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Earth Hates Me Presents A Look Inside The Mind Of The Modern Teenager From A Modern Teenager S Perspective Fifteen Year Old Ruby Karp Addresses The Issues Facing Every Highschooler, From Grades To Peer Pressure To Snapchat Stories, And Unpacks Their Complicated Effects On The Teen Psyche With Dashes Of Humor Throughout, Ruby Advises Her Peers On The Importance Of Feminism Not Just The Spice Girls Version , How To Deal With Jealousy And Friend Break Ups, Family Life, And Much The Book Takes An In Depth Look At The Effect Of Social Media On Modern Teens And The Growing Pressures Of Choosing The Right College And Career With Ruby S Powerful Underlying Message We Are Than Just A Bunch Of Dumb Teenagers Obsessed With Our Phones, Earth Hates Me Is The Definitive Guide To Being A Teen In The Modern Age

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    There are few Americans my age who don t feel a special resonance and connection to the David Bowie lyrics from the song Changes And these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds are immune to your consultations They re quite aware of what they re going through The film The Breakfast Club spoke to us in those days of a youthfulness that was self aware, and connected to emotions, and achingly capable of self expression, agency, and profound introspection The problems of teens in the John Hughes era seem almost quaint today, in an era where young people are both linked and also marginalized and isolated by technology, social media, and a world that places increasing pressures on them to grow up quickly to take their places in a world fraught with uncertainty and shattered politics.In the interest of full disclosure, let me say that it was my joy to have been Ruby Karp s middle school teacher for 4 years and to have known her for the last 7 I cannot take any credit for the brilliant insights of her prose, or the raucous comedy she is able to summon to sweeten the bitterness and setbacks that lace some of the events of her growth in her teenage years Ruby Karp s book exists because she is a young woman of vision and voice a young woman for whom connection and empathy are guiding principles and for whom humor is a delivery system for some very profound and meaningful insights I d recommend that the middle aged, parents or not, read Ruby s book We sit as a society in judgment of the millennials and our young people, and the generalizations amassed to describe and analyze them rarely seek their opinions or a description of their experiences Ruby Karp has written a guide into what it is like to be a young woman today I can say, as a middle school teacher for the past 15 years, that this book means a great deal to me, and would be meaningful to me even if I hadn t been her teacher As the father of an 8 year old girl, I read Earth Hates Me filled with a great hope that one day my own girl will inhabit in a world where the sort of advocacy and wit and self expression Ruby Karp poured into this book proves to be the rule, and not the exception As Bowie told us all those years ago pretty soon now, you re gonna get older Don t forget what it meant to be young Read Ruby Karp, because you can t trace time.

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    Ruby is wise beyond her years A must read for teens and teens at heart

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    my excellent friend wrote this book and it is AWESOME so proud and blown away by you, Ruby everyone should buy this book

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    I know this book is targeted toward the young adult but so was Twilight I m 50 and loved it

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    I bought this book for my 14 year old niece Let s just say she is hard to impress, and she really liked this debut memoir from Ruby Karp