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Complete Word Count 86600 Chapters 36 Raised in a dysfunctional and abusive family Toby is one day pushed too far and fights back Now on the run he turns to his first love Josh to help him flee the retaliation of the law Two runaway teens have very few options when it comes to under the table cash but Toby makes only one rule they can do anything to him anything at all as long as they leave Josh alone Joshua is a senior honor student and content in the closet Late one night he gets himself a strange visitor and finds himself involved in murder running from the law and his home even prostitution Also he’s hopelessly in love His uiet life is overmm bitter sweet romanceWarning contains rape non consent kidnapping abuseMain characters are 17httpwwwmkkayemcomdoves can fly

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    A nice free fic Well written no editing problems good grammar etcThe MCs are really interesting it starts off as a duo but becomes a tense and uneasy triangle Toby's been isolated from everyone so when he needs help he only knows one name; a random guy called Josh he met at the store who gave him contact details Falling headlong into his first love affair Josh is happy to throw everything away for Toby But you know there's a really good reason why we don't tend to stay with the people we love when we are 17 The really interesting thing about this story is how it examines what happens when you sacrifice everything for a person for love and then the love starts to wear thinToby's abusive family seemed slightly over the top to me I did not understand why the mom stayed with the dad and then in retrospect I actually came to hate her for her emotional abuse Josh's family are very two dimensional clearly just there for the bit of the plot they function inThe rent boy part is uite understated and we see through Toby's flashbacks than we do at the time It's for Josh and Toby that the story is worth reading The author really catches that short sighted naive and incredibly self centered 17 year old attitude perfectly