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The primary issues raised in Educating for the New World Order are A large number of standardized tests administered annually to millions ofschool children throughout the United States and Canada have been found tocontain a substantial number of affective uestions which have nothing to dowith evaluating those students' academic accomplishment or potential The correct answers to these uestions according to the testdevelopershave a common theme running through them that of subordination ofself togroup This is clearly contrary to the principles we are trying to convey toour children such as in anti drug programs that they shouldn'tfeel they must do something just because their friends do In some areas such as Pennsylvania schools which administered such testshave later received supplementary instructional materials to be used inshort term programs Although Pennsylvania Department of Education officialsmaintained that the tests did not contain affective uestions thesupplementary materials made no pretense of the fact that their purpose wasto remediate student attitudes Pennsylvania mother become activistAnita Hoge discovered references which tied the version of these supplementarymaterials to the way students in a school or district responded to theaffective uestions on those tests Moreover because these supplementarymaterials were delivered to schools through the Intermediate EducationDistricts they were not necessarily put through any review at the local levelas to their appropriateness Recently tests began reuiring students to supply their social securitynumber in direct contravention to the federal Pupil Privacy Act whichPresident Clinton is rud to be considering eliminating Why should theSSN be necessary? The tests are primarily intended to assess the academicprogress of groups of students not individuals The results of thosetests however are often stored in non secure computerized databasesEven ifno abuse of those data is intended the potential exists forJohnny's daddy to run for public office and be faced with uestions aboutpersonal or family beliefs based on how a 10 year old answered vague uestionson a test 15 years before When challenged state education officials deny that affective uestionsappear on the tests but when claims are proven tests have been withdrawn Similar tests reappear months or years later under a new name Finally it should also be noted that for the most part local educatorsare just as ignorant of the issue as parents Standardized tests are preparedat the behest of state or even federal educational agencies The actualcontracted authors of those tests are often restricted to a small group ofindividuals or organizations which specialize in that task Tests are sent toschools which are instructed not to read the tests and often not to evenopenthe box until test day Completed tests are to be immediately sealed andreturned for grading These steps are uite reasonable as they minimize thepotential for cheating or teaching for the test But they also assure thatlocal teachers and administrators unaware of the contents of the tests are often in the unenviable position of defending such tests merely on theassurance of others that the tests are completely benignNobody seriously doubts that values are implicitly transmitted duringnormaleveryday instruction in school But there is a huge moral gulf between thatand explicitly teaching values or attitudes There is heated debateover how to teach relatively straightforward subjects such as reading andmathematics; do authors and promoters of these tests realistically expectthereto be genuine consensus about whose beliefs are to be taught inpreference to others? Unlikely at bestThe continued abuse of the standardized testing process documented in Educating for the New World Order and its seuel Microchippedthreatens the reliance and faith placed in those tests to help assess theeffectiveness of our school systems And as long as politicians andeducational bureaucrats continue to try to reform or redefine education as aseries of fuzzy amorphous Outcomes that defy any reasonable effort touantify our schools are in danger of losing an already tenuous focus ontheirpurposeThe fundamental uestion surrounding the issue must be In whose vision ofthe future is a new world order to be structured? In that of the governmentand the myriad special interests that wield influence there? We hope not

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    Remember this book was written in 1991 Fourteen years ago I read the 4th Edition 1992 Everything mentioned in this book that was present in 1991 was originally planned in 1905 Everything mentioned in the book for future plans has come to pass and is fully implemented today 2015 Public Law 92 318 Section 432 expressly forbids the federal government establishing or developing curriculum lolPublic Law 96 88 Title I Section 101 no 3 The primary responsibility for the child's education belongs to parents lolThe government says that they don't collect personal data on students Test uestions relate to bodily functions religious beliefs sexual behavior and fantasies parents' method of reward and punishmentsexual abuse and Sample uestion I have had no difficulty in starting or holding my bowels or urine T or FThe supercomputer the Elementary and Secondary Integrated Data System went through in 1988The role playing of the classroom setting is sociodrama a social adjustment exercise conceived by the late Dr Jacob Moreno who pioneered the use of the strategy with severely disturbed mental patients in the 1950s This is what the government thinks of your children; severely disturbed because they may not believe in the new social order that in a democratic society parents have no right to make decisions for their children Remember Public Law 96 88 responsibility for the child's education belongs to parents In response to an inuiry Asst Sec of Ed responded that there was no testing of attitudes by the NAEP that no national data bank existed was in no way involved What about the super computer and the type of test uestions? The goal of education today is functional literacy or minimum competency Functional usefulness What we hear so often today about the populace that they are useful idiots For the people to know how to read a traffic sign and pass the driving test And we can see the students in the inner cities can barely do thatElitists pick the leaders not based on intelligence but by their attitude The leaders though are not told they were picked so as not to destroy their ego Obama is a picked leader The leaders of tomorrow which is today 14 years laterwill have to be the best followers who have ever existed They can never be their own man Read the control over Obama by Valerie JarrettThis is the futurists' new world orderIn the program B STEP pg 253 is devoted to an intended manipulation of the media Fourteen years later today they have succeeded Three elitists groups control the vast percentage of all the forms of mediaThe public gave up the three R's and got back the three Is ignorance illiteracy and illegitimacyTime Out Boxes are used where children are placed in boxes for one class period to a full day while other students throw in trash and grass Some children have had to be taken to child psychologists to undo the damage Parents either know nothing of this or are too afraid of the all powerful educational elitesSuicide rates among children have tripled since Suicide Prevention programs have been introduced The students are taught that suicide is a way out to avoid unsolvable problemsIllegitimacy and venereal disease rates have gone up since explicit sex education was introduced in the schools Because of the failure of the program the suggestion was; More explicit sex education at still younger agesMinorities were the first guinea pigs for psychological change programs it was okey to see what would happen if they were manipulated this way or that Perhaps behaviorists expected less fuss to be raised by their parents? How right they were Only one mother had the gumption to discipline her rioting child in all of the thousands of parents in Balti The real problem is that the majority of the minority population don't know that they have been brain washed and think that the way they act today is the correct way Most can't figure out that there is a better place to live than in a ghetto ridden with crime and a failing educational system Believe me there is a better way By merely not voting for those who have kept you there for yearsWhen in 1983 the suggestion that the schools should not be molded to the will of a small elite and steps must be takenNone wereHere we have a country whose greatest educational achievement of the past two decades has been to turn out functional and cultural illiterates We have change agents posing as teachers teachers posing as therapists and therapists posing as curriculum specialists What else could possibly go wrong?Has any school forms you filled out asked for their SS#? Violation of their constitutional rightsI put a sticky only at the most egregious points of contention Although I marked 43 areas I only mentioned a few here The reason is that I got to the point that I wanted to go outside bury myself in the snow until I froze to death I would have but I just didn't feel like it just now

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    I am proud owner of an autographed copy of this special book BK and I became pen pals in 1999 Dated March 4 1999 she mailed the signed copy of this book to me because I could not find a copy; but someone I knew knew how to contact her directly and the restIf you like the who done drama movies turn off the TV and read this book You will not be able to sit in one place Your mouth will fly open in amazement You will have to tell someone about what BK reveals in this wonderful piece Incredible detail She name names She gives dates She blows the whistle and opens the right door