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A very short read.

Fun nonetheless.

Blog : Click here for more of my reviews So, I read this after I finished the series.

Best goodbye ever.

And hot.


You can read it for free here. A Ty And Zane Ficlet Takes Place Between Armed Amp; Dangerous And Stars Amp; Stripes ...Oh my! I have to take a cold shower right now!!! This was so freaking HOT Photobucket

A bit more of Ty and Zane, what can be better than that? They were just yummy, and the sex was explosive
Photobucket I love it when a short story packs a big punch!

Talk about a quicky.
I loved it!
It was sweet, and scorching hot. Evverything I love about Ty & Zane's Erotic encounters... Yum!

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Short and sweet.

I can't believe I never read this before. It was steamy and I didn't know how much I missed Ty & Zane until I read this. OMG...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these boys!! Great short read, just enough to whet the appetite ready for the weekend and the release of Stars & Stripes....WooHoo \0/

Okay. So it’s 10 pages long and I’m giving 4*?

Yes because it’s Ty and Zane and it’s incredibly hot Love me some Ty and Zane! Yeah, now and then I really do love surprises. Mmmm...


He only got text messages from one person: Ty.
I'm going to need a baseball game and adult supervision by 7.
Zane chuckled. Ty had been loaned out to a task force for a sting three days ago, and Zane hadn't seen him since.
I'm about to be arrested. Come with bail money!

When Zane is heading down the steps of their house he is in for a nice surprise. What follows suit is one seriously hawt encounter! DEElish. It's a super short novella but so worth your time.

Hey, Zane, I was grinning too.

I'll be back soon, that's for sure. Oh my, the anticipation is killing me...

It's a freebie. Here is the link: