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The Dark Multiverse is coming and nothing will ever be the same One of the biggest events in DC history is here in the shocking action packed epic Dark Nights Metal from critically acclaimed author Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo reuniting after their smash hit Batman seriesBeyond our universe there is the Multiverseand beneath the Multiverse is a nightmare realm where every fear that has ever been felt on our Earth becomes reality Now an evil force as old as time wants to drag us down into the shadows into the realm of never ending terrorBut when the door between worlds opens it's not just any nightmares that come spilling out They call themselves the Dark Knights Each one is a twisted version of Batman from a world where one of his worst fears has come trueWith the invasion underway and Batman trapped in the Dark Multiverse the Justice League must undergo an impossible quest to find the mysterious metals capable of repelling the Dark Knights and their master the fearsome Barbatos If they fail everything they've ever known will be plunged into eternal darkness But the true horror iswhat if they're already too late?Collects Dark Nights Metal 1 6

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    I picked this one as part of a Second Chance buddy read some of my friends and I are doingFor me this one is giving both Scott Snyder and Batman a second chance Because honestly I thought Snyder went off the rails toward the end of his epic New 52 Batman run and by the time it was over I couldn't stand the sight of either of themSoOkey dokey In the foreword Snyder sounded so earnest and sweet He even said he was wary of events so I figured maybe this wouldn't be as bad as it looked I will admit it made me a bit nervous when he went on to say that at their core events are joyous things because we all know that's a load of smelly wet cat shit But it seemed as though he was speaking with nostalgia about the comic events of his childhood Anyway Second chancesBRING ON THE METAL Sadly but not shockingly I wasn't very far into this when the first wave of cringe hit in the form of Carter Hall Here's the thing I just assume that something is going to be bad when they base the entirety of it around Hawkman and that fucking Nth metal Let me say that again The story hinges on HAWKMAN and the NTH metal Oh and not just his metal Nope There are five of these special as fuck metalsNth Metal Promethium Dionesium Electrum and finally Batman iumBatman ium? Are you fucking joking? That doesn't evenwhateverOk so what exactly do these metals do and how does that translate into an event? Warning Potential Spoilers Ahead Alright First let me say that this was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be after seeing Hawkturd show up Yes it was weird trippy and incoherent in a lot of spots and there were some problems with the way the book was put together The most glaring chunk missing out of this Deluxe Edition was the conclusion to the opening scene The Justice League gets eaten by some sort of evil Transformer don't worry all part of Batman's master plan but we never see what actually happens The conclusion to that scene at the end of the book skips merrily past the good stuff opens with Whee We did it guys and concludes with Party at Wayne Manor y'all Now I've read nothing else Batman related for a long time so I've no idea what happened in previous storylines to kick this event off However it was somewhat explained in this that Batman had been investigating some dark conspiracy in his history that went all the way back to Final Crisis You know when he diedtime traveled because Darkseid shot him in the face with his Omega Beams? Spoilery things happen because of that and now Batman is on the radar of some sort of evil monster that plans to use him as a gateway to Earth And this dark being has been prepping him to be a doorway by getting him to imbibe these metals in sneaky ways over the years Bruce has to save the Earth from the nightmare reality that has been partially unleashed and the Superfriends have to save Batman or else the world will sink into an antimatter or some other fakey pseudo scientific sounding universeNow toss in a whole bunch of evil versions of Batman and a few nods to the heavy metal music genre on top of that and you might kinda get an inkling of the level of insanity this plot just marinates in But the thing I wasn't expecting was this almost childlike joy in Snyder's storytelling Like yeah it's over the top and absolutely stupid but you could feel his love for this character coming through And it sounds crazy but that kept me from outright loathing itIn the end I didn't love it It was too stupid and nonsensical for me to really get behind the plot But I didn't hate it either Mainly because it reminded me that one of the reasons I love superhero comics so much is that you get to set aside your boring reality and go live in a place where nightmares turn into villains friendship is literally magical and lunatic billionaires wearing capes are part of the mundane landscape Now that doesn't mean I would go around recommending this one it's off the wall odd and probably isn't going to appeal to everyoneBut It was different