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Balti, Maryland, Is A City In Alarming Distress Rising Violence Is Fanning The Flames Of Public Outrage, And All Law Enforcement Agencies, Including The FBI, Are Catching Blame Thus The FBI S Latest Ideas To Improve Public Relations A Municipal Softball League And Workshops For Community Leaders But The New Commitments Just Mean Time Special Agents Ty Grady And Zane Garrett Have To Spend Apart When They Re Happily Exploring How To Be Than By The Book PartnersThen The Latest Spate Of Crime Explodes In Their Faces Literally Throwing The City, The Bureau, And Ty And Zane S Volatile Partnership Both In And Out Of The Office Into Chaos They Re Hip Deep In Trouble, Trying To Track Down Bombers And Bank Robbers In The Dark With Very Few Clues, And The Only Way To Reach The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Together Requires Ty And Zane To Close Their Eyes And Trust Each Other To The Fiery End

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    Warning Contains minor spoilers Promise you ll scream for me tonight Phew,I LOVED,LOVED,LOVED THIS BOOK This book starts a few weeks after Fish and Chips endsTy and Zane are still learning to cope with their past.Ty is waiting for Zane to come to his senses,stop analyzing and realize that he loves Ty Ty knew his partner had to take the issue from every angle,analyze it to death,resurrect it,and then study its dead,rotting body to see the results.Yeah,it might take Zane four months to decide if he loved someone,and then to decide if that was a good idea Okay,can anyone die laughing Ty has already declared his love for Zane never mind it was in a life threatening situation And all around them the city s going CRAZZZYY Bomb attacks,bank robberies,public protests,.you just name it What s proper workplace etiquette for picking up computer and tossing out of window Open window first or break glass sms to ZaneYes that s Ty,teasing Zane at work,trying to make him laughAnd Zane Zane pushed his phone away,determined to do his level best not to laugh.Simply because the struggle would amuse Ty,if he were being honest with himself.And keeping Ty amused was good for the rest of humanity Damn,I love both of them Seeing the public unrest,their boss orders them to communicate with public representing FBI,to improve their relations Why Because they are both personable and competent andPRETTY When the hell did we become fashion plates Hehehe Of course he isyou don t call alpha males pretty But all hell breaks loose when after a false bomb threat Ty publically challenges the terrorists with Zane beside him Balti law inforcement is going to kick this threat in the ass We re coming for you Thus,overnight they become public darlings and TARGETS The first time,Ty somehow gets to know about the bomb and manages to get everyone to safety.But..he loses his oldest best friendthe only thing he had loved longer than ZaneHis beloved car,BRONCO It blew up in the explosion He knew it was silly to be sitting in the dark mourning a vehicle,but he didn t care.That Bronco had been a part of himWhy the bomb had gone off when it did was anyone s guess,but Ty firmly believed the Bronco had done it no matter how silly that sounded.She had been a loyal companion,and now she had taken the hit for himHe knew he had tears streaming down his face,but he didn t care Aww..Ty I don t know whether to laugh or cry And when he tells Zane You re not dessert,Zane.You re the main course,and you have about five seconds to take your pick of flat surface before I do it for you Oh my..can anything be And then calamity strikes view spoiler Zane becomes the victim of a bomb blast and loses his vision temporarily hide spoiler

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    If there was a device that could measure the squeee and swoon factor of books, it would definitely break while measuring this one, because it was OFF THE FREAKING SCALES This was amazing I still don t know what my review will look like because my brain has turned into mush, and my heart melted a loooong time ago with these two guys In this book, Ty and Zane are comfortabe with each other Zane knows that Ty loves him, even though he still hasn t figured out his feelings, but things are definitely better They are slowly building their relationship, going into routine, staying at one or the other s apartment, seeing each other whenever they had spare time It s just lovely to see their slow progress, how they adapt to one another and develop strong feelings as well In the previous books Ty realized he s in love with Zane, and in this book Zane finally accepts the truth, he s been in love with Ty for a while now, only affraid to admit it to himself and that scene was just so lovely BUT, real life comes in, and this is the story outside their relationshipThere are robberies and bombings all over town and people are angry at the police force It gets worse when the loco dude that s responsible for that sets Ty as a target and tries to kill him Repeatedly With bombs That actually leads to Zane getting hurt and going temporarily blind and THAT leads to Ty taking care of a sick and vulnerable Zane By that point my mind was already mushy, I feel like I ve spent 2 3 of the book squealing all over them 3 Anything else I say will probably be a big spoiler, but I just have to say that this book had me emotional all the time At the end I was in tears, they were both happy and sad and frustrating and I don t know what other kind of tears there may be but I had them They were just beautiful together My favorite scenes Ty and Zane doing it in the kitchen doing it against the door That scene was so amazingly hot it isn t describable sms ing jokes in the office, omg they are priceless, baboom the race to the scene of the crime, Ty on foot any Zane on his bike, that scene was they were both so cool, gosh I d like to see that in video hahahahahah Zane taking care of Ty when he was run over on the field sports The Ty wink and Zane finally getting it Ty after the thing with his car I cried when that happened Poor Ty Ty finding Zane after the explosion O My heart stopped for a bit there every freaking scene in the hospital and while Ty was taking care of him, and just everything the dance, oh the dance was just beautiful, the most melting, swoony, lovely scene EVER after the fight, when Zane finds Ty hot hot hot in the mausoleum now THAT really got me teary eyed but it was still such an emotional scene, simply beautiful and special 3It s stupid, but for every new book I read I say it s the best yet, but this one really is it s my new fav, even though 3 is a close runner

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    Re read buddy read with Kelly April 2013 You realize I have free texting plan right Pop quiz partner How many letters in the government alphabet Answer 19 ET went home on a UFO and the FBI went after him.What do you call a monkey in a mine field A baboom.Energizer bunny arrested Charged with battery.Ty s lips twitched as he tapped out a quick response.Is he being held in a duracell With your track record, you ll come in playing strippergram and I ll be in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner or something, Ty grumbled A whole series Ty broke in, his voice going higher in distress Do you remember how many times you ve said I m bad for PR McCoy sighed in disgust Thirty seven times, Mac You ve counted McCoy asked without sounding surprised Latent OCD, Ty answered, unashamed Zane pressed his mouth to the back of Ty s shoulder to stifle the laugh that threatened.The dying view spoiler breath of Ty s beloved Bronco She s burning, Zane Ty yelled, in a panic, voice full of anguish as he tried to squirm out of Zane s grasp hide spoiler

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    Wow It s been a tough couple days since I finished Divide and Conquer I, like many other people who love these books, was floored by the tender beginning, the explosive pun intended middle and the frustrating end This book is a perfect example of the dangerous mid point in a series where everything starts to fall apart and you wonder if anyone will be able to survive, physically and emotionally, what is coming next Ugh, I hate this point.Now to the spoilery part of the review view spoiler There s been a lot of discussion around whether or not Ty is true to character in this book specifically at the points where he blows off Zane s I love you and then the way he reacts to Nick s kiss For me, Ty has seemed like a contradiction since the beginning He s a hard ass, intimidating military man that is yet willing and able to put himself emotionally out on the line over and over and over again for Zane It doesn t make sense But I think that s because I had Ty pegged as one thing and as the series moves on, and we get to know him better, we find out there s way we don t know about him.Not exactly sure why I feel as strongly as I do about this, but I m solidly behind Ty even after this book Maybe it s that I get him better than I get Zane Ty s hard edged, smart ass, loyal, battling with the dark, trying to live in the present persona, really mirrors my personality in a lot of ways, so I understand where he s coming from Zane, on the other hand, bugs me for the same reasons he bugs Ty on occasion tight lipped, stick up the ass, that s still so focused on his past that he can t see what s in front of him.I think some of the most telling scenes in the book are the moments where Zane realizes that Ty knows Zane much better than Zane knows Ty And it s true It s not like either of them has been particularly chatty about their past I mean, Ty talks about his Recon days just as much as Zane talks about his family or his wife which is NEVER , but Ty has been watching Zane, learning him, paying attention to the little things that make Zane Zane By his own admission, Zane hasn t That breaks my heart for Ty He may think that Zane loves him, but to not hear the words and not to really see it in their daily interactions, no wonder when Zane finally says the words, Ty laughs it off Yeah, it s a dick move, but Ty s worn down, insecure and not sure that Zane wouldn t just say it at that moment because he s grateful, not because he actually feels it Wish we had a Ty POV at that moment, because I can almost bet that Ty s heart stopped beating when he heard that and he had to pull himself back together quickly because he just didn t believe Zane could be telling the truth We know he is, because we ve been in Zane s head, Ty is still out there guessing That scene pisses me off like all of their other miscommunication scenes , but it makes sense with who they are as characters and where they are in their confusion.And Nick, now there s the proverbial can of worms I hate the guy Period So wrong to take advantage of your best friend s weak spot to try and wedge the other guy out because you haven t had enough balls to say something years earlier Lame And slimy Ty s reaction on the other hand, surprised me, but I now think it shouldn t have We get to be inside Ty s head the moment he s shocked to feel Nick s lips on his And in situations like that I m guessing you would have all kinds of thoughts going through your head that you would think but then dismiss, but we only get to hear what he s thinking initially, not the full thought stream of where he arrives at the end of it Being drunk, just outing himself and his partner, and finding out his best friend is gay, too, and wants you in a span of a couple of hours would throw anyone for a loop I don t think it excuses anything, but I think it goes toward explaining how crazy out of character it seems for him And on top of that, he s seen the man he loves go through hell in the last week and is afraid to admit to himself that he is scared shitless about losing Zane in the line of work and personally That s a pretty messed up place to be in your head To be fair, I know I m pushing the Ty agenda Mostly because he s going to get a lot of hate until he does some explaining and ass kissing in AD Rightly so Now let me give Zane the word space he deserves Some of my favorite Zane moments although this book is full of them honestly, he s achingly vulnerable in this book I love the moment on the softball field where he realizes he is in love with Ty It is so touching and real His recovery is fully on track and he s clearer than he s been in a long time And Zane s colossal bravery and strength dealing with his blindness, not to mention taking off with that bomb, the man makes heroism even sexier Then there s the door scene Don t even get me started on that Jesus, I love that scene.It s obvious the two mean a hell of a lot to each other They both, independently and intentionally, end up outing themselves because they want people around them to know how important they are in each other s lives Way sexy hide spoiler

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    Update 5 20 Abigail Roux has since reached out to me privately and explained her position As such, portions of this review have been reworded to avoid unnecessary snark _ None of the opinions have been changed, but I admit there were comments that could easily be misinterpreted and I m not above admitting my own sloppiness in this regard.Update 5 18 DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA It seems a girl can t have an opinion any I almost had it in my mind to change this review to one star because authors who think it s okay to bully reviewers are not cool But that s stupid and childish, so instead I ll just direct everyone to this comment, which explains it all.Oh this series THIS SERIES _ I am breaking up with Ty and Zane.About a third of the way through this book I found myself thinking Why do people like this series so much Why do I like this series so much That s right, I was standing right along side you in the fangirling I liked this series too Loved this series, in fact But about a hundred pages further into Divide Conquer I realized I had to break it off I had to end it To begin with Ty Grady is the biggest fucking Mary Sue in the universe When I first read Cut Run I thought to myself Man these characters have a lot of backstory why not save these details for later books But now I realize that what I thought was botched character development was actually luring me into falling in love with the most unbelievable character in the world Every installment just adds MORE ridiculous achievements to Ty Grady s never ending resume He s a decorated Marine, a sharp shooter, completely fluent in Farsi, sings like an angel, fights mountain lions with his bare hands, dances a mean tango, can sniff out bombs better than the dogs, can spot a sniper from a casual glance out the window I mean come on If Armed Dangerous reveals that Ty has a PhD in zoology and once repelled down the Eiffel Tower I will not even bat an eye The writer in me reads this series and feels like this And normally this is cancelled out by the reader in me being all like Because Ty and Zane were always such FUN You know Zane is just as bad he s the subspecies of Mary Sue the tragic victim whose struggles inevitably take over the entire story He s an alcoholic, he s endlessly mourning his dead wife, he s a drug addict, forever seriously injured or in danger without emasculating him, which is impressive , he can t admit his feelings, he isn t on speaking terms with his family, he s full of angst come on girls when do we find out he s been suffering from a terminal illness all this time You know you ve got it planned.And so this series has always been interesting in the sense that Ty and Zane neutralized each other s tropes rather well and there was always just enough in the way of character flaws or in Zane s case, character assets to keep them from feeling truly one dimensional.No Frankly I find myself bored with Ty and Zane in this book I had virtually no interest in the 250 pages Zane thought about telling Ty he loved him, nor the angst, the misunderstandings, the apologies, the makeup sex UGH I skimmed the sex scenes I SKIMMED THE SEX SCENESThe entire reason to read the books in the first place and they couldn t possibly be less interesting to me Maybe it s because I have never actually liked Ty Zane preferring Zane Ty because I have a weakness for bitchy, aggressive bottoms I don t know But if the sex isn t hot in this series you are left with the plot.Oh boy Now I realize that this series is extremely popular and that many of you are already like this But it has to be said The plot of the first book was silly, unrealistic and transparent but had some decent twists The plot of the third book was silly, unrealistic and completely uninteresting but managed to work up some minor suspense as you tried to piece together who was on what side The plot of this book made no sense No fucking sense at all And was so uninteresting you get the feeling that even Urban and Roux didn t want to go through it view spoiler Let s start with the fact that our bombers are teenagers and the explanation given for not being able to find them is that they can easily go off grid than an adult First, bullshit but even assuming that they could why does no one notice that four teenagers have basically disappeared No missing persons reports No truancy reports In the real world these kids would be found in 30 seconds.To say nothing for the fact that their plan would fail miserably in the first place Divide and conquer war on two fronts only works as a tactic if your forces are comparable to your opponents If you re out numbered and out gunned fat lot of good it will do you I don t buy that banks wouldn t have beefed up their private security after even a single bank robbery I don t buy that the population of Balti one of the highest crime areas in the country would react to the bombings the way they did I don t buy that our bombers are able to buy bomb making supplies and no one notices I don t buy all the little coincidences that stacked up one after the other to make the plot work I don t buy that a bank robbery at the same time as a bomb threat wouldn t have been theory number one right from the start hide spoiler

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    5 StarsThat fricken ending God dammit, are you shitting me This is a good time to note that I m patting myself on the back something fierce, for my wise decision to wait to start this series until the entire thing was complete how people were reading these one at a time, for years, is beyond my comprehension.I have only one thing to sayThis series is f cking fantastic Re read November, 2017I just want to bounce up and down squealing, because how often do you re read something and end up loving it just as much or in my case even than you did the first time around It s not as common as people may assume, at least in my experience I feel like this fourth Ty and Zane book has a much better pace than the first three stories Divide Conquer dives into the fun and escapades straight away what with all those horribly hilarious puns that result in the infamous cock blocked by the boss, could have been epic, would be sex scene, which is immediately followed by all the action and danger surrounding the bombings Yes, this story was choc a block full of fun and laughs, thrills and chills, and so much damn love and romance that my heart is currently full and happy.I love the on page introduction to the Sidewinder team, too I know a lot of readers take issue with Nick s role in this story, but I must say, after this re read, knowing all that is to come, I just felt bad for the guy Obviously I m 100% team Zane and Ty, but the idea that poor Nick had been pining all those years for Ty who can blame him only to miss his opportunity and lose him to another, just makes me sad for Nick I m not even grumpy at Ty for letting himself be kissed, twice, because he was immediately upfront with Zane about it and I never once felt like his feelings for Zane wavered in the slightest Clearly, everyone will react differently to these scenes and the circumstances this is simply my take on things I think my favourite aspect of this story is the hurt comfort themes surrounding Zane and his injuries ailments The vulnerability it allows his character and the ways in which his situation ultimately brings Ty and Zane closer together, just hits the spot for me.Divide Conquer definitely rates highly among my favourites within the series and it certainly made for one happy re read.

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    Cross posted at Shelf Inflicted and at Outlaw Reviews I m addicted to this series and officially a fan of Ty and Zane, even if they both need to get slapped upside the head The city of Balti is out of control Riots, robberies and explosions are occurring with increasing regularity Law enforcement is doing the best it can, but their credibility has taken a hit It s up to FBI agents Ty Grady and Zane Garrett to help gain the public s trust again With their increasing workload, it s hard for them to find quality time together Though their sex is electrifying and their intimate moments tender, their communication skills leave a lot to be desired You re not dessert, Zane You re the main course, Ty informed him in a husky drawl And you have about five seconds to take your pick of flat surface before I do it for you Though Ty has verbally expressed his love, Zane has difficulty saying those three little words Suddenly there were all sorts of words crowding on Zane s tongue, and he couldn t get a single one out, much less three that would prove he knew the best thing to happen to him in his entire life lay right there in his arms I m glad that of the focus of this story is on Ty s and Zane s relationship, as the bad guys and their motivations didn t ring true for me Still, I m craving a good mystery where the police are not portrayed as incompetent buffoons Perhaps I should not expect that from this series There were lots of entertaining moments with their co workers, including the funny and punny text messages There were also tense, gripping moments as a serious injury renders Zane helpless and dependent on Ty I loved getting to know Ty s Marine friends and hope they make another appearance The ending slayed me Thanks to Barbie from Bookie Nookie s Erotic Lending Group for lending this to me.

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    4.5 Stars The progression of Ty and Zane s relationship remains sloooooooooow I really wish they would just open up to each other, tell each other how they feel It s frustrating at times But gah I love these two.The plot on this one was a little ridiculous but still good And that ending..freakin Ty

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    Re listen 11 2 18Nothing to add to this review 5 years later original review WHAT.IN.THE.ACTUAL.FUCK, TY GRADY

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    Bank Robbers, Bombings, Baseball, Oh My He wanted Ty with him, wanted him badly Needed him as a partner, and not just at work Craved him as a lover than he d ever jonesed over heroin Connected with him in so many ways that Zane couldn t see a way to untangle himself and didn t even want to try. There is very little I can say about this installment of the Cut Run Series that is spoiler free We stayed in Boston the whole timeWe got to meet Ty s Force Recon team, SidewinderTy Zane become the unwilling pin up poster boys for the FBIAnd I loved it So much happened in the pages of this book, and I won t spoil anything for you Read it You won t regret it NOW FOR THE SPOILERY STUFF Don t click the link if you haven t read this book view spoiler First of all To Ty s beloved Bronco he hoped Zane knew the only thing Ty had loved longer than him was that Bronco. At least she went out with a bang, no I was deliriously happy when Zane stopped trying to analyze his feelings to death and finally admitted out loud that he was in love with Ty Quite honestly, if the partners didn t take this step by the end of the book, I was seriously thinking about bailing on the series There s only so much grown man angst that a girl can handle They love each other Say it Graham Lewis,Silly spoiled busboy bank robber I know you were just trying to help the investigation but who gives a BLIND GUY a NOTE I mean, seriously As I read this part and got over my giggles about Graham thinking that Ty Zane were fighting inside the apartment rather than fucking against the door I had to do a major WTF He knew Zane was blind Why oh why would he just leave a handwritten note And Speaking of Blind Zane Wow This wasn t just dark it was pitch black, no relief, no gray, no hint of light under a door, no bare twinkle of stars in the sky It was utter nothing. The entire story arc of the lack of control and near helplessness of Zane s blindness was the perfect parallel to the way he was handling falling in love with Ty It was moving and beautiful, and really helped solidify their professional and romantic partnershipsTy outing himself to his Force Recon Team was a fantastic addition to the story line Even if I m less than pleased about him sucking face with Nick afterward Though I suppose that Nick will have his moments of redemption when we get to Shock Awe, the spin off to the Cut Run Series.And Speaking of Spin offs to this universe, I feel like I need a Sherpa to navigate all the side stories in this series Are there any other books besides the Sidewinder Series Warrior s Cross Finally, the moments spent in the imploded mausoleum were the most poignant and beautiful of anything I ve read in this series so far It was flawless love shining through two flawed individuals It took until this moment for me to truly say that I love Ty Zane as a couple You ever get gut feelings Like you see something and you just know Ty asked, feeling stupid but not caring He felt Zane squeeze his hand First time I saw you, after I got over hating you, I knew I knew we d die together I could just feel it deep down Never felt that before Zane exhaled heavily Not today And not tomorrow And not for a long time to come, Ty Grady You hear me A hell of a long time First time I saw you, after I got over hating you, I knew, he said, echoing Ty s words, I knew I d fall in love with you Ty Zane s even, soothing tones finally broke on the short gasp of his name I love you and I m scared I ll lose you Please don t leave me alone in the dark I enjoyed all of their antics before this, but I never really and truly felt the love between them until that moment sigh hide spoiler