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In Crank, Ellen Hopkins Chronicles The Turbulent And Often Disturbing Relationship Between Kristina, A Character Based On Her Own Daughter, And The Monster, The Highly Addictive Drug Crystal Meth, Or Crank Kristina Is Introduced To The Drug While Visiting Her Largely Absent And Ne Er Do Well Father While Under The Influence Of The Monster, Kristina Discovers Her Sexy Alter Ego, Bree There Is No Perfect Daughter, No Gifted High School Junior, No Kristina Georgia Snow There Is Only Bree Bree Will Do All The Things Good Girl Kristina Won T, Including Attracting The Attention Of Dangerous Boys Who Can Provide Her With A Steady Flow Of Crank

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    Life was goodbefore Imet the monster After, life was great, At least for a little while Like a seed planted in your body, Crank is an unforgettable read that sweeps you up into a whirlwind of drugs, sex, and the choices and mistakes you must make when growing up After I finished this novel, a little invisible demon grew at my side and will forever travel at my shoulder whispering this story and its consequences into my shuddering ears Read this book, you will never do meth and will always remember what Kristina Bree went through.

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    This is one of those books I can t give a star rating to at least not by the definitions goodreads assigns I did not like this book at all and yet I am forced to admit it is powerful, important, scary as you know where and should be read by every parent of teenagers today My daughter brought Crank home from the school library and also read it in a day it s positively riveting Ellen Hopkins first novel is based on her own tragic experience as a mother of a crank meth addict So although Crank is technically a novel it s correctly a fictionalized autobiography written from the perspective of the young teen, Kristina Bree She was born and lived as Kristina for 16 years After her introduction to crank, or the monster as she refers to it throughout the book, she discovers this wild, seductive, bad girl inside her named Bree To add to the overall eerie effect, Hopkins writes the entire book in sculpted verse Each page is a different shape, direction and interplay of italics and plain text Although I m familiar with other books which use this poetical technique, I ve never seen it used to such creepy perfection The flow of words, spacing and grouping seem to mimic the rhythm of the drug and how Bree feels it, or the booze, cigarettes, lack of sleep, or whatever event emotion she is experiencing Be prepared to stare into the Void WARNING The language in this book is as crude as would be expected given the pseudo life drug addicts slip into.

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    Read a book set in high school.Ok ya ll Time for another brutally honest and very personal review from yours truly Gee, i seem to be writing a lot of personal reviews lately, don t I As some of you may have noticed, I haven t spent a lot of time on here or even been reading much this summer That s because I ve been dealing with a lot of personal shit on my plate Some of that has to do with work Some with school But I am, for the first time admitting to all of you that the main reason is because I ve spent the majority of this summer fighting with my personal demons Of which I have a ton 99.9% of you guys also don t know me in real life, but if you did, you would know that I am not a person who likes to air my dirty laundry for people Or share my feelings Or make my demon battles public knowledge However, I have come to the conclusion that sometimes I need to resort to unorthodox fighting methods in order to keep the demons at bay And one of those methods is writing Because I don t know you guys on a face to face level, I really feel as if i can be honest And myself And maybe use this space, my own personal cyber writing pad as a way to get out my inner junk Because it s there Clawing at the walls of my psyche for release And I am writing this review as much for myself AND for all the people who may never read these words just as much as I am writing for you guys who will read them So bear with me This may be a bumpy ride.Also, i m spoiler tagging everything from here on out, simply because there will be some dark stuff in here, so those of you who are uncomfortable with dark and twisty and personal material need not enter at all view spoiler As you may have guessed by the title, this is a book about Crank The Monster Glass Shards All known as a little drug called Crystal Meth A young girl, fighting with her own demons, visits her long lost father one fateful summer and her life collides with the monster And this is her story Written in verse I know there are people who didn t like this book I understand There were parts I didn t like But it hit me so hard and so fast that I had no choice but to five star this bitch It has been a long ass time since I read anything that made me cry this much and for this long But that s for later.8 years ago I lost the man I was going to marry to Crystal Meth And I lost our daughter because I was using other drugs to try and deal with the fact that I lost the man I was going to marry to Crystal Meth I had taken a job in upstate New York for the summer, and he was going to reconnect with his long lost father in Detroit Instead of reconnecting with his father, he met a girl And that girl hooked him on a drug that, until recently, I did not understand I did not understand its power, its substance What it makes a person do How it changes your core until the last shred of the person you were before you met this drug dissolves before your eyes I did not lose the man I loved in death I lost him to the monster.There is a man still living who looks a little bit like the man I loved Still answers to the same name Receives his mail Wears his clothes Lives his life But this is not him This is someone else entirely The man I loved died the minute he met the monster And the person who rose up to take his place is an impostor Somebody I don t know Whom I don t want to know The monster took a man who knew how to love and taught him to hate Took a man blessed with kindness and made him mean Took a man who looked at me with gentleness and love and showed him how to hit and bruise and scar Turned a man who worked into a man who stole The monster took away his beautiful brown eyes and left him with those that are tired and bloodshot It blanketed those eyes with dark circles Took away his smile, his muscular frame, his strength It made him someone who doesn t sleep for days on end Doesn t eat Doesn t live It killed his fire and his passion and his will The monster, in turn, created a monster.But this isn t why I picked this book up I picked this book up because this summer, the monster tried to select another victim Another person whom I love and care about But this time I was stronger And though my friend s road to recovery will be long and hard, together, we fought the monster and won this particular battle.And though I am beyond thankful and grateful that in this particular case, I did not lose another person to this horrible drug, so many people are not that lucky This is actually a very unique case and involves a violent battle that doesn t usually get won This book describes everything from the victim s point of view, so it was very hard to see any other character objectively However, it gave me a much deeper understanding of things that have happened to me and to two people I love This is a novel However, it is a fictionalized version of a true story Ellen Hopkins s daughter did become addicted to Crystal Meth and all of the raw and biting descriptions of the addiction, the emotions, and the physical manifestations of that addiction are very real Here is another confession I am a drug addict myself Though i have never nor will ever do Crystal Meth, I have fought other addictions for years I am proud to say that I am clean, and have been for quite some time My passion has turned to helping people whom the monster as well as its various partners in crime has tried to destroy And I can say with 100% honesty that addiction is a lifelong illness I still battle the urge to use, particularly when the demons of addiction start partying with the demons of loneliness, depression, anxiety, and life in general.And so this book made me cry I cried for the lingering pain of a long lost love I cried for the agony of a friend I cried for those I don t know who struggle with the illness I cried for my own child whom I will never know I cried for parents who have lost children Friends who have lost friends Siblings who have lost siblings I cried for myself, because I desperately needed to cry Have you ever had so many thoughtschurning inside that you didn tdare let them escapein case they blew wide open The answer is yes hide spoiler

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    Find all of my reviews at UNPOPULAR OPINION AND PROFANITY AHEAD This is the story of Kristina and the downward spiral her life takes once she decides to dance with the monster First things first Apparently I missed the memo that said everything disturbing should be written in free verse form Note to writers Using this method does not make your work poetic or better, so stop doing it if you re not good at it.On to the actual story I know Crank was supposed to bring to light all the dangers of drugs and how using will destroy your life and blah blah blah Unfortunately to me at least it read like an old scared straight type of story kind of like a Reefer Madness, if you will I realize I m an old adult and this book is geared for young adults, so this problem could easily be mine alone, but I just couldn t ever get on board with feeling any kind of sympathy for Kristina or her family I know Crank is supposedly based on actual events, but it didn t read true to me at all The lack of caring, concern or any type of involvement with Kristina at all by the mother was extremely disturbing to me as a parent We re talking about a child not some 30 something year old burnout here Seriously, if your teenager is an average P.I.T.A hormonal drama mama, but otherwise picture perfect kid who then does a complete 180 and morphs into someone you suspect is on drugs it is YOUR JOB as the parent to try and solve the problem using any means necessary Hell, it s your job to stop it before it even starts If you think you are sending your child to an ex with a major habit, you DON T SEND YOUR CHILD THERE Violate your custody agreement, call Family Services and have his dumb ass investigated, do anything it takes to keep your kid away from that person Writing a book about what happened and cashing in upteen years after the fact is the most disturbing thing about this whole novel Everything else just made me feel like this .

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    4.75 starsAs someone who had a close friend that fell into using drugs and sleeping around, this book really hit home It made me feel like I was reliving seeing my friend fall apart, right before my very eyes It hurt to read this at some parts, made me want to shake Kristina and beg her to please, stop to tell her she s better than this But of course, I knew that would do little good It hadn t done much for my friend In fact, it d done nothing.I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the writing and structure of the novel It s really unique and fitting for the story because while you re on drugs nothing in life goes smoothy just like the choppy chapters and pages in this novel It was smart on Hopkins part to write it that way.It s also heartbreaking to hear that this happened to Hopkins own daughter And that she began writing this soon after her daughter went to prison That just made me realize how bad getting addicted to drugs is, and how my experience with watching my friend fall victim is only one case out of thousands Which is honestly, scary stuff.Overall, this was something I didn t intend to like as much as I did I expected to read it and think Okay It s unique But never did I think I would connect so much as though I was living through my friends eyes, seeing why it was all so addicting In a way, I m glad to have seen what she went through And for those wondering, yes, she s doing better now After getting out of her bad family situation she moved out of the state with her sister Now, they both attend University and live life happily and peacefully Mainly stressing out about school and work I m proud of her new lifestyle, but I also know how easy it is to fall back to the Monster She tells me sometimes how that scares her than anything else That the need inside of her for the Monster will win, one day I can only pray that will never happen.Either way, this was outstanding I ll need to get my hands on the next two books Soon.

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    Call me a narc, I just can t empathize Believe me, I put myself in her shoes I understand that there are drug users who have reasons for taking cocaine, but what s her problem One, her dad is a big jerkbutt And that s about it I can imagine worse situations in a second If I were her, I would call my mom and beg her to take me home That, and call Child Services to inspect him End of story Also, nobody forced her to snort It was all her stupid mind that chose to take the step because some dude was super hot and was nice to her Twilight, anyone So what horrible event prompted Bree to snort Nothing, except that she was an angst y and shallow teen who only cared about looks This girl lost all of my respect from the beginning I m sorry about that.

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    www.melissa413readsalot.blogspot.comOMG I am in love with this book It s so very sad I just don t really have words for it I opened it today, didn t even put it on my currently reading list as I couldn t put it down Kristina sinks into a world of drugs. crank all kinds she gets hurt I would like to take a hot iron poker to the one that hurts her When Kristina goes into her world of drugs she calls herself Bree Bree is cool. or so she thinks Did it all start because she goes to see her father Her father is a druggie as well There she meets a boy that turns her on to coke and they say they are in love. it s just the drugs talking She goes home. to her perfect family. brother sister mom who is so many things I can t even say a step dad who seems nice.Kristina Bree spirals even . so far down Being inside of her head and thoughts are so sad She falls in love with two boys. one nice. one not so nice The outcome of the whole book is sad and sweet at the same time Makes me sad Sad for so many out there that face life in the wrong ways, or it faces them in the wrong ways I was one of them, but in a different way This is a trilogy and I m anxious to read the other books and I m scared at what will happen I hope something nice.

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    I don t want this to come across like I m desensitized to drugs and how they can screw up someone s life, because I ve personally seen that happen to many times to ever underestimate the power of addiction And while I think it s important that YA authors write about these topics in an honest and eye opening way, I don t think that Hopkins did that, even though her story is based on first hand experience with meth I felt that much of her writing was cliche, in terms of language and description I felt that her characters fell into stereotypical patterns and could Chase s dialogue have been any cheesier The form does add some appeal to the novel, though again, I ve seen that done before and done much better Some of these issues, I think, are because of the form s limits it s hard to develop secondary characters at all when you re writing first person poetry , but others are just limitations of the story itself I think that there was a lot going on with Kristina that wasn t caused by the drugs sure, meth amplified those things, but there were other issues at the root of her bad choices and I thought the author really glossed over them maybe because she wanted to be able to lay all these problems at the feet of the monster rather than take some responsibility herself I m not sure.

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    An immensely powerful book, Crank brings us a heartbreaking downfall into drug addiction Knowing Ellen personally experienced much of this story gives it even of an emotional pull, as we learn that this is based on Ellen s own daughter s story I m still quite new to verse novels so it did take me a good 100 pages which took like 20 mins to read, really you can fly through verse books in no time to get comfortable with the writing style Before that I kept concentrating on how I was supposed to read it vertical first or not For instance I soon realized it didn t matter Plus, by then, I was so into it I wasn t even paying attention to that at all, it had me completely engrossed Deciding to write such a story in verse was brilliant, however It turns it into an even tragic tale, seeing as it leaves no room for sugar coating or frivolous sidetracking It gives us a blunt, ugly, and completely raw foray into addiction If you re hesitant to read verse novels, you should force yourself to give one a try No one is less of a poetry fan as I am when we studied it briefly in high school, everyone seemed to find such complexity in the meaning of a single verse when I was staring at it wide eyed thinking for sure they had not read the same thing I just had With that said, I m glad that I went outside my comfort zone to try a verse novel Crank being only my second They offer something entirely potent from the candid nature of their storytelling Further, some of the poems in Crank are stylized in such a mesmerizing way, it makes reading it an experience like no other Crank is not a pretty story it s very much the opposite No addiction of any kind is ever pretty This novel portrays the decent into a drug infested haze in the most realistic of ways We have a protagonist, here, who becomes captive of what she refers to as the monster She even develops an alter ego, kind of as a way to separate herself and stay in denial We see her delude herself into believing that she is still in control, that she is not imprisoned by her addiction She will piss you off to no end, yet you will likely still feel sympathy towards her We see the downward spiral she is running towards, while helpless to stop it It s heartbreaking, really She s blind to its impact on her own mind and body, not to mention her family Addiction affects much than just the person affected, and this book also portrays how, often than not, friends and family are just as much in denial as the addict herself Thinking up excuses for them, not wanting to admit that something is seriously wrong Poignant and completely unforgettable, Crank is an eye opening story that anyone touched by addiction should read It shows us the monstrous, but entirely realistic, road to drug addiction For of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

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    Have you ever had so much to say that your mouth closed up tight struggling to harness the nuclear force coalescing within your words Have you ever had so many thoughts churning inside you that you didn t dare let them escape in case they blew you wide open Have you ever been so angry that you couldn t look in the mirror for fear of finding the face of evil glaring back at you ______________________________Every time I read an Ellen Hopkins book it s always an emotional journey and this one is no exception This one is probably one of her dark books, if not the darkest This book has gritty and gorgeous prose, an addictive plot it s thrilling and almost frightening to read, and this is a book that challenged how I perceived things The first book I ever read by her was Burned and it remains to this day my favorite book 1 The Plot Kristina, our main character, is the definition of someone who would be the perfect daughter Gifted, excelling in school, popular, held in a high regard This all changes as soon as she goes to live with her father and she discovers the thing that would always call her back to it crank crystal meth What starts as a fun experiment goes into her own personal hell and the struggle for her mind and her life.Ellen Hopkins s daughter was actually affected by crank So this book is well backed up with accuracy, and Ellen witnessed the havoc that the monster wreaked on her daughter and everyone around her, and the struggle that came along with her daughter s addiction this book is mayhem in the best way 2 The Main Character Kristina Bree This girl gets very, very dark when the crank affects her To the point, that she becomes a completely different person dubbed Bree It s an amazing experiences reading this book Ellen Hopkins has an amazing way of making you feel like you re actually living in the book I would picture Kristina Bree as Taissa Farmiga 3 The Writing Ellen Hopkins has an undeniable talent when it comes to writing She is technically a poet, as all of her books in written in verse Here are a few examples of the prose that really captured my attention The monster likes to talk he jumps into your head and opens your mouth, making it spout your deepest darkest deceptions Making you say all the things you d rather not say, at least not in mixed company The problem with resolutions is they re only as solid as the person making them How can I explain purposely setting foot on a path so blatantly treacherous Was the fun in the fall You re a gift, one I ll always treasure You re a dream I never want to wake up from You open my eyes to things I ll never really see You re the best thing that will ever happen to me Be safe Be smart Stay you So you want to know all about me WhoI am.What chance meeting of brush and canvas paintedthe faceyou see What made me despise the girlin the mirrorenough to transform her,turn her to into a stranger,only not.So you want to hear the whole story WhyI swervedoff the high road,hard left to nowhere,recklesslyindifferent to those coughing my dust,picked up speedno limits,no top end,just a high velocity rushto madness Fireworks Snowflakes.Sunstroke and frostbite.It was all that I could ask for and completely unexpected.I expected demands.He gifted me with tenderness.I expected ego.He let me experiment.I expected disrespect.He called me beautiful.I expected him to expect perfection.He taught me all I needed to know 4 Overall Thoughts As with every book by her, I was profoundly entertained and really enjoyed this book Ellen Hopkins can t do any wrong in my eyes 5 Stars