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♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥1ST EDITION NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASECLICK HERE FOR EXPANDED EDITION ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥Genre LGBT Erotic Contemporary A man of few words Joe is a hard working farmhand who likes his simple uncomplicated life Ed is satisfied with his existence as an auto mechanic but thrilled when an unexpected development in his life allows him to help Joe realize a dream It forces them however to reevaluate the casual undefined nature of their relationship They're too macho to speak of love and neither would ever dream of acknowledging he doesn't really mind when it's his turn to bottom When life throws them a curve ball and the rules of their game get old Ed makes an effort to take every aspect of their relationship up a notch Will Joe be able to adapt to the open sentimentality Ed's injecting into their relationship let alone the new spice in their bedroom activities?Publisher's Note This book contains explicit sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal playintercourse malemale sexual practices violence

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    Holy shit I loved this book I mean REALLY loved it Plenty of angst a splash of romance hard working pretty farm boys And the most fantastic HEA This one will probably go in my top 10 or top 20 I've got to mull it over a bit firstHighly recommended I just loved Joe and EdPS I have a shelf on GoodReads titled Fuck Yeah 5 Stars Out of almost 2000 books I've read that are posted on GoodReads only 43 of them are on that shelf this is one of them Cultivating Love is one of my all time favorite books and I re read it every few months or so or when I'm in a particularly bad mood It cheers me up every time LOVE THIS BOOK

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    Ed and Joe are two men in a long term relationship that they have not been forced to define They live together they posture about dominant status they worry about the manliness perception from each other and they communicate only on the most basic level any deeper emotionUntil they find that they can't define their relationship that way forever Now they must break down some walls and really admit and accept what they need from each other and what they mean to each other Will they both be able to handle the truth? This is a really touching story about two men finding their way to each other even though they have been side by side for years At times I had tears and at others I was just grinning like an idiot I know romances are supposed to be feel good books just by their nature but in this case you really do feel good when it is over

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    Two hard working men face a new opportunity Ed about 28 is a mechanic hard working and strong who has lived with blonde Joe 26 who labors on a farm Each man is stable honest devoted and dedicated The guys do well together with few emotions showing but are happy to be together Ed's father is dead or so his mom told him but Ed gets a notice that his father has died and he's the sole beneficiary Ed is stunned he's hurt that his mom lied and he's sorry he never got to know him or have him in his life Joe's dream has always been to own a farm but Ed doesn't have that experience The men talk and take time to think before jumping in but then both agree let's do it Each knows the other and there's nothing they can't do together with knowledge and brawn they visit the farm and sign papers Ed is having papers drawn up to include Joe as co owner The scene where Joe leaves to the farm while Ed will pack up for the move is so sweet so ground breaking for them bothThis is my first Addison Albright book and I'll be reading The wonderful characters are bright easy going and steady The story is busy and holds our interest throughout plus these guys are so sexy together With the slow changes taking place in their minds as they move on to be partners in this new life changing event we get to see their sexy erotic times get emotional and adventurous The marvelous tale has just the right amount of tension and happiness for our reading pleasure These guys really made an impression Great stuff Thanks so much sweet Gigi for your GR reviewyou influenced my purchase and I'm gratefulENJOY everyone

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    I liked these men and enjoyed reading how their relationship deepened over the course of the story Ed and Joe are two guys living and sleeping together that are very careful to not cross any kind of emotional lines even though they're both desperately in love with each other Ed gets some shocking news regarding a relative and leans on Joe to help him understand and make plans There's a bit of drama due to some hardcore homophobia in the new area that the men move to that ended up resulting in a few scary moments Other than that I found this a pretty low key and lovely romance as Ed and Joe start to reveal to each other just how much they're invested in their relationship I liked this one a lot

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    4 StarsThat was adorable Seriously I just devoured Ed and Joe in all their cute funny sarcastic too manly for emotion glory And Cowboys? Only every day of the week and twice on Sunday please Ed and Joe are roommates and have been fuck buddies for the past two and a half years I say fuck buddies because they’re very good at hiding from the emotional side of what they have going on Joe is a farm hand working seasonal jobs and Ed is a mechanic The two of them are all they have in the world due to an estrangement with Joe and his family and the fact that both of Ed’s parents are dead or so he thought Prior to the death of Ed’s mother eight years ago she held steadfast to the lie that his father died before he was born There is a little snag in this claim because a lawyer contacts Ed to inform him that his father actually passed away in an accident two weeks prior and listed him as the sole beneficiary of his estatewhich is a running farm Ed knows that running a farm is Joe’s dream and now he has the opportunity to make it come true “We’re solid right? I mean—shit—we don’t talk about this stuff butwellyou know This isn’t something I can commit to without knowing you’re with me for the long haul or at least that you intend to be”Joe agrees to make a go of it and they begin the process of leaving one town behind for another Ed wraps up loose ends and Joe heads to the farm since he is familiar with working one It is during this separation where they live the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder“He missed Ed acutely Hell he’d rather bottom for Ed every day for a week than live apart for a week Joe smiled reflexively That was a thought he’d take to the grave with himWith each push from Ed Joe’s walls would crumble and just another hint of intimacy broke through Their sex became emotional and instead of a uick “assume the position” fuck they started making out switching positions and even giving the BJs that were considered “too intimate” I loved Ed and Joe together They were sweet funny macho and sarcastic They were best friends that also happened to be partners in all forms of the word They loved deep and it was great to see them evolve and not be afraid to show it I struggle with the synopsis for this book because it doesn’t do it justice It is an all encompassing novella that has depth Joe is estranged from his family because he is gay We get to witness the beautiful transformation that takes place with his family and understand the reasons behind his detachment with Ed We also get to come along on a journey as Ed gets to know his father through the people in Mayfield We get to meet Bill his father’s lover We also get to meet psycho Stan Stan is a bigot and lets his hate for gay men run free He became such a big part of the story and the synopsis mentions nothing about crime or them running into dangerous situations One of the issues I had with this book was that Stan wasn’t explained He had such horrific behavior and it was never discussed in further detail At first I thought maybe he was gay and being a bully to deflect I wondered if he was actually in love with Ed’s dad before he died I had all of these scenarios plotted out in my head and it was never addressed at the end nor the epilogue I almost took off 12 a star because it was such a glaring oversight I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a funny sweet and hot cowboy read Copy provided for honest review

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    This book was a sweet love story about two men who have been in a relationship for a couple years finally coming to terms with their love for one another Joe and Ed are well not uite macho men but definitely not the type to wear their hearts on their sleeves They have a very comfortable relationship build on an understanding than on any expicit long term committment between the two But when Ed unexpectedly inherits a farm their lives change and both men come to realize how important the other is to him There's a nice bit of angst but not heavy amount and some nice hot smexing but not a lot the author could have added and I wouldn't have minded at all ;P Definitely love story than erotic romance I think the book could have easily been drawn out a bit with depth added to some of the subplots but I won't knock off any stars because I myself tend to write shorter stuff those who live in glass houses and all that Suffice it to say I enjoyed Ed and Joe's story and would have liked to read about them

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    This is a wonderful book about two ordinary men living life as best as they can Ed and Joe have been together for a number of years and while their relationship is solid it's not a holding hands while walking on the beach romance They are happy together and their sex life is hot and that's enough for themHowever their lives change in a big way when Ed receives an unexpected windfall As they deal with the upheaval of changing careers and homes they will find that the biggest and most profound change may just be to themselves and their relationshipI really liked Ed and Joe they are very well developed and believable and I was engaged in them and their story from beginning to end The sex scenes are well written fit the characters and are also very hot I'm always happy when there's a bit of humor in the stories I read so I really enjoyed the bantering between them over whose turn it was to top when privately they were each beginning to realize that they also really liked being the bottomEd and Joe go through uite a bit during the course of the book and the evolving relationship between the men as they deal with their new lives as well as their emotions was well written and interesting Overall this was a really nice and easy to read story with a wonderful ending I enjoyed reading Cultivating Love very much and highly recommend it

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    This book had something just a little bit special with it look at the relationship between Joe and Ed Joe and Ed have been together for a long time but it is change in their circumstances that brings about changes in their relationshipAn inheritance means that Ed can now provide a different kind of life for himself and Joe They are both hardworking and honest men and they love each other They have just been restrained in the way they show each otherAs they start their new life Ed's gesture of sharing confirms his love and respect for Joe and kick starts some broader changes as both men start acknowledging the emotional side of their relationship This includes being able to verbally acknoledge their love and changes in their physical relationship that accompany their changing attitudesThe secondary character of Joe' sister Jenny injected a burst of fun and youth with her easy going and accepting attitude and the town's folk were wonderful well most of them anywayThe guys face gaining acceptance in their new town and dealing with some pretty serious actions against them in a well told story that is engaging and easy to read35 starsI now publish all my mm reviews on my blog so if you want to see all my mm reviews in one place come visit at Because Two Men Are Better Than One

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    What a cutie patootie little book Adorable ♥

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    What a beautifully heartwarming story this was Addison Albright is now another happy find as a new to me author Joe a farm worker and Ed a mechanic are revealed through alternating POV’s giving needed insight to the dynamics of their relationship Initially I did feel like I had missed a part of their story with the dialogue at the beginning about their established relationship After 25 years both still had little confidence in their importance to each other even in the bedroom They also exhibited thoughts and actions indicating some internalized homophobia As the story unfolded it shows them moving past theses issues Their backstories propped up much of their previous behavior and making changes in their life helped them break through their emotional barriers The small town atmosphere was great with some excellent secondary characters Ed’s fathers friend Bill Joe’s sister and dad and a few townspeople There’s only one homophobic jerk and the karma is glorious As far as smut level it’s uite moderate with several scenes but a few are fade to black I’d recommend this for the engaging narrative satisfactory angst levels and an uplifting country style romanceAn ARC was provided to me by the publisher via Hearts On Fire Book Reviews for an honest review