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After being disgraced and wrongly imprisoned special military operative Jake Hatcher finds himself standing watch against an unimaginable threat to humanity For he's about to discover that the streets of New York City have become a secret battleground between forces he cannot comprehend

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    5 of 5 StarsNot long ago I received an advance copy of The Angel of the Abyss A Jake Hatcher Thriller by Hank Schwaeble Having previously read American Nocturne I was excited about the prospect of reading of Hank's work Then I found out the new novel is the third book in a series Even though I was assured the new book works well as a stand alone novel I had to read the whole series Maybe I have a touch of OCDLong story slightly longer I'm so glad I'm a completist Had I not read Damnable I would have missed a terrific read and a Bram Stoker Award winner for best First Novel which I didn't realize until after I read the bookIn the beginning of Damnable the author shows a bit of his love for noir It doesn't hold through the entire book but it was nice to seeAt the counter nearby the babe a sultry minx with milky skin sat sidesaddle on one of the stools smartly arrayed in a taupe linen skirt and vest sipping her coffee like a lounging starlet nursing a gin and tonicThe we meet Jake Hatcher in military prison basically for doing his job perhaps a bit too well When Jake is released to attend the funereal of a brother he never knew he had things start going sideways uicklyMeet Valentine an amazingly well crafted villain and a truly despicable character bent on bringing an end to heaven His scheme is complex and includes a monster he calls the Get of DamnationThey stood there watching as the thing in the cage finished the heart It ate it like a piece of fruit crouched over shifting its weight on its haunches hiding partially behind its shoulder looking sideways at them every few seconds Between bitesThey say the devil is in the details and some of the smallest bits in Damnable are some of my favorites like Jake Hatcher's mother's obsession with flamingos Certainly not needed but thoroughly enjoyableSchwaeble creates powerful images both with spurts of lyrical prose and the ability to get down and dirty when he needs to Damnable is both a captivating and horrifying read It's also an adult readwith both hardcore sex and extreme violence all totally relevant to the storyThere are a number of well timed twists throughout Damnable enough to keep the reader guessing to the very endPublished by Jove Damnable is available in both Paperback and e book formatsHank Schwaeble is a writer and attorney in Houston Texas His debut novel Damnable won the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel He is also the author of Diabolical and the soon to be published the Angel of the Abyss all three in the Jake Hatcher series Hank is also the author of the horror noir collection American Nocturne and numerous short storiesHank is an active member of the Horror Writers Association and the International Thriller Writers Association

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    You may read the entire review here Hatcher is a man with a problem A special military operative he’s been wrongly imprisoned and on the day of his release finds out his brother has been killed; a brother he never even knew existed This mystery begins a journey for Hank that will take him into the darkest heart of man and beyondDamnable is a wonderful debut novel and Jake Hatcher is my kind of hero In a sea of kick ass tough chicks he’s a male hero to root for Wisecracking resourceful and tough I had a blast following Jake as he battled zombies half human half demons and his own growing feelings for a certain beautiful woman I loved the author’s uniue take on heaven and hell and the creatures that inhabit them Add to the mix Demetrius a truly nasty villain that loves a good torture chamber the mystery of Jake’s brother plus a dash of romance and you have a fun fast paced read I couldn’t help thinking that Damnable just about has something for everyone however with Schwaeble’s talent for description the violence may make you suirm a little That said I never felt that anything was gratuitous If anything it appealed to the horror fan in me and gave us a picture window into the villian’s twisted psycheThe novel switches from third person view between Jake and Demetrius and the only complaint I have is I would have loved to have Jake’s passages be first person Although Schwaeble makes up for this with fun asides of Jake’s funny sarcastic train of thoughtDamnable won the 2009 Bram Stoker Award for Best Novel and it shows It’s a testament to the author’s talent when he can make an over the top plot seem believable and make us sympathize with a hero that has such a shadowed past but we do and for me that makes it a successful story If you loved Jonathan Maberry’s Joe Ledger or Nelson DeMille’s John Corey then you’ll love Jake I know I do and I’ll follow him anywhere55

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    An enthralling read Full review to come

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    25 StarsThis came across to me as a readable first novel with some bright points and uite a bit of standard fareI chose to read this one as I cannot satiate my love for the biblical horror sub genre This book with the name Damnable and the cover synopsis had me intrigued This story really is a lite biblical horror with some angels and demons and a lot to do with hell Jake is a take on the Antihero but I never really connected with him There are some decent horror elements but overall this played out like a thriller than a horror novelThe story was ok and the conclusion works it just all seemed play out as one would expect it too This one was a bit too safe to really enjoy I will probably read another novel by Svhwaeble but this one can be skipped

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    I happened upon this book while browsing through a catalogue The book blurb that caught my eye describes the setting as that in New York City and having it involve an ex military operative who has to search for his long lost brother I knew that I wanted to check out this book further based on this description The setting of this story might seem a bit cliched and in some ways reminds me of the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child However after reading the first couple of chapters I knew my perceived idea of this story was wrong and that this was something completely different an a little violent then what I would have expectedThe story begins with a rather strange accident which sets of the beginning events of the novel Within the first chapter readers are introduced to the main protagonist Jake Hatcher who is currently in a military prison due to events that are unknown at the time His release is facilitated due to events that have been told to readers in the prologue Jake then goes on to meet up with his mother and tries to get an understanding of the events that have happened and are about to happen I would rather not reveal too much of what happens in the novel especially the beginning as it's all intricately connected and the plot line just builds up from there The surprise of the novel seems to be an important part of the reading of this The majority of the chapters are told from Jake Hatcher's POV however there are a few chapters where the POV shifts to include two other prominent characters who play an important part in the story The characters and the roles that they play I believe will be a lot beneficial to the readers if they find this out for themselves There are a few one off POVs from minor characters scattered throughout the story This aspect of Hank Schwaeble's writing is very reminiscent of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child who often insert one off POVs in between the main POVs The story is a amalgamation of horror and thriller as Hank Schwaeble does an admirable job of keeping the reader hooked with his easy and readable prose He also does a very good job of relaying the action scenes and the story lines to the reader No space is waster in reminiscing about anything that took place and all development of the storyline is forward with no looking back Another excellent job done by Schwaeble is that of taking all the story threads that are occurring in this novel and twisting them all into one at the end This is something that can be appreciated as Schwaeble's writing style and story structure is very much like a seasoned author and many readers will not be able to tell that this is his debut novel Schwaeble has a nod to John Steinbeck and has inserted it into the plot in a very apropos manner I thought this was a very interesting aspect of the novel and something that should have it's attention drawn to The character development within Damnable is uniue unto itself The main protagonist is not a cookie cutter character and has many sides to him some of which are shown in this story and some of them that are not told within the novel I'm sure there are many readers like myself who would like to read and know about Jake Hatcher as he was able to draw readers in and frustrate them at time I'd love to see of this character in other books in the future Another character that has great development is that of the antagonist The antagonist is not just all out crazy instead Schwaeble does a great job of presenting the antagonists viewpoint and giving readers a rationale explanation of what is happening and what's behind all the events I for one could understand the thought process and even sympathize with the bad guy because of this portrayal In the end Hank Schwaeble just a fantastic job in writing his debut novel He is a talents guy who is sure to light up the thriller scene with future books This book is a must read for all thriller horror and supernatural fiction fans Hank Schwaeble's Damnable is by far the best debut thriller of 2009 for myself Read Damnable and find out why for yourself

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    3 AND 12 STARSAuthor Hank Schwaeble won the Bram Stoker award for best first novel for Damnable and for the most part it is well deserved It’s original premise some outrageous gore and many unpredictable moments kept me reading late into the night While not as frightening as I think it could have been if atmosphere was added Schwaeble keeps the reader hooked by revealing a few pieces to the puzzle with each chapter until finally the complete puzzle is revealed in all its evil glory Some of the military psychology Schwaeble writes of the main character’s thought process was uite fascinating and gave an authenticity that really added to the protagonist’s decisionsThere were a few coincidences that bothered me but for the most part it was an enjoyable read A bit slow in the middle it picks up nicely and carries you to its violent end If you are into demons and the occult and like a little action with your horror Damnable is certainly something different to try out

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    This book is not as dark or surprising or disturbing really as the reviews on the covers would have you believe There are only 3 short scenes take up an total of 6? pages in the entire book that had anything disturbing happen I was expecting to be on the edge of my seat constantly checking over my shoulder to make sure a monster wasn't trying to grab me that's what a book named Damnable should make you feel and it just didn'tIt's a well written book there was one chapter towards the end that seemed to never end for me It makes me think of a James Pattersons writing which isn't bad I like James Patterson

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    Reasonably good Lots of sex scenes I was a bit put off by the fact that the main protagonist Hatcher is a former Special Forces guy because it's so cliched these days as the background for a badass Then I learned the author Schwaeble was himself some kind of Special Forces guy And I saw his good looks and impressive biceps So I'm fairly pleased now with the choice for Hatcher's background I also note that Schwaeble has captured uite correctly the crude macho and highly sexed mindset of a typical male American soldier That's good too

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    interesting book and story liked the characters and the way it was completely different from other types of horror books dealing with 'religious' horror etc not uite angels and that but dealt with demons and someone trying to bring hell on earth very enjoyable and pretty graphic in some spots if that's your thingi recommend this for sure

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    A great hunt for a serial killer who turns out to be ambitious than he seems Great fun and well writtenRead my full review at Feo Amante Horror Thriller