn’t ask to be the town’s protector executioner She was kind of forced into it Her and that katana she wielded so well And that’s just one role she’d been forced intoShe didn’t blame her father for getting married again She wanted him happy She didn’t blame him when he came home from war catatonic She hoped for and watched for him to recoverShe did blame her evil step mother and two spoiled step sisters They relegated her to maid service whipping her when she didn’t do something right or fast enough Ella almost relished having to go slay a zombie or twoHer world changes when she runs into tall dark and handsome Seth the Duke is so far out of her league but her heart wants what it wants And that’s SethCan Ella have a happy ever after? Or will her evil step family spoil her plans? Will Seth want a lowly maid ? Or will he want one of the snotty step sisters? And can he see her as a protector not a killer?All of my uestions are answered and in such fun and delightful ways Ella is no lightweight and she has some awesome friends who love and support herSeth weighed down by responsibility by proper appearances steps into the shoes assigned to him with strength and fortitudeAnd then there’s the zombie thing The author offered a fresh take on them I didn’t uite see where she was heading until the end Very interestingI stayed up late and then got up early so I could finish this book and find out what happened Such a fun retellingAnd did I mention zombies?I received this book for my honest review

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    I highly disliked this book Who goes out to parties in fancy dresses where there is the walking dead just strolling around to bite you and become a “vermin” as well And also Ella was so badass kicking vermins asses and when she gets back it is all yes and amen because she listens and obeys the commands of her stepsisters and stepmother Sorry this book wasn’t for me Hope you enjoy your reading tho 📚