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There are some corners of the Universe which have bred the most terrible things Things which act against everything we believe in They must be foughtSo speaks the Doctor of one of his most daunting enemies And for than two decades — in many gripping TV adventures — he has fought them They are beings dedicated only to survival Human once they are now machine than man — creatures motivated by logic and devoid of emotion They call themselves CybermenAn exciting celebration of these most popular of Doctor Who monsters Cybermen is arranged in four self contained sectionsCONCEPTHow Frankenstein and Dan Dare cybernetics and spare part surgery came together in the minds of two men to create the Cyberman mythARCHIVEAn epic history of the Cybermen and their encounters with the Doctor told as never before from the viewpoint of an imaginary alien race — the ArcHivists All the facts and the many theories woven together through inspired speculation and dramatic illustration A mindgame and a visual feastPROGRAMThe fullest account yet of the making of the TV programmes Producers Directors Actors Designers and Writers — many for the first time ever — recall in their own words the changing shape of Cybermen Includes previously unpublished photographs and the shape of Cybermen to come?DATALOGThe story that never made it to the screen — Genesis of the Cybermen by Gerry Davis Technical credits and cast lists Details of novelisations merchandise and the comic stripsIntroduced by GERRY DAVIS — co creator of the Cybermen Written by DAVID BANKS — the Cyberleader himself — with additional material by ADRIAN RIGELSFORD Illustrated by ANDREW SKILLETER and guest artists144 large format pages packed with illustrations many in full colourHere at last is everything you want to know about Cybermen but might have been afraid to askEXCELLENT

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    Very good book Written in early 1989 before anyone knew of Who's sad fatethe book goes into the back ground of the Cybermen both in an in and out of universe perspective It doesn't reference the new crappy Cybusmen which is always good but it also doesn't reference Spare Parts or Silver Nemesis which is a downer Despite all this; long read good book If I recall correctly thus was my first Doctor Who book Now I'm a huge Whovian and I was real young when I read this and nothing could fascinate me then what was put in front of my plump little nose People were writing fan fiction And then releasing itYeah I'm just kidding but I was amazed by it's great theories and ideas It's a real fun read that everyone should sit down to

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    This is interesting Written by David banks cyberleader from 1982 1989 its divided into two sections The first is a factual history of the creation of the cybermen for the doctor who TV series It covers their first appearance in tenth planet 1966 up to albeit briefly due to its 1988 publication date silver nemesis November 1988 Its an interesting section filled with nice photosThe second section is an illustrated fictional history of the cyber race The illustrations are excellent and the fictional history is nicely worked out by banks if a little convoluted in places Overall a great book and one of the first handful of factual books published on doctor who I have the hardcover a later paperback edition covering silver nemesis I believe was published around 1989

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    A really interesting speculative read on the Doctor Who nemesis The Cyberblokes A real must for anyone into their their WhoIt's actually written by a guy who was a CybermanI mean not literally Firstly Cybermen arn't actually real not yet anyway; and if they were real well I don't anyone has ever been fully reverted back to a human state What do you think this is? Star Trek?