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Shane Wallace has made a decent life for himself in Last Chance He built his own home on his mom’s property to take care of her owns an automotive repair shop and when he wants to get laid Portland isn’t too far away Not too shabby for the boy who spent his childhood getting bullied and feeling alone Shane’s content to leave his past behind himuntil one of his childhood tormentors comes back to town Maxwell Sullivan never planned to step foot in Last Chance again Here he was Maxwell a teen who suffered in silence while everyone thought he had the perfect life Now he’s “Van” the erotic artist and photographer He’s only here to help his mom tie up some loose ends after his father’s death and to apologize to Shane After that he’s heading back to LA for good Shane never thought he’d have anything in common with Maxwell but there’s a depth to Van that surprises him Van knows what it feels like to be alone He sees Shane in ways no one else does There’s a shared connection neither can deny Somehow despite their rocky history they get each other It’s not long before the two are so drawn to each other that they tumble into bed—sometimes with Van’s camera involved Their chemistry in and out of the bedroom is undeniable Except nothing is ever black and white Shane can’t leave his mom and Van’s life is in LA With two different lives pulling them in opposite directions their picture perfect ending might not be in the cards

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    Depth of Field has the distinct honor of being the smuttiest dirty talking est sexiest hottest book Ms Hart has written to date This one is a panty soaker folksShane Wallace never left his small hometown for the excitement of school or travel His mother is ill and needs special attention Attention Shane feels only he can provideMaxwell Van Sullivan couldn't blow out of town fast enough after high school graduation He moved to sunny California and immersed himself in the gay culture and artist community He is happy and fulfilled and hates the thought of going home again after his father diesDepth of Field starts as a kind of enemies to lovers story because of bullying that happened to Shane by Van and his friends when they were young But that is uickly put behind them as they start that fucking hot fucking I mentioned above “Open your mouth” Shane told him and Van did He grabbed the base of his cock before tracing Van’s lips He felt the pre come there painting him like lipstick before he pushed his dick inside “Could we take a photograph like this?” Shane asked “Set it up so I could look back on it and see how hot my prick looks between your lips?” Did I mention that there is a camera involved? And wall sex? And face fucking? I guess I'll just mention them again since they are all very important aspects to the storyBetween all the hot sex there is a sweet romance and a few bumps in the road on they way to happily ever after but they eventually make it and the ending was fantasticAnd can we talk about that cover? fans self Click here to get up close and personal with all its gloryThis one goes straight to my top 10 of 2017 list Highly highly recommendedVan is a homoerotic artist and photographer I put up a fictional gallery of Van's art for you to enjoy Advanced review copy of Depth of Field provided by the author in exchange for an honest review This review is also posted at Gay Book Reviews

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    45Depth of Field is Riley Hart's sexiest book to date and you're not gonna hear me complain Shane and Van have incredible chemistry and even though there was plenty of the down and dirty going on the sex never felt gratuitous Even though I like steamy books if I can summarize the plot as sex blah blah blah sex blah blah sex that's a problem Depth of Field is relationship driven not sex driven The sexual tension is there but Shane and Van have a lot of guilt and resentment to overcome Van then know as Maxwell bullied Shane when they were kids Shane was a loner taking care of his mentally ill mother and Maxwell and his cronies made his life a living hell What Shane didn't know what no one knew is that Max was being tormented and abused at home by his powerful father A few days after turning 18 Max left home and became Van a homoerotic artistphotographer an out and proud gay man a kind person Van left Maxwell behind but he's never forgotten Shane He feels terrible shame at how he treated Shane how he did to Shane exactly what his father did to him More than a decade later Van returns to the small Oregon town where he grew up and tries to make amends with Shane who is now a successful confident mechanic with his own shop Initially Shane wants nothing to do with Van but as he realizes what Van went through his defenses crumble I think the forgiveness was perhaps too easily earned Shane is so angry at Van and he lets Van know it but then there's this sudden plunge into a friends with benefits situation I was mostly okay with this though Van had no expectations of Shane; he was just so damn sorry And the men have so much in common a wicked sense of humor a love of art and a blazing attraction Shane discovers that he has a mild voyeuristic streak when Van asks to photograph him in the nude The scenes where Van looks at Shane through a lens and Shane allows himself to just let go are incredibly sensual and gorgeous Remarkably despite the potential for drama Van's mother refuses to acknowledge that his father abused him; Shane's mom has severe depression anxiety and agoraphobia this book focuses on possibilities and hope Van lives in LA That's where his life is but he wants to give the long distance relationship a shot Shane is scared and looks for an excuse to break off the relationship before Van can beat him to it Riley Hart's modus operandi is creating a sudden typically not mutual break up and separation between her MCs toward the end of a book Sometimes this feels like manufactured angst but I didn't think that was the case here Shane was so used to people leaving he didn't trust that Van wouldn't The ending is lovely The MCs are totally in love and hot for each other It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside I loved this story and cannot wait for book 2

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    Shane and Van were the absolute best I wish I could give them than 5 stars because they deserve ❤️❤️❤️Enemies to lovers✔️Second chances✔️Two hot men loving each other ✔️✔️Sex sex sex✔️✔️✔️Dirty talk✔️✔️✔️✔️

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    35 375 StarsWhen Shane was sixteen he was teased and tormented for being gay by his classmates especially Max his mother suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks for years and she couldn’t leave home His father left them so many years ago Now he is thirty and he’s a mechanic His classmates left town but he can’t leave his mother alone and he thinks if he does that he’s not different from his fatherMax’s life wasn’t what others thought He was the town golden boy but nobody knew at home his parents how treated him And he took his pain and fear out on Shane After graduation Max left town for good and became what he wanted all his life a painter and a photographer But Shane always was in the corner of his mind Now his father died and his mother needs him so he took this opportunity to come back and apologize to ShaneWell it was an enjoyable read I liked it I liked both characters I liked how much Shane cares about his mom and how they loved each other unconditionally I liked how Max hated himself for what he was then at that time and did his best to make up his past toward Shane The thing is this story is enemies to lovers so I expected angsty Don’t get me wrong it was angsty but it was just low on angst and they became friend really fastTold in dual POV 3rd person it’s the first installment in Last Chance series but it can be read as a stand alone It was well written and well paced I liked it and hope you enjoy it as well

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    Another amazing story from Riley Hartshe gets down and dirty in this book Loved every word Shane and Van are two men who are explosive together and combine them with this enemies to loversjust a fling content and you have perfection Van was mesmerized by him He was so fucking real real in a way he’d never experienced before He was so into this man It was uick and likely not smart but it was true He felt this draw to Shane this magnetic fucking pull that was too strong to ignore And he didn’t want to ignore itNot to mention Van and his profession as a photogartist who specializes in homoerotic art Imagine the bedroom scenes they are sensual erotic raw and hot as fuck These two know how to pleasure each other and neither is shyShane turned him inside out Made him ravenousHe loved sex Loved touching and licking and tasting Loved fucking Maybe because he’d allowed himself to fear who he was so much that he just wanted to revel in who he was and what he enjoyedWe don’t fall in love or out of love in the same amount of time People put too much stock into the right time There’s no right time for anythingI could I think I could love him very easily Shh Don’t tell him that He doesn’t know”Full review ➡️ Alpha Book Club❥❥´¨¸•´¸•´¨ ¸•¨¸•´ ¸•`ARC provided by Author in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by Jaime from Alpha Book Club

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    I think this one is a solid 4 Or at least 375 rounded to 4Lots of steam some good real emotions Flawed people but love conuers all etcHOTTTTTTT cover Models are PERFECT for the story Including the necklace that Shane wears yep that's gotta be Shane facing us in the coverDAaaaayyyyyyyuuuuuummmmm Might read

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    45 starsA kinky hot and great enemies to lovers storyI’ll keep it short and simple without giving away much of the plotShane Wallace and Maxwell “Van” Sullivan are two men who had a rough past Shane used to be bullied by Max’s and his friends in high school What Shane doesn’t know is that the golden town boy didn’t have it as easy as everyone thought 12 years later Max is back to town to help his mom and Shane can’t help but bring bad memories back to lifeEven though Shane is still a bit resentful about what he lived when he was younger he and Van manage to put that awful past behind them pretty uick and damn things start to get pretty steamy between these twoDepth of Field is the type of book I love because it has everything I enjoy good banter incredible sex delicious dirty talk kinky moments and the perfect amount of angst Not everything goes around sex which is another plus for me These boys have a great amount of forgiveness to do and resentment to overcome not only between them but also with the people who are around them Their chemistry was just natural and I liked they didn’t panic or regret about fooling around they just gave into each other desires to have fun and good sex because they just fit I liked they’re open to each other they get to know who they were and who they are I loved there’s great amount of communication between them They don’t hold back they just tell everything that was bugging them to each other to get it out of their system because unconsciously they support each other despite their previous story and that makes their relationship pretty smooth and easy going until their insecurities come to bite them in the ass mostly Shane’s “I love you I love you so fucking much it scares me because nothing has the power to hurt me like you do” Hart did a great job I really liked this book I actually don’t have many complaints just some grammar mistakes that bug the hell out of me and some cheesy moments but they were purposely cheesy and that made them hilarious “How about you take that towel off and come here? I’d like to do you tonight You be the outlet and I’ll be the plug We’re electric together baby” Van is such a great character after some flashbacks I was surprised to see he turned out to be pretty lay back and Geez his passion was what sucked me into the story at the same time as Shane loneliness and ‘what ifs’ just sueezed my heart Oooh I almost forget to mention the title has something to do with the story I freaking love when the title means something and it isn’t just random words on the cover Besides we got such a sweet epilog that was the perfect icing on the cake I don’t have anything else to say just that I highly recommend this book

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    You know sometimes a book and I just click From the first few lines I could feel such would be the case with Depth of Field by Riley Hart Depth of Field is an enemies to lovers story of two men who grew in a small town Both men grew up in a world of pain and both dealt with it in their way Shane lived with the bullying at school and being the main caretaker of his own the best he could and grew up to be a business owner with great character Maxwell Van one of Shane's bullies left town as soon as he could he wanted to leave behind the horrors of his home He started his life over and became the man he was always wanted to be but he lived with one regret his treatment of Shane Years later they come face to face and Van has a chance to make amends never imagining the turn his life would take What I loved I don't know where to start Shane and Van Both men who grew with so much pain but they never allowed the horrors of their lives to hold them back They fought back and succeeded Enemies to lovers trope I wondered how old resentments would be healed and all I can say is that it came about naturally Pace The flow of the story was smooth and it had a uick pace Steam Beautiful sensual and hot as all hell The way she described them some of hottest if not the steamiest Riley Hart has ever written Exceptionally written Tears There were some tears some were tears of pain and some were caused from getting overwhelmed with emotion I love when books make me cry Narration Dual POVs The end I was happy with how it all played out The whole story I wondered how it could work given their circumstances you'll see what I mean when you read it but it was perfect Do I have any niggles to report? I don't Depth of Field is a fantastic start to Hart's new series It's a touching story of family growth forgiveness and love 5 Stars PS I AM DYING FOR CALEB AND RYAN'S BOOK I NEED IT#RileyHart #DepthOfField #EnemiesToLovers

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    You have to be prepared for anything when you pick up a book by Riley Hart Her characters seem like every day guys usually on the blue collar side but they are intensely complex in many ways and tremendously attractive and hotThis coupling of Shane the auto mechanic and Van nee Max the returning prodigal son photographerpainter is incongruous in many respects The major one is that VanMax was the high school bully who tormented Shane and caused his high school boyfriend Caleb's parents to pack him up and leave townBut that's just one of many reasons why when Shane first spots VanMax in the town diner he almost explodes in anger That doesn't last all too long as major complications spill out around them mostly centered on their respective mothersOh and there is another complication They are both 30 years old haven't seen each other since VanMax escaped from town suddenly after high school graduation 12 years ago and they are insanely attracted to each otherThis swiftly moving extremely and creatively scorching book will grab you by the throat and not let you go until what you know will have to happen actually takes place How that happens is so adorably endearing and so appropriate for a couple of hard bitten and very lonely guys that you basically do cartwheels in your headThis is one of Riley Hart's best books by plot characters and scorching love scenes That there is a seuel coming which involves someone we come to know only by reputation in this book has me on the edge of my buy button waiting for it to come out

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    Shane has spent his entire childhood in small town Last Chance being bullied by a group of guys They called him names tripped him in the hallways and spray painted fagot on his house Shane never wants to see any of them ever again But unfortunately he is pretty stuck in the small town because of his mother His mother with severe anxiety and depression who is afraid to leave the houseAnd that’s why Shane is now 30 years old but still taking care of his mother Although he did built his own place next to his mother’s houseWhen one of his tormentors returns to town after 12 years Shane can’t help but be angry with Max Max used to make his life hell and Shane is not that forgiving But Max is now called Van And Van is like an entirely different personVan didn’t want to come home at all but when his mother asked him to after his father’s death he felt he had no choice But to come back to the town he grew up in means reliving all his awful memories Memories of his father beating him and Van trying to fit in and pretend to be something he is notThe first thing Van does when he gets into town is try to apologize to Shane but Shane doesn’t want anything to do with him That is until he sees Van really does seem different And when Van spends an entire afternoon looking after Shane’s mother after she has a panic attack on her driveway Shane cannot help but wanting to get to know this new Van This book had a lot of potential for angst and drama but I was very happy when that didn’t happen Of course there are some hard feelings at first but once these guys talk about things they both understand why things happened the way they did when they were younger Especially why Van acted the way he did And he really was sorry I just loved Van I loved how honest he was now How he made no excuses for being gay or being a homoerotic photographer This was uite the sexy book too These guys had major chemistry and add in the pictures Van took from Shane and boom we got ourselves one hot bookI also really loved Shane’s mom Yes she had depression and anxiety problems but he was also a really nice person A person who knew she couldn’t count on Shane to take care of her and that she had to take responsibility of her own life I really loved that part of this bookOverall this was a very enjoyable low angst story with lots of super hot sexy times