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The true spirit of Native American ways of knowing shines through in these heartfelt meditations poems and stories In 364 daily offerings organised according to the cycles of the moon Jamie Sams offers stirring and poetic insights into the spirituality of the earth connecting with our communities and our own soul journeysBased on Native American creeds and legends these meditations cut to the heart with their honesty beauty and authenticity Sams teaches such grounded lessons as how to face an unknown future with confidence and conviction how to rediscover the joy of curiosity and how to develop a true intimacy with nature

10 thoughts on “Earth Medicine Ancestor's Ways of Harmony for Many Moons

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    More than a book this book is a tool for deep life pondering and considerations

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    I had some really mixed impressions on this particular book First I'm always a little leery of people who write books on anything and fail to leave a bibliography; even if they grew up in a Native American tribe and were told the stories as a young child I would like to see a sources page that says personal interview with Second some of the statements were just laughable The moon no longer has a twenty eight day cycle because of mining minerals on Earth I think there are a few geologists and astrophysicists who have better explanations? Yes that was written in the introduction if I'm not mistaken; it just made me laughFinally the legends were interesting but I could have done without the original poetry; further expound upon your tribe's beliefs or demonstrate an instance where you had a major epiphany There were some statements that just came off to me as the kind of statements that would come out of a book that you'd buy at a grocery store for someone as a gift; they were kind of preachy and stuck out as not the kind of thing I would expect to find in a book on spiritualityOverall it wasn't a bad book per say so much as a book that didn't appeal to me I was expecting of a hard study of Native American philosophy and this book wasn't it I was told to read God is Red and Red Earth White Lies for that type of reading so I think I'll check that out when I get the chance

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    RereadNative American teachings uotes and some poetry based on the moon cycles and set up as a daily meditation Enjoyable and thought provoking

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    Spunti interessanti e profondi per meditare sul senso della nostra esistenza

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    From Jeanette thank you

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    A beautiful book full of timeless wisdom A reference book for each day Keep on the coffee table or bedside

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    Was just reminded of this book of days Perhaps I'll begin using the daily readings again now