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The year 2000 is the first election year of the twenty first century For attorney activist Jeff Gates it represents the ideal occasion to own up to the failings of our political system and to pursue a inclusive national agenda that corrects what he shows are severe threats to democracy free enterprise and the environment Citing alarming statistics Gates convincingly argues that the current boom is largely a mirage buoyed by policies that continue to reward the wealthy and punish the poor With eual measures of passion and incisive reasoning drawn from a career in national politics and corporate finance he proposes an ambitious yet practical program of financial political and economic reform Democracy at Risk is a call to arms for any aspiring leader or concerned citizen who wants to create and participate in a better future

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    The first half of this book is full of some seriously scary facts and figures about the gross ineuity existing in our society in the last days the twentieth century This could not but help draw in this leftish leaning reader who though brought up in a comfortable middle class home in England has through his own observations in his peregrinations through this life come to realise the weaknesses of so many aspects of the so called democratic world in which he lives Although slightly numbed by the opening chapters I found myself totally absorbed by Jeff Gates' ability to draw on so much damning evidence about the undemocratic democracy that the USA has become over the last century I eagerly read the closing chapters in which Mr Gates puts forth his ideas about a new egalitarian approach to democracy that considers far than the simplistic money and growth mantras of our governments on both sides of The Pond How wonderful it would have been if he had been able to see these models for a thoughtful all embracing democracy come to fruition Sadly none of it ever happened leading us to today's situation where we have a president who seems set on destroying every small figment of society that shows any inclination to share the country's capitalist wealth among the many rather than the few let alone having the slightest consideration about our environment and the heritage we will be leaving for future generationsWhere are you now Jeff Gates and do you see any chance of the system ever recovering towards your ideals?

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    I found the first part of this book interesting but it did not sustain me maybe because it was outdated Some valuable and interesting data exists in this book but again I found myself skimming the last half while also searching for recent books by this author