MOBI Adam Przeworski ñ Democracy and the MarketPolitical and Economic Reforms in ñ

The uest for freedom from hunger and repression has triggered in recent years a worldwide movement toward political democracy and economic rationality Never have so many people experimented with democratic institutions At the same time traditional strategies of economic development have collapsed in Eastern Europe and Latin America and entire economic systems are being transformed on both continents What should we expect in the countries that venture on the paths to democracy and markets? Will these transitions result in democracies or in new dictatorships? What economic system new or old will emerge? This major book analyzes recent events in Eastern Europe and Latin America focusing on transitions to democracy and market oriented economic reforms The author underscores the interdependence of political and economic transformations and draws on extensive local data as part of his analysis A distinctive feature of the book is that it employs models derived from politics economics and game theory This book will be of particular interest to scholars and graduate students in political science and sociology

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    Przeworski's book looks at the problems of transition to democracy and how this can occur even when it is not in the interests of those making the decisions Using rational choice analysis game theory he ranks the preferences of the different actors involved in the decision making process and establishes pathways to each potential result