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Smartly blending of the moment pop culture references and timeless themes Bates follows her YA debut Awkward with a hilarious over the top adventure about a teen girl who becomes the fake girlfriend of a cute rock starTaking a Christmas cruise with her two cousins from hell isn't Holly's idea of a good time And when seasickness forces her into an open suite she's pepper sprayed by a gorgeous guy called Nick But when Holly makes her exit she's greeted by a horde of screaming teenage fans Because Nick happens to be Dominic Wyatt drummer for one of the hottest bands in America Suddenly rumours are swirling and Holly's face is plastered all over the Internet The band can't risk a scandal destroying their family friendly image so Dominic convinces Holly to be his fake girlfriend just for two weeks How bad could it be to be fauxmantically involved with a cute rock star? She's about to find out

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    355This kept me up much later than I should've but it was pretty awesomeIt's such an amazing book to read around Christmas or anytime when you're like me It takes place on a cruise during winter break and it has a very charming rock star which makes it the perfect cutesy novel I liked the plot of this story even though it's not exactly an original one It shows a realistic side of celebrity and I thought seeing Holly pushed into this was really interesting Her ability to act whenever she had to made me laugh and surprised me a lot because she's suprisingly good The rumors created by her relationship with Nick were as impossible as the ones I read sometimes so it was nice to have an insight on the celebrity life for once The thing I disliked about this book was probably Holly's character because she was just horrible sometimes As someone who's very nice and sweet I do like to read about sassy characters who say everything they want but when characters just say mean things for fun it's just something I can't understand or appreciate Nick was all but nice to her sometimes but she would get all her claws out and act as though he had just told her that he wanted her dead Obviously she becomes nicer as the story goes but at first I couldn't stand it She crossed the line between sassy and bitchy at least in my opinion In the end this was a pleasant book although not one of my favourites

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    Super adorable bookclub selection Light hearted uick to read and it felt just like watching a Hallmark movie I loved the back and forth narratives between Nick and Holly Just wish that the ending had been a little It felt suddenly rushed and then bam it was over Two chapters would have been good

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    I had mixed feelings throughout Both of the main characters annoyed me a lot at some parts at others I kinda liked them Towards the end it started to get better I guess but it still had some annoying partsI guess YA romance is not really for me any however sometimes I need this kind of a book fluffy contemporary teen romance easy to read It's 1am so no I can't really form sentences at this point so this review will have to do sorry

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    Perusing through the eCatalogue on OverDrive Stumbled across this Christmassy themed cute sounding YA Downloaded it Read a sentence and I was not best pleased Scanned the next few pages And well Just no The STENCH of problematic female stereotyping in this Perhaps it improves but I just can't be dealing

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    355 starsDecked with Holly is another cute read from Marni Bates In this novel we've got Holly Dayton a 17 year old orphan who lives with her grandfather For christmas her grandfather decides to take her as well as his other daughter's family on an 8 day cruise to Mexico Her aunt along with her two daughters are typical bullies masked in designer clothes calorie counting and makeup In other words the cruise is an 8 day vacation in hell To Holly's delight and Dominic's misfortune they get photographed together while she was leaving his room after getting using his bathroom to rid herself of her seasickness This is when the story really moves Dominic is a member of the band ReadySet If you've read Awkward by Marni Bates then you'll remember him from there The tabloids accuse him of hitting this mystery woman Holly and in order to kill the rumors he strikes a deal with her to be his fake girlfriend From here on out we all know the direction the novel will take even the misunderstandings that occur on whether the behavior of the other person is for the cameras or there is some hint of real feelings behind it Since this novel is told from both Holly and Dominic's POVs you get to see how each one of them really feels and you just want to smack them and tell them to just get on with it and get together already While the back and forth banter between Dominic and Holly was very cute and resulted in a ton of funny situations I just hoped we spent time with them really talking or just any awkward situations to occur because staying in the same suite as your fake boyfriend or fake girlfriend HAS to cause some red face inducing situations right? I also really wanted to know how Dominic did with his new venture of lyric writing He's also known as the Drummer of ReadySet but he took this vacation to write and relax I've read the beginning of one of his lyrics and it sounded fun I hoped that Bates gave us a bit on what happened with the song he composed and how it was received by his bandmates and managementThe ending of Decked With Holly is predictable but that's something to expect from a contemporary romance genre While throughout reading the novel I found myself skipping a few descriptive paragraphs here and there and wanting to read dialogue between the characters I really did enjoy it Decked With Holly in my opinion wasn't as enjoyable as Awkward however it was an overall great novel that I am sure fans of Marni Bates and cute contemporary novels in general wouldn't want to miss out on

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    I love the holidays The gifting decorating music some of it anyway the baking the parties and the sparkles – I love all of it I read holiday themed stories too both in season and out Some of them are good some are terrible and a few fall into mediocre territory While Marni Bates’ Decked with Holly had a stellar recommendation and a happily ever after at Christmastime it did not deliver that other important element I look for in contemporary YA – a plausible enjoyable storyHeroine Holly is that non endangered species the YA cliché she’s ahem an orphan She also has evil stepsisters a doting but largely absent grandfather low self esteem naïveté and she is pulled into crazy situations by her best friend Jen Did I mention that she’s poor? And her cousins call her Orphan Annie I could go on really Dominic Wyatt her supposed foil is a rock star a la Justin Bieber or One Direction and he just wants a break What is absolutely amazing read sarcasm is that he has no entourage and a pretty non existent family as well which makes convenient and possible his availability on the same cruise as poor girl Holly Throw in some seasickness some rabid fans and a large contingent of paparazzi again how? and you’ve got the makings of YA as wish fulfillment sans charm or cohesionAs I alluded to above what bothered me most about the story was its deadly combo of cliché and implausibility I can appreciate a light cute story with famous characters see Epic Fail Jenna Jonah’s Fauxmance However when the plot has gaping holes the characters seem to be made of cardboard and there are no real surprises or obstacles to overcome or character development to be had it’s time to reevaluateWhat did I like then? Well I like Christmas I’ve never considered going on a ‘real’ vacation over a holiday except for that one time when I was in Spain for a semester does that count? but the setting of Christmas on a cruise ship was interesting I also thought that the characters had decent chemistry even if their dialogue and interactions wouldn’t win any awards And that is pretty much itRecommended for those with an incurable desire for fluffy Christmas romances and fans of Rachel Hawthorne’s Snowed In or Love on the Lifts

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    What a cute Christmassy fake romance I love ya fake romances anyway but this one was especially cute as it was set at Christmas There was plenty of humor and I liked the alternating viewpoints Both Holly and Dominic were fun to read about and their meet cute was super funny and kind of gross at the same time Plotwise it’s very similar to When It’s Real and I think I liked that one but this was still really really good

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    The female narrator was uite Chipmunky But ridiculously cute and perfect for the holiday season 😊

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    I've read this book before although not for a while and it was still a good read the second time around It's funny cute and romantic with an entertaining premise and relatable characters Decked With Holly was easy to read in one sitting and I would recommend it to fans of young adult novels romance and humor 4 stars

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    Originally reviewed on my blog Reading the Best of the BestWhen I first read Marni Bates other novel Awkward I fell in love with her characters and plot and how the book actually made me laugh When I was given the chance to go on a blog tour for her new book Decked with Holly I eagerly joined I wasn't sure what to expect but let me tell you I wasn't expecting to stay up late finishing this bookFor starters I loved Holly She was awkward and weird and loved to draw She loved her grandfather to bits and while she had some mean family members she always kept her head up While Holly could have easily been a girl I didn't care for she complains a lot Marni Bates wrote her to be charming and funny than I expected Dominic aka Nick was also a guy I loved While I wish both of the characters acted closer to their ages 18 and 21 it wasn't something that bugged me too much Surprisingly Nick made me laugh too and I grinned when the ending came It was also exciting to see well hear from character's I loved in Awkward As I said about the age I do wish the writing had been advanced? Having read Awkward I was aware of the author's writing and while I had hoped her writing would change a bit it didn't seem to happen While it wasn't the biggest issue it went along the lines of simply wanting from the story It was only 250 pages but I think had a been a little longer of the character personalities could have been fleshed out But that's about all the bad things about this book Marni Bates scores again with another excellent book Decked with Holly is a book that will make you laugh and sigh and even roll your eyes at times It's a book that you just need to read because sometimes you need a good laugh